Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The safety of White ?

Insanity still abounds here at the O'Connor Botanical Gardens (I just needed to say that because it sounds so full of myself about how I think of my gardens ... come on, we all want to say THAT at some point right ?)
In any case .. yesterday I had to take a day off because the pinched nerve in the neck from hell has whipped me .. but I swear today I might just get some of the "chores from hell" finished ... please excuse the over usage of hell ... just that time of year when you think "why do I do this" a very precarious position for a gardener to be in ... but this too shall pass, and things will slow down and I will be able to PUTTER ?
OK .. enough of my philosophical start to a post ... WHITE ... is the subject matter.

I am in love with white .. have a lot of white roses, white Goatsbeard, astilbe of course, perennial geraniums and so on.
They provide a punctuation mark in the garden beds and assorted pots.
It cools you down ... rests your eyes ... it is a necessity but an artful one when used correctly.
I fell for epimediums last year and planted a few with the hellebore bed (hell snuck in there again, go figure?)
Epimedium x Youngianum "Niveum"  ... the name Niveum reminds me of the cream Nivea so a pleasant association is double the fun ?
In any case .. it is a beautiful, if not simple plant, that shines for it's time in flower .. and made it to a header picture for my blog because it is so pretty.

Enjoy !


Rose said...

For a long time I didn't have any white in my garden, thinking every flower had to be colorful. But then I realized how elegant and beautiful white can be and have added more everywhere. I've heard so much about epimedeums, but have never planted these. I just saw some at a plant sale and regretted immediately afterwards that I didn't pick some up. Love the foliage on these, and the flowers are an extra bonus.

Hope you're feeling better now, Joy, and can get out in your garden. I've had a couple of bad days, too, and of course, they always fall on a beautiful day for garden work--so frustrating!

rochefleuriegarden said...

It is indeed a beauty! The flowers stand out particularly well.

outlawgardener said...

White is such a clean, calming and refreshing color! (Maybe that's why I have so little of it in my garden which I consider to be hell at the moment.) Your epimedium is wonderful.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Beautiful white take care of that back my friend. Hug B

RURAL magazine said...

Oh my gosh, I mean goodness me that's a series of gorgeous plant photos, Joy.

I love eppies...must put them on my list, along with the millions of other plants I keep falling in love with.

Your blog looks amazing, gorgeous.


Carrie said...

Oh lordy girl! They are stunners :) Absolutely gorgeous in your sunshine and dappled light. And may I say - your photography has come on leaps and bounds! I am so proud of you and your garden xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rose girl !
Yes white is an amazing element that does so much for the garden .. even my glass white lily garden light looks wonderful day or night.
I think too many gardeners are missing out on this accent.
You have to have at least one epimedium (then of course you get a little "hooked" LOL) in a place where a low laying plant will draw you in and look beautiful!
Rose isn't that the way .. you work so hard , do something to yourself and have to miss out on great days to work in the garden!
Hope you are OK ? girl !

Alain hello there : ) It is a simple yet amazing little plant that shines doesn't it ?

Dear Mr. TOG hello there and thank you!
Yes .. white is a very refreshing element to accentuate other details in the garden ,, Oh my!!
I understand what it can be like to have your garden in hell mode .. hope it doesn't last too long or drive you crazy ! LOL

Hello Buttons girl thank you : )
This setback is only temporary .. I hope .. have to get it sorted soon. Hope you are feeling a wee bit better too girl!

Jen girl thank you so much .. I know I can do better though .. I rush through too fast with taking pictures. Yes an epimedium has to be on your list girl!
Hope things are better at your end of the country?

Carrie girl you are too sweet to me : ) Thank you so much!
I saw some of your pictures from Scotland and the castle/ruins and they were absolutely stunning !
So glad you are able to get away and enjoy yourself with Andrew!