Friday, 13 June 2014

Goodies from the Garden

First of all Happy Friday the 13th to everyone ... I decided a long time ago that I would turn this whole thing around into a LUCK day instead of an unlucky day .. I'm queen in my own little world so I can do that !
It is a rain day .. so another rest day which is great for my aching shoulder ... phew !
So ? ... just a few shots and a few comments on some pictures of progress under way.
No ... the landscaping is still in the line up and every rain day pushes it further back .. BUT? .. rain is so good for the garden I am not going to complain .. no complaining is a miracle for me so another positive point for the 13th drama ?? wink wink

First the front garden is still being tweaked ... no ... not tweeted ... tweaked ... look it up if you are not old enough to know what that means ok ? .. giggle snort
I am still rearranging plants to get the flashes of colour and texture that I want to have look interesting .. the purple barberry have to come forward and the large white astilbe have to go back in their places.
The hits of blue and soft yellow are nice .. I have been pinching back the sedum so they look sad at the moment (ignore them ok ?)
That is Munchkin oak leaf hydrangea under the obelisk and beside him is Kinshi with the second bud that bloomed ... I was sorry not to get a good picture of the second flower but still in awe that it bloomed it's first year !! Well done and thanks to Hortico the company I got it from.
My wonderful husband aka Garden PA went to the store and got me the last two tree stakes so I could finally try to straighten up my Tiger Eye Sumac .. he was badly leaning forward ... almost worse posture than I have ? .. not nice at all .. so even though it looks a little ugly with the protective sponge to keep the twine from biting the bark .. it should work well .. that red ladder keeps sneaking into the photos .. what an ego!
Another thing to ignore are the two bags of peastone gravel .. cover your eyes !
The plants by the arbour bench are filling out fast now .. Black Eyed Susans are almost a weed I have to keep an eye out for smothering other plants.
I have some nice Autumn grasses that will look really pretty to go along with a variety of cone flowers.
I try to have plants for every stage of the gardening season .. but they always manage to have a mind of their own on whether they will smile or not .. go figure, all of them should be female ? haha
Morden Sunrise after some rain fell ... it looks rather dainty right now but it will fill in and laugh at me soon!
The poppies are busy .. I find that red so hard to look right in pictures .. it is so darn RED !!!
I do love the insides though ... such a contrast to the screaming red.
The down pour of rain we have had and are having still have finished my peonies .. but I got this last shot of Petite Porcelain before she became naked .. naughty thing ! .. notice the wee ant having fun ?
"Twinkle"   clematis capture me a couple of years ago and now she is beginning to form her flowers .. at any stage she looks so elegant to me .. like a beautiful bird with that shape right now.
Speaking of beautiful ... yes, I know ... I go on and on about Golden Spirit smoke bush ... but you know how a favorite child is like .. you just have to sneak them in as often as you can right ?
I can't wait for this child to grow taller and really have that wow factor ... she is a beauty to me even now as a toddler!
OK ... that wraps it up ... we had a blast watching our chipmunk family scooting around doing incredible acrobatics ... the robin family, parents teaching the teenagers tricks to finding just the right worms and bugs.
The Goldfinches always entertain us with their quibbles at the feeders.
The rabbit came to visit last night but if you had seen the chipmunk jump on the rabbit to make him run away ... well you know .. you never have a camera when the funniest things happen .. hubby and I will laugh at that one for a long time .. who knew a chipmunk could intimidate a rabbit ??


VW said...

It is all looking great! Good job, gardener-woman :-) Love your poppy, especially.

Anonymous said...

The rain has been so-o-o heavy over the past couple of days it has finished the peonies and poppies. Thankfully today was just overcast so I could get out and pull some weeds and trim some plants back a bit. Your gardens look gorgeous with all the various shades of greens and other colours. We love watching the antics of the chipmunks as well ... far better than watching a tv show :) Enjoy the weekend.

rochefleuriegarden said...

Petite porcelain is beautiful! Here in the Bruce peninsula peonies are just starting to open. You are over a week ahead of us.

Patty said...

