Saturday, 11 January 2014

September 2013 Stroll

I have to confess that when September arrived I was totally "other wise occupied" with the inside of our home and renos that were going to happen.
It seems every year I swear to clean up and organize the garden shed (or at least my side of it ?) and put the garden to bed "well and proper" ... "proper" didn't happen , let alone "well"
But ? .. it was a more gentle Autumn than most so the garden decided it would take care of itself for the most part and I so appreciated that !

Sweet Autumn clematis  is brilliant on the gate arbor in the ally way .. it is smothered in tiny white dancing flowers with a wonderful scent .. something to look forward to with Fall.
I am a fan of ornamental grasses and finally ... after I stopped moving some of them about .. they are beginning to get bigger and fill out with wonderful shaggy heads !

I also love sedums ... my first ones were of course Autumn Joy and I still have quite a few of them .. but I also discovered some gorgeous white flowered ones as well that light up darker areas or even just tie in some of the silvery plants like Lamb's Ears .. which I broke up a large clump and did the "no no" of planting them in a straight line .. sorry to the rest of the designers ... I just had to do it ?

I do love my hydrangea ... Little Lamb and I are very close ... I have a wonderful bouquet in my office here and every time I look at it .. well it is in awe how beautiful dried flowers can be.
Pinky Winky always makes my husband laugh .. I mean really ? the name is just too funny !
It gets cut down quite short because it grows like a monster .. so I make sure I have it tamed as early as possible before it goes mad.
I have quite a few hydrangea .. I have been sticking to the type that blooms on new wood as well as old.
It just makes more sense to me that way.
I am a nut for herbs and this tri coloured sage looks great with the petunias I ran in a border line.
I can't imagine not have herbs dotted all over the place.
Yes even some annual geraniums  snuck in to the mix for that gorgeous pink .. just too pretty ! Gracie ? LOL
Having mentioned "pink" I guess I have to expose all the other pinks now ?
The Korean Waxbells are plumping up nice and fat ... their blooms are so delicate and shy.

I started with white flowers now I guess I have to end with a white flower.
Ilse Khrone Superior has out done itself with roses ... I hope she makes it through this very tricky weather !


Leslie's Garden said...

Joy, how much sun does your sedum get? I was under the impression your garden was pretty shady, but your sedum look like they get a lot of sun (in other words, they are standing up straight). I can tell how much you work in your garden, even late in the season it looks wonderful!

Marguerite said...

Good for you cutting some hydrangea for the winter. I usually do this but didn't get around to it this year. I'm rather sad I didn't, they last forever and really are beautiful dried. What a sweet cat smelling your bouquet. Cats are natural gardeners I think.

RobinL said...

I have a pink thing too, and you know what? It works so well here because the brick on the front of the house has a pinkish tinge. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!

RPS77 said...

I love this and the previous posts showing your garden last season. Everything is so beautiful. The variety of plants, with all of their colors and textures, is impressive. Thanks for brightening up my midwinter - although we are getting a warm spell here that is creating false hopes for the early arrival of spring!