Thursday, 5 June 2014

Last Mail Order In

Finally the last plant mail order arrived and I will have to get the little darlings in as soon as possible while still rearranging the front garden lay out ... mind boggling on it's own because I had it in a perfect configuration at one point a couple of years ago and managed to shoot myself in the foot playing with it .. go figure?
So here we go :
Garden Import
The watering can is a big one .. I am trying to give an idea of size

These are not big plants BUT .. they are very healthy and I haven't had a problem with losing any from this company.
The plants are very well packed and have good moisture, so no gasping when they arrive.
As you can see one is an oak leaf hydrangea .. fairly new variety Munchkin.
The other is a new mini me budleia Pink Microchip
I really pushed the envelope with getting these two but hey ... you only live once ? right ? and they looked too cute to believe on the net during those cold winter days and nights .. so yes, I gave in to the inner garden oink?
I'll try to remember to update how these two did over the season ... fingers crossed all goes well and I don't do any more injuries to myself ... is that even possible I wonder ;-)


NanaDiana said...

Joy- I hear you- I tore up a big garden I had and redid it and now I can't get the area I transplanted to looking right. I think it needs to be wider...OMG- Hubby is gonna kill me if I start digging more lawn up. lol you said---we only live once!

I just got a New Dawn rose in the mail and I can't wait to get it planted tomorrow. I lost every rose bush last winter. These are really hardy so fingers crossed here.

Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

Patty said...

Good luck with the new babies. I look forward to seeing photos where you have decided to plant them. Choices, choices...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Diana girl !
It drives us over the cliff trying to get things just right in our mind's eye .. I am so with you on that one. Then when you do get it right .. some plant decides to either grow HUGE or die .. bleep!!!
New Dawn looks really nice .. I considered getting one too but kept with Ilse Krohn Superior to match up with others. Wow ... losing so many roses must have been a real downer .. I lost a few plants but have been lucky compared to others. Hope this winter will be kinder? LOL

Patty girl how are you : )
I am pondering but think the hydrangea will be in the front garden .. the little buddleia though is another matter indeed!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy! Nice to see you still have the "fever" injuries and all! I just had to tell you that your mail order postings convinced me to try ordering something for the first time. I ordered from Canning and now I feel like Xmas is coming!! Lol will post when it arrives. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S !!
I am so excited for you and I am so curious to know what you have ordered ? I have to get over to your blog and *watch* ? LOL
Garden fever is a dangerous thing .. I am supposed to be resting this shoulder but the garden doesn't understand THAT ?!! haha