Looking lovely Joy. Your second photo is very colourful.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello again VW and thank you !
I am trying to figure out where I can find that clematis "The President" .. you have me hooked on it big time now girl! LOL

Linda girl hello there : )and thank you so much !
Yes that is what happened to me as well with the heavy rain fall .. not a great season for peony and poppy, although I have a few more poppies to bloom.
Our little chipmunk family is a hoot .. and yes far better than TV, you are so right !

Alain I just saw your post on the creeping plants .. very nice indeed! It is amazing to see how different the stages are with gardens this year .. it was a hard winter and I think it really affected how the gardens reacted.

Hello Patty girl : ) and thank you very much .. I have Dogwoods dancing in my garden mind now!LOL

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

Ha ha I love your humor! Your plants look fabulous- so healthy and pretty! We had some rain yesterday, but I noticed most of what was coming at us went up to Canada. I only have one clematis which is on my trellis. I thought it was dead this year but suddenly it's growing in leaps and bounds.

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, I'm jealous...where are the tattered leaves, bitten to the quick by bugs. Where are the frothy mounds of spit bugs sucking sap...your garden is pristine, beautiful, no don't spoil it for me. Let me have my gardeners jealousy, and dream of a land where there is nothing chewing on anything.


Pat said...

Can't get over your gardens. What a difference 2 years make. By the way it took 2 years for the Helleborus 'Royal Heritage'to fill out.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Liz girl : )
A gardener has to have a sense of humor with all the trials and tribulations we have to go through with our plants ? haha
We are having a cool wet season so far so the garden is happy and looking lush. I go through stages of collecting certain plants but I am almost out of room so I have to put the brakes on! eeeekkk !

Jen girl ... of course I have all those problems too ! I just don't take pictures of them ! haha
Dreaming is a good thing .. right now with all the rain the landscape projects are being pushed back further and further.
BIG sigh !

Hey there Patsi girl ! Are you ready for the final season of True Blood ? .. it is going to be sad to see it finish. Yes hellebore do take a while to fill out but mine seem to hav kicked it up a notch, I am going to have to think mine out .. go figure ?

Jennifer said...

I never would have guessed that a chipmunk would jump on a rabbit to frighten it off! That chipmunk had balls! Your garden is looking as wonderful as ever Joy. It is funny, if you hadn't mentioned the bags of pea gravel in the one shot I probably would have missed them. I was so busy noting the sumac and wondering to myself if you are experiencing any suckering. Recently I read that even this variety of sumac suckers. I really like sumacs and miss the old one I had.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Your beds have such great composition and flow! Mine seem either overwhelmed or underwhelmed :/. Gorgeous Peony! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer girl that is what John and I said too ! That chipmunk has balls ! Hw OWNS the back garden ... except when I squirrel passes by .. but they are sworn enemies anyways right ?
I can safely say not one sucker has appeared with the Tiger Eye Sumac ... it could be the position I have it in or something , but no suckering indeed!
I miss my old one too .. especially when it comes to Autumn .. but all those babies and roots from hell ? no way ! LOL

Rebecca girl thank you ! ..
I think you are too hard on yourself. We tend to be over critical of our own gardens for some reason .. so stop that girl!
It was a pretty peony but lasted too shortly with all the rain we have had.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh your gardens are so beautiful it shows love and constant tending something I seem to have no talent for. We have had a lot of rain and I am thinking container gardens now for that impending wedding oh I wish I had your patience and green thumb. Beautiful xo hug B

Kit Aerie-el said...

Wow, Joy, GORGEOUS shots of all your beauties. And the Golden Spirit smoke bush, a stunner! Can't wait to see more pictures as the summer goes on!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Buttons girl some times I have next to NO patience .. then other times a wee bit .. so it is a tricky business with me. Thank you so much though! My green thumb does not extend to house plants which is quite embarrassing : O !!

Ariel-el I am such a big fan of smoke bush .. purple and gold .. especially in the Autumn when the leaves are such stunners .. I can't wait to see them either then!

Casa Mariposa said...

Attack chipmunks? WOW! I could have used a herd of them when rabbits devoured some of my favorite plants. Your garden is gorgeous!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Casa M. Thank you very much : ) Yup our chipmunks have become very possessive about my garden.
I'll send some over for you ?LOL