Monday, 26 May 2014

Mail Order Review Time Again !

OK ... another, almost last, mail order review between two companies.
Canning Perennials and Gardens Plus which are both in Ontario so when they mail out it is a fairly quick arrival time ... here are the boxes!
As you can see the boxes differ in size even though the number of plants are almost the same
8 plants in Canning .... 7 plants in Gardens Plus
Gardens Plus
Pros ... a little bit of a different selection to choose from ... smaller (even though most grow bigger) to fit in tight spaces ... all very well labeled.
Customer service is very good .. if there is a problem Dawn will do her best to solve it.
Cons .. they are dry packed so you have to be quick to water and plant them.
They are small ... but bigger than some other companies I have used for sure .. like root and bulb only ones.

Canning Perennials

Pros .. HUGE, healthy plants as if you bought them in a nursery .. all labeled well.
Moist so no emergency planting if you want to take a breather!
Customer service is very good ... I had a few hiccups with my order and Chris was very good about it!
Cons .. it is more expensive
So you can see for yourselves the difference between the two companies ... both have their advantages and disadvantages.
I will do a rating of them all when my last order comes from Garden Import.
Meanwhile here are a few pictures of the garden in progress.

Mine is the bi-coloured lilac just opening and my neighbor's is the white .. nice contrast ?

My white Bleeding Heart is imitating my Solomon's Seal .. now how interesting is that ?
This lamium is cuddled up with Provence lavender that survived the winter ..I just thought it was kind of cute and pretty !



Very cute and pretty! I love the imitating bleeding heart too. That is uncanny. Recently I bought, among other things, an aster from Far Reaches Nursery mail order. The plant promptly died. I emailed them and they sent another one (that also looks iffy). It's nice when nurseries stand by their products.

Lona said...

I always love your garden plant reviews Joy. Big differences in plants and packaging. But wow girl you did get some pretties. I love your Heuchera's and know they are going to look great with your other plants in the garden. Did you plant that Lilac to go with the neighbors? LOL! hey do look great together. Have a lovely week my friend.

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, this is stunning, and wow do you have a lot of plants, how on earth do you ever keep up with it?

I know, you garden all day and night don't


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Very pretty here :)

Visiting from over at Muddy Boot Dreams :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie it has taken me forever to get to comments, sorry !
Yes it is a good thing when nurseries stand by their products .. we can recommend them with no worries to friends then !

Lona girl hello there .. haha .. no that was just luck about the lilacs I love the scent when the wind blows the right way .. wish it would stay all summer though!LOL

Jen girl .. you are so right abot the "how do you keep up with it all?" I am struggling now .. but hope things will slow down some time?

Hello Deb and thank you for stopping by : )