Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bounce Around Post for Saturday

OK .... I have to admit to sneaking out in my outrageous night-wear to snap a few pictures because I knew the likely hood of me going back to bed was imminent .. I worked in the garden for quite a few hours yesterday and my garden war wound shoulder was being a BIG baby crying on me.
It was such a beautiful morning ... I hate being such a wimp but I know if I keep smacking myself around things will only get worse ... so I swallow my pride (who wouldn't wearing a glowing fluorescent nightgown in the garden in broad daylight ?) .. snap the pictures and finally go back to bed.
So ? is my life too exciting or what ?
Canada Lily aka Lilium Canadense
I bought this beauty years ago and only in the last couple of years has it been blooming for me with so many buds !

Three more buds to open so it is like unwrapping one Xmas present each day .. well, almost ?
This is one native plant that every good Canadian gardener should have in their said gardens !
For something of a similar colour how about Black Eyed Stella daylily ?

Moving on to China ... yes, I know ... practically everything comes from China ... but I don't grumble about garden plants ... and that is where Little Tuff Stuff comes in !
It is just beginning to bloom and blending in so well with heuchera and veronica.
I know my soil has a certain PH for the pink colour but I can not remember which way the slider goes right now ... probably off the scale since it is almost bed time for me .. sad but true.
Moving on !
Blue Angel clematis .... I thought a soft cool blue would go right with Ilse Khron Superior rose but I am beginning to think it looks too washed out now ... it needs more of a kick ... so I may swap it out for a more colourful one ?
Yup .... looks a little wimpy.
 The Indian Pinks are blooming !
Kent Beauty oregano will be soon and it will knock your sandals OFF when it does .. I had a small one last year but this is a great BIG one with punch power !
It is a zone 6 herb .. but a friend of mine overwintered hers so I am going to set this plant in the ground come Autumn and cross all digits that it will make it through our winter too !
Last picture for the post ... breath a sigh of relief eh ?
Tiny dry stream bed with fish trying to go up the creek ... some what like me and gardening ?
Have a Happy Weekend !!


JillO said...

Wow, that Canada lily is gorgeous! I'm thinking that I may need a few of those for my garden.

JillO said...

Okay, I've been looking around the internet, trying to find a source for the lily. Where did you acquire yours, and would they ship to Michigan?

rochefleuriegarden said...

Your Canada Lily is beautiful. I will have to look for one. So is yout hydrangea (acidic soil gives blue flowers, alkaline soil pink flowers - your soil must me neutral!)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jill girl, I was just on your web page and that chest you created is so beautiful !
I left a comment that I bought this lily maybe even more than 7 years ago .. I haven't seen it since .. it took many years for it to mature and bloom .. from one bud to now 5 which knocks my socks off ! haha
I would check with native plant distributors and perhaps they can help you find it .. good luck !

Alain hello there : )
Thank you so much ! .. it took many many years for it to bloom like this, so patience is needed with this one.
Little Tuff Stuff was planted last year so this is nice to see it blooming so well now. Ah ! YES! .. I can never quite remember the PH slider so thank you !

Buttons Thoughts said...

Hello Joy I can see you now in your glowing nightie sneaking around:) Oh your garden is beautiful I wish I was better at this but you inspire me. I did buy and plant some Colieus plants of different varieties and colours this weekend I am hoping I do not kill