Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Talking about my header plants ?

Well .. we are still STUCK in SNOW .. it is supposed to rain today .. it is certainly cloudy enough to feel like it might just do that ...
Mean while I have been looking at last years garden pictures and trying to figure out what I should attack first after garden clean up is accomplished (mini miracle in itself for that !)

I know I made a mental note ( filed away among total chaos and dust bunnies in said brain)
The two Fire Island hosta flanking the Pinot Gris heuchera to the right of the picture .. they were assaulted continually by  bad-ass slugs/snails that you could hear partying at night it was such a ruckus.
So ? what do I replace them with ... I am thinking Green Panda bamboo that I have in two patches ...
Nobody seems to bother them and since I have a tiny dry stream setting there .. it might just look good ?
Keep that mental note going then !

The Englemann ivy that over took both sides of the deck lattice was cut down .. you can see it top right.
BUT the roots weren't dug up yet .. so that is an important job to get done before it thinks it is allowed to go crazy again.
We loved the green enclosure but the problems with "blight"  "powdery mildew" and BUGS were just enough to tip the scale to it's eradication ... we NEED easier gardening .. OK ... I need easier gardening missions .. body getting just too cranky to handle it all.
Maybe annual vines such as Morning Glory might fill that space in and can be ripped out at end of year.
I have to think that over ... a lot !

My poor Tiger Eye Sumac was never staked properly ... so that is a priority this year .. must stop scoliosis of said TES !
I had fun with lining the edging out of the garden with petunias ... you can see that impossible blue/purple? in the picture .. it really popped a ZING! in those areas ...that sun patch is planned with more butterfly weed and lavender and herbs ! .. it is the perfect spot.
Talk about inviting your "friends" in ? .. I want to throw a gala party 24/7 and finally have as many butterflies, bees and beneficial insects in my garden as possible .. so party on dudes !


outlawgardener said...

You have my sincere sympathy for still being buried in snow. Someone forgot to set mother nature's alarm clock or something. How will she ever be ready for the sping party if she's still wearing her winter white ball gown? Your recall of those things you made a mental note to do last summer is impressive. I have a mind like a steel trap, coated in Teflon - nothing sticks. May you have warmer days and soft soil soon!

Carolyn ♥ said...

I'm pretending it's Spring... so need a break from the cold.

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, I needed to see this beauty today...woke to snow...I know, you have it I won't complain.

Your garden is stunning and I love it, the collection of plants you have garnered is a gardeners dream.

Can't wait until spring makes up it's mind to stay for awhile.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

I am about crazy with this snow, still plenty in the backyard, can't get my Christmas décor out of the front planters, even tried hot water!

Friday is the day we are supposed to get to 60 degrees and I will be out digging every ornament out of those planters!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Mr. TOG : )
This is the longest most weary winter I can remember in a LONG time! Some things do tend to stick which is nearly a miracle for me anyways ... and thank yu for better weather wishes !

Carolyn girl you are ahead of me in that department .. I avoid looking out doors but that gets tricky while driving my car? LOL

Jen girl you are too sweet about my garden .. thank you!
Spring and I are at odds with each other .. I really wonder if it is coming at all ??

Eileen girl .. I so know what you are talking about .. but thankfully I don't have any Xmas decor to pry loose? haha
Good luck with that girl !

Rose said...

Love, love your header photo, Joy! Your garden is so beautiful with such a variety of plants I love. I have such a long list of things I want to accomplish this spring, too, that it's going to take Wonder Woman to accomplish them all:) We've had such rollercoaster weather, and it seems like every time we have a good day, I'm working or have to do something else. I think I need a sign that says, if it's warm and sunny out, don't bother me--I'll be in the garden!

Let's hope spring finds us both soon!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl thank you so much : )
Yes .. we have been held back extra long with this "forever" winter mode I am afraid I am going to go crazy in the garden too .. I have to restrain? myself before I do my back in no doubt!LOL
You need to shut everything else out to get some good garden therapy when the time comes !
I am so interested in seeing how your bulbs in the container work out .. I really would like to do that one year too so I'll be watching to see what happens with yours! It is like a science project?LOL

RobinL said...

I was practically drooling looking at your new header. Wowzer! I haven't seen color like that in quite some time. But soon, my dear, soon. The early spring bulbs are starting to pop up here, I'm sure yours will soon.