Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mail order review on the fly .. and why ?

OK ... my review on Botanus is as other years .. exactly what I expected (although ? secretly I have to control myself over winter with "roots" .. it leaves you a little disappointed , not that the quality isn't good .. don't get me wrong .. but when you receive "whole" plants , well you know what I mean right ?"
So Botanus is a good company with great customer service , no doubt there what so ever !
Well packed and labeled and I even got some freebies from my order ! Free is a GOOD thing right ?

Next is Hortico (Waterdown, Ontario area)
I have had bare root roses from them and had very good customer service .. and it looks like I will NEED that again because I am missing one of my roses NEED for a symmetrical planting (I am waiting for the person who handles that problem right now .. the phone is hot WAITING for that call !!!)

BUT .. having said that ? .... OMG !!!  I am totally impressed with their perennials !
I have never ordered perennials from them before and the size is just like Canning if not larger ?

See what I mean about the SIZE !!!!
Look at Pink Parachutes hellebore ! ...
So ... this is an on going post ... since I am missing a rose and have to wait for a specific time to call this specific person ... the saga will continue ... details to come !

Later same day ... well ? it was my fault for not digging a little deeper and realizing that these are smaller than usual roses .. that there were two in the shredded packing ... apparently it was a bad years for roses.
Good thing is that when they come in at a smaller size you pay less .. and who doesn't want to pay less ?
So I will have to keep my eyes on these babies and make sure they are well fed and looked after so they will thrive !


Anonymous said...

I very much like the hellebore you got and think they do a nice job packaging the plants. All looks healthy and strong.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi again Donna .. YES ! I think they did a great job packing and I am well impressed with the size of the plants ! .. we had great rainfall last night and more to come today.
The gardens are just what they need.

Skeeter said...

You have a nice haul there girl! I know that feeling all too well about jumping into the Garden Centers as soon as the sun gives a taste of warmth. This year, I jumped the gun and picked up Ferns too soon. I lost them to the cold snap when I neglected to believe the weather mans report. I will not do that one again as I will believe in him! Ha, how quickly we forget that statement and loose more plants to the weather Gods... Looks like you will be busy for a bit putting all your goodies into the ground. So happy digging...

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, why on earth couldn't we live closer to each other? I want to be let loose in your garden with camera...oh joy. LOL.


RURAL magazine said...

Oh, PS....

One of your baby ferns you sent me is in the new dry stream of honor.


Rose said...

Somehow unpacking bare root plants just isn't the same as a bigger potted plant, is it? And yet I know they often grow just as well. I ordered from a prairie plant nursery for the first time this year and was so impressed at how healthy the plants were and how well they were packed. Most of them are still sitting on my back porch, waiting to get into the ground, though:)

Patty said...

Hi Joy, those plants ARE looking very good! I just got an order from Botanus and like you was disappointed -not in the bare roots, but the lack of plant. Nothing too special in my order, some dicentra and mertensia. You might have to wait a while to get your babies in the ground with all the rain in the forecast.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Skeeter girl .. I feel for you about the ferns .. what gardener hasn't gone through something like that .. we should have a club the "Do and Die Too Soon" club ? haha
Yes girl .. I have been way too busy .. BIG OUCHES! .. but we are garden crazy aren't we ? LOL

Jen girl I soooooo ! wish we did live closer so I could load you up on plants from my garden.
Hey that dry stream bed is amazing girl, I love it !! But I also understand the pain from such hard work .. today was such a day for me. I love that one of my babies is there !! : )

Rose I swear I will stop buying bare root plants because it is becoming one of those things where I have to have a "plant" to get the motivation going to PLANT!!
Mine have been on the deck for a while but I do have most in the ground now yet ? I have more mail order plants coming ...this was a long winter and I was very naughty!! haha .. good luck with your planting girl : ) go easy!!

Patty girl those blue bells will look so pretty ! .. I still have to get some one day .. I have loads of dicentra (one year I went made collecting different ones)
Husband helped me today so I managed to get most of them in the ground ... waiting for that load of rain they have been warning us about for tomorrow too !

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, those perennials look great! It is difficult to find good mail order companies that ship large plants. I have found one in Michigan that sends good size pots that bloom the first year.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl when you find a good company it is like hitting a gold mine eh ? LOL Congrats girl !