Sunday, 23 March 2014

The NERVE of a Squirrel ?

OK ... we all know how long and dragged out this winter has been for some of us.
Nearly to the breaking point of our sanity, which was hanging on by a tiny, tiny, barely there thread as it was.
I think "the squirrel" knew this and found a way to get back at me for chasing him out of the garden so many times last year.
He mentally registered each episode so he could finally get me back all in one swipe.
So ...... what did he do that made me CRACK ?

The rose bed is at the bottom of the deck ..
Zephirine Drouhin (one of my favorite roses) is the VICTIM of this bad ass gangster, "get you back in spades" member of the "squirrel mafia," king pin.
We were in shock watching him ? climb down and up, with a gourmet type selected portion of my said favorite climbing rose, and stared wide eyed at us, while savoring said portion, it in front of me.
All Husband could get out was "grab the camera ! look at the squirrel on the railing!" .. seriously ?
Not .. " quick open the door and scare the crackers out of this thug, he is eating your favorite rose !"
Such is life in the Great WHITE North, our brain cells are so "done with winter",  we watch squirrels eat our favorite garden babies for entertainment?


outlawgardener said...

I'm seriously worried about you. Run, do not walk, to your nearest airport and fly to the tropics until winter passes. In the meantime, the squirrel must go. No one assaults Zepphie and runs away. If you need help, I know people... Yeah, that's it, you just fly away and when you come back, the squirrel will have "moved to a nice farm" where he can run and play with the other squirrels.

Jennifer said...

Can you believe that it is to be in the minus degrees most of this week? Winter still has a firm toehold in Ontario. The snow has melted a bit, but there is a pile along the picket fence that just never seems to go away. I need to paint that fence this year and want to get going before the gardening season is in full swing.
Oddly enough there are not many black squirrels in my garden, but rather a whole lot of brown ones that Scrap loves to chase as they run along the top of the fence after getting caught raiding the bird feeder.
Your backyard squirrel with those dark eyes and fur looks downright sinister. The nerve to chew on your favourite rose bush right in front of you! Maybe it is time to get a dog Joy! LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL. How dare that squirrel. How dare that husband
Are you plotting more revenge?
I was annoyed at the squirrel this morning for finding a way up the metal pole to the double feeder ... I went out and greased the pole!!

Angela said...

Oh the nerve! But they look so darn cute while on their escapades- and the look in his eye while he's daring you to come get him...priceless!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

He's a bold one! I think you've met your nemesis !! Lol

Carrie said...

Desperate times Joy,the squirrel is a cutie but your favourite rose! So cheeky.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. TOG
LOL ! .. Thank you for the great BIG giggle and your offer of "help" with the King Pin .. I am still in shock this BOLD little bugger did what he did and ENJOYED it so much with his beady black eyes on my shocked face!
Sigh .. no running away , I just have to sit it out and hold on to what sanity I have left?

Jennifer girl this is insane .. I can't remember a winter staying this long and this intense .. I am losing hope that Spring will ever come ! .. ah, yes ... a dog .. husband would love that but the girls not so much ? LOL

Linda you were greasing the pole in this weather? what did you use and did it stick and work I wonder? Yes bold as brass the both of them ? LOL

Hello Angela and thanks for stopping by : )
Yes those eyes were definitely egging me on and daring me at the same time .. I swear he was getting his digs in from last year and me chasing him!

Ms S how are you ? Sick of winter as well I am SURE! .. I am afraid this guy thinks he is truly my nemesis and will live up to it all season for sure ;-)

Carrie girl talk about cheeky is right ... I swear I heard him snorting a laugh as he did this right in front of me .. I will get him back with the hose come the right time !!!

Lona said...

Well that squirrel gave you something to watch for awhile. LOL! I love the dark squirrels you have. We do not have them here. Hey Joy girl I think my thread snapped last month sometime. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl we should form the sub garden club called "The Snapped Thread Girls"!! I mean it !! LOL
Yes we have a lot of black squirrels that are VERY egotistical and think they can get away with everything. Seems their threads are very intact?
LOL .. my scissors are coming out!

Casa Mariposa said...

Your squirrel has many thug cousins in my garden with the same rose branch munching habits. They also like to take a single bite out of a tomato and then throw it on the ground. Furry little jerks.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

CP girl I am still laughing at the furry jerks description .. too true!
This was a first for me to see with my poor rose branch though .. so I was not laughing then! LOL

CiNdEe said...

Love squirrels(-: The pictures are great too(-: Sorry he is enjoying your roses so much.(-:
Maybe if you put some peanuts, corn or sunflower seeds out for him he would leave the rose alone?(-: LOL I have squirrels here too and they eat the corn I leave for them. I enjoy watching them race around the trees and play with each other. So much entertainment on a hot Summer day!!