Friday, 23 May 2014

The Bits and Pieces Part of Gardening

Last night was a good solid rain night ... today is a peek-a-boo showers here and there rain day .. so a rest and reorganize myself day (other than sneaking off back to bed to rest the shoulder/arm thing ..BIG sigh!)
OK .. enough about the pathetic side of me !
Garden-Maniac is still alive and well and will push through no matter what.
Two days ago while at Canadian Tire garden center I picked up "Baby Joe" Pye Weed.
You have to love any plant that has "BABY" in it right ?? .. too cute ! .. also Big Sky Sunrise coneflower .. One I have had before and loved .. it doesn't scream yellow it is a soft tone.
Pairing it with Baby Joe just seemed the right thing to do.
Here they are just planted along with the regular gang already there.
There are still some golden moments with a few more daffs ..
I have a boatload in a container under the deck that I am trying to rescue .. that adventure is going to drive me batty .. but of all the Spring bulbs, I do love daffs !
OK .... Golden moment is here !
The sun was just right ... makes you feel warm and fuzzy right ? .. well, pair that with a Captain and coke and you get down right emotional about certain moments in gardening .... communing with your garden is good for your soul !
OK .. enough of that ... our Goldfinches are fat and sassy .. why wouldn't they be with a buffet 24/7 going on?
Some are still colouring up yet .. at one point hubby counted 24 .. all perches were filled .. a waiting line was on top of the holder and in the tree as far as he could count ... word spreads quickly about good Niger seed!
It is hard to believe that all this grass is going to be taken out in a few weeks .. flagstone pathway .. new back fence (taller and more private .. HEAVENLY pursuits !!) , for now I will appreciate how well it served me ? ... but I can't wait for the change over either !!
Garden jewelry anyone ?
 This is not a great shot because the steel ball obelisk is in the way .. but I finally got my white lily solar light out of the closet (took me over a year .. go figure, what else do I have that I sort of forgot ?)
If you look at the picture above this one you can see how it is situated less awkwardly.
It glows so beautifully at night .... it is in a spot where things tend to shrivel up and die so why not beautify it with some fun thing like this?
So this is just a filler post because it is a rain day and I am avoiding housework ... one more glowing picture to leave you warm and fuzzy and thinking "yes ! a captain and coke is just right for those moments!"
I could never have a garden without Japanese Maple trees now .. totally addicted to them : )


Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos and gardens ! Our Goldfinch are off nesting so not hording our feeders for now . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and hope your shoulder gets better .

Leslie's Garden said...

Oh Joy! It's so exciting to see your garden coming to life! You must have a really good nursery close by. Your new plants are such a nice size and so healthy looking. I don't have a good nursery. As a matter of fact, I only have a Home Depot and a Pikes. They con't carry any interesting and new plants, only the same old ones. i can't wait to see the two new ones in bloom.

Marguerite said...

You know I only recently found out that goldfinches turn yellow in summer. I always thought they flew away in winter. Turns out there were here all along, just not recognizable. What a doofus I am. I hope Baby Joe does well for you. I tried this plant a while back but it died on me. I keep thinking I'll try it again one day because I like it so much. Take it easy on that shoulder and good luck with the new garden renovations!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl : )Thank you !
The Golfinches are such cute birds we love to see them crowd the feeders .. I'm sure someone must be "home" with the "kids" ? LOL

Leslie girl hello there : )
It amazes me when things get lush after such a barren winter .. I am lucky not to have lost a lot of plants like some other gardeners friends have.
I have garden centers like Home Depot and Loblaws, Canadian tire too .. but I do a lot of mail order as well. You should investigate a few mail order ones .. there have to be some good ones in the States right ? Thank you !

Marguerite girl have had such a hard winter on your own I hope you have a much better summer!
Yup .. Goldfinches are funny creatures, who would know their secrets ?? LOL I have the BIG Joe Pye .. Little Joe Pye and now this Baby Joe Pye .. I guess you can say I am stuck on him ? LOL
Thank you girl .. it is going to take a few weeks until they reach my project .. they are VERY busy but I am so excited!!