Friday, 6 June 2014

A "Kinshi" Post

I am a relatively newbie to peony .. I started with a single flowered one in red called  "Flame"
Two more frilly beauties were added in the preceding years .. "Green Lotus" and "Petite Porcelain"
 My 2014 addition is a tree peony called "Kinshi" and the surprise that rocked this one is that it has two flower buds ... with one opened as you will see in the pictures .
I was truly amazed to have any flowers at all since I know you have to wait for some time for them to feel comfortable enough to smile for you ... I am one happy gardener!

A very soft yellow with red stems ... absolutely gorgeous.
The mail order company was Hortico and yes I did send them and e-mail expressing my happy dance;-)


Marguerite said...

hoo boy that flower's a beauty. Someone should take my wallet away quick. I've been thinking about adding peonies around my new magnolia and I could easily fall in love with that one.

NanaDiana said...

Well-knock me over---no wait--don't! I had no idea that peonies came in yellow! lol What rock have I been under? Yours are gorgeous! You have a bloom the first year? Unbelievable! Mine took 3 years to settle into their homes here before they bloomed. I can't wait- I just love peonies! xo Diana

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Oh my, she takes my breath away. What a sublime yellow and the form is perfect. Good choice!

outlawgardener said...

Gorgeous! I'd be dancing too!

Country Gal said...

Very pretty ! I do like your header . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

Kit Aerie-el said...

That is a beautiful peony! I planted a tree peony a couple years ago and happily it has survived, but no flowers yet.

Netty said...

Oh my gosh, that is absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea there were yellow Peonies!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Marguerite girl!
It really is a beauty and my first "tree" peony so I will be nervous about how it will do over this coming winter (can you believe I even mention that? LOL)
Yes ! You have to have some peonies in your garden for sure girl!

Diana girl, I wanted a soft yellow, not some screaming look at ME hello yellow ? haha And? I was totally blown over to have it develop buds and actually bloom this year .. so I am surprised too. I am still waiting for Green Lotus to have buds and bloom .. some party girls take longer ? haha

Ms S this is from Hortico from their perennial selection, my first time ordering from that side of their catalog and I am well impressed !

Dear Mr. TOG thank you very much!

Hello Elaine girl thank you : ) and the weekend has blown by already!

Hello Aerie-el girl thank you so much! I wonder if maybe you planted it a little too deep? I have heard they won't bloom when that happens .. very picky customers I guess ?

Hello Netty, thank you ! it is amazing how many people are surprised to see a peony in yellow .. I didn't know it was uncommon!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I wish I had more room for peonies. I just have one a single Krinkled White which was just gorgeous this year, go figure after a horrible winter!


Rose said...

What a gorgeous peony! I had to wait three years for my white one to bloom, but it was worth it. To have yours bloom the first year is amazing!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl your garden is so jam packed with gorgeous plants what more could you ask for ? LOL
We always seem to want more no matter what so I understand .. and go figure after that horrible winter is right .. I lost my rodgersia and that really makes me mad !

Rose girl thank you so much and believe me .. I am shocked too! The second bud has opened and I have to get a picture tomorrow for sure .. I am tickled "yellow" over the whole event !

Lona said...

Its a beauty Joy and looks like it loves it home in the garden.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

How lovely and exotic. I like how the delicate bloom doesn't overwhelm the plant like so many (of mine!) do.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl : )
I am so surprised this plant has flowered after planting it in it's new home and you are right girl .. it must like it's new home to do this! LOL

Rebecca girl I had researched this one over the winter .. but no matter how many pictures you see on the net, the real deal can blow you away! This is a high point in my garden year : )