Tuesday, 14 January 2014

October 2013 Finally

I love October ... although this past October seemed to slip through my fingers .. I became way too engrossed in the "money pit" of renos to our home .. and it still goes on.
I am desperate to get them finished so all I have to concentrate on is the garden and the fun I can have with it hopefully.
So ? .. favorite plants for October ? ..
Eupatorium rugosum "Chocolate"  for one !
How gorgeous is that against a bright green cedar ?
Those white flowers just POP in the garden when there are not many flowers to be seen this time of year.
A few hydrangea flowers that are turning that deep dusty pink

Miscanthus and sedums

Miscanthus "maidenhair" gracillimus I planted in the Fall behind the bench to catch the light just like this!
Crimson Queen Japanese maple
Tiger Eye Sumac with reds and oranges ... perfect banners for Autumn !
This last flash of colour from my little mixed bed is perfect to me as well .. a jumble of plants temporarily holding hands to get through the winter until I figure out where they really should go.
Last are the flashes of orange from a mixed pot of mums and annual grass I really enjoyed

.... and there went October !
So now ? ... I am on the hunt for a few new plants for 2014 !!


Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos to look at this time of year so fresh and pretty ! Thanks for sharing. Have a good week !

outlawgardener said...

I'm enjoying your monthly reviews! Such a nice splash of color and life during this darkest time of the year.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, you are so good at hunting for new plants. It is always inspiring to see your new introductions.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl and thank you so much! I am dreaming of Spring way too early now.. I'll be burnt out by the time it comes ? haha

Dear Mr. TOG thank you very much .. we all need a dash of colour this time of year .. I may have jumped the gun too soon though .. BIG sigh!!

Well hello there Eileen girl and thank you .. I am running out of space but yes I would love to have some bright and shiny new plants for 2014! LOL

rochefleuriegarden said...

That Eupatorium rugosum "Chocolate" is certainly a very classy Joe Pye Weed. You still had so much color in October!

Nadezda said...

Joy, your October garden was very colorful.Love these plants --maple, chrysanthemums. And I'm thinking about spring watching catalogs, planning what to buy.
Have a nice sunday!

Marguerite said...

I like the dark purply stems on the Eupatorium. and what a jolt of colour that sumac is! I can't even remember October anymore, feels like it was years ago. that must mean spring is here soon right?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Alain and yes "Chocolate" is an elegant version of "Joe" isn't it? Yes ... I try to have colour for all seasons ... well, except the big bad white one? LOL

Thank you Nadezda .. your post on the beautiful blues we get to see in Spring was so nice to see !
I too have a list on the go, haha

Marguerite girl yes those dark stems are a wonderful contrast to the fluffy white flowers.
It has been snowing the past few days so Spring feels a long way off yet .. BIG sigh ! LOL

RobinL said...

Ah yes, October, what a beautiful month! Those peachy mums are gorgeous, as is the light in your garden that evening. Love it!