Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The "LUST" List Has Begun ......

OK ... some how last night my "budget" defenses fell down to my ankles and I kicked them to the curb.
Maybe it was all of the renovation stress that got to me ... maybe it is waiting for the estimate on the downstairs bathroom shower rip out session that is getting to me ...
Maybe I just NEEDED some garden plant therapy to get me through the rest of this month and beyond because our winters are so LONG and the renovations are and will be even longer as will the bill going "CHA CHING" in my ears at night.
Which any normal person would shut down all spending, ALL together, in respect of depleting bank account?

NOPE ! .. gardeners are strange beings ... our wants and needs are not those of normal people.
Throw a few well chosen plants at us and all of the sudden we curl up like a cat with cat nip ..
We become content (for a period of time which varies with each said gardener ... after all, we are individuals still !) .. having made all these excuses .. I will now go through my confession list.

Hortico Nurseries  is a mail order company in Ontario, well known for it's roses.
I have ordered roses from them for a few years and have been very happy with their stock and customer service.
So it happened one (dark and dreary winter night) I started to gaze upon their perennial section.
I found a lot of interesting plants .. but tried to behave myself and limited the madness to this list :

Two Zephirine Drouhin climbing roses ... believe me they are hard to find in time before all the stock from various companies are snatched up ... I love this rose .. it is almost thornless and the pink flower has such a beautiful old bourbon scent it is intoxicating ... I sold you on it right ??
This is a picture from the web but if you scroll down on the right side bar you will see one of my own pictures.

Corydalis elata ... this is my first corydalis, I can't believe I have been without one this long. It was recommended by a friend because of it's long lasting bloom period in a beautiful blue plus fragrance.
Who can turn that down I ask you ?

OK .. I have a weakness for hellebore ... I have about 13 or was that 15 by now ... see, obsessions mess with your body count and confusion sets in .. but ? I know what I have and what I DON'T have.
So ... Pink Parachutes ($8.00) and Red Lady ($12.00) have been added to the collection .. the prices speak for themselves as well as the size .. gallon size. Now you can't beat that !
Pink Parachutes :

Red Lady :

Finally ... a SCORE ... my first tree peony Amazing price ($35) ... now it might be a common one but, I fell for it ... and this is a first for me remember ... and "firsts" are special ... BIG sigh !
Paeonia suffruticosa Kinshi also called "Golden Bird" .... it will be in the sun strip area of the back garden and fingers crossed it will be happy over the years (they can live up to 50 years !) .. when I will be long gone but hopefully it will be smiling still ?
Yes, peony take quite a while to establish and flower but they are worth it !

There ... I have confessed ... I feel liberated .... but ? .... I know Chris  from Canning Perennials will be expecting me soon when her site is officially up ... I will have to practice my mantra of
" remember the renovations" ......."REMEMBER you are on a budget !!!" ..... BIG sigh !


Country Gal said...

Just the look and thought of flowers and warm weather makes me want Spring soo bad . In another frigid winter day here . Reno's can be tuff and expensive if some one else is doing it that's for sure . As for the gardens and spending on flowers that can get pricey every season to but heck I say go for it ya only live once . Thanks for sharing . Hope you get it all sorted out and find ya save some bucks to !

Jennifer said...

OMG that pink rose is gorgeous! I have had bad luck with blue varieties of corydalis, which isn't to say I have given up on them just yet. They are so delicate looking. I have resisted catalogues so far, but I feel my resistance fading..fading..f.a.d.i.n.g...

Rose said...

Oh yes, "winter lust" is a hard vice to control:) Pinterest has added to my problems, because now when I see a plant I absolutely must have I pin it to my board so I don't forget about it, which I often did in the past. I still have the ornmental oregano on my board from one of your posts last year--hope to find a source for that!

I agree on 'Zephirine'--I love this rose. But I don't have a corydalis--uh oh, I think those blue blooms are calling my name:)

Patty said...

OOh, I have tempted by that blue corydalis too. I think it was Blue Panda or something like that. Love that rose too, I bet it smells divine.

Nadezda said...

Joy, what a wonderful hellebore Pink Parachutes! love it and I'll try to buy it here. May I be lucky?

Barry said...

I am not a fan of six letter words, especially when they begin with 'B' and end with a 'T'!!! Irony of ironies, my lust list thus far has one item on it and it is NOT a plant. I know. The gravitational pull of the Earth just lost some of its momentum. Its an $800 greenhouse available from WallyWorld online! I know! WalMart. Might make an awesome Christmas present to myself. Your first round of LUST LIST items.... divine. Love the tree Peony! Nothing but nothing beats a yellow flowering one!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl : )
Thanks .. yes, the reno hell here just keeps going on and on .. but some day it will be finished .. for a while ? haha
Garden plants are a total Christmas for me: ) I try to contain myself a bit and stick to what I think I can handle in the garden .. so it is FUN TIME for me meandering through sites and wish lists!

Jennifer girl how are you ? Some stormy weather we are having eh ? the wind is howling here in Kingston. The Canning Perennial catolog is up but also have a look at Hortico, they also ship in gallon size for perennials. This is my first time with ordering perennials from them so we shall see? This corydalis is an older cultivar and I think a bit more hardy so fingers crossed !

Rose girl how are you over there ?
Pinterest is amazing eh ? so many great plants and ideas I see!!
Yes you have to try Kent Beauty oregano at least once .. I could only get it through a mail order company even here.
I love Zephirine and this would bring my count up to 3 so that is going to make me a happy gardener!
This is my first corydalis so I am really interested in how it will do!

Hello Patty girl Zephirine smells like heaven, plain and simple (although I haven't been to heaven I imagine it is this scent ? LOL)
It is corydalis "elata" an older cultivar but BLUE and fragrant so fingers crossed : )

Nadezda girl I hope you can find Pink Parachutes too! .. it looks so pretty I couldn't resist it.
We are locked in to some bad winter weather right now, so this is a comfort : ) LOL

OMG ! Barry !! a greenhouse !!!
where are you going to put it ???
But wouldn't that be amazing .. I think we all THINK about having one (I do too but it just isn't possible) .. now I am going to wait and watch what you do!!! LOL
Yes .. Kinshi got me, wink wink

Marguerite said...

thank you Joy, now that you've confessed the rest of us won't feel so bad!! i've been haunting Canning's site lately waiting for the catalogue to go up. I know I haven't the time or budget to deal with new plants but but but there are so many clematis I would love to get my hands on, maybe a new grass. I have a tree list already made up, seed order ready to go. This time of year is terrible for my addiction. btw, you're going to just LOVE that cordyalis..

Lona said...

Hey Joy girl you got me sold!! I am easy though. LOL! I am so in fear for my garden this winter and I have been drooling over the catalogs too. I think I need that Zephirine rose though don't you? I knew you would agree.:) The Corydalis looks so beautiful. I love those blue blooms. Good picks as always.

rochefleuriegarden said...

I think $35 for a yellow tree peony is pretty cheap. I have been checking them for a while and all the ones I saw were more expensive than that.
The red lady is not only attractive, it holds its head very well rather than nod as hellebores tend to.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Marguerite girl !
This time of the year is unbearable without secret or public ? lust lists ! haha .. I have done the deed so I am ready to take the responsibility ? almost as soon as I find out where I will put these little darlings .. hey, it sounds like you are ready to way over there! You can never have too many grasses or trees or .... plants!!!LOL

Lona girl you NEED Zephirine .. every garden needs Zephirine!!
We have good snow cover over here so I am a little less stressed about conditions but you never know when Spring comes what plants go? right ? mom nature can be cruel at times .. big sigh !

Hello Alain : ) I too thought that was a darn good price for a tree peony so I snapped it up .. it is my first one so I am very curious about it .. I know it can take years for it to perform but I can wait. I liked that about Red Lady too .. a little different in structure so the flowers are more visible! Fingers crossed !

RURAL said...

Joy, I need to wipe the drool off of my gardeners chin....

Oh it's puddling on the floor.

I need a garden budget, a unlimited one, and a garden assistant, and, and, and,

Can't wait to see these on your blog when they get established.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I know how you feel, went through renovations all last summer. I had a plan for my bathroom but I just can't face it again this summer! You are always able to pick out some unusual varieties that I do not even see here. I hope we have a summer!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen girl .. I know you are in a tight pickle with garden plant supplies .. don't look at my list! I am beginning to feel guilty as it is .. the new shower is costing a bloody fortune so I shouldn't be doing any of this as it is .. so shame on me ! LOL
BTW .. what kind of pudding was that?

Eileen girl .. the last major thing is the shower downstairs and it is a doozy! cha ching !
I can't seem to stop myself from plant hunting is therapy?
I know I shouldn't but it just feels so good !! haha
Yup ... we all are going to wonder about our seasons this year for sure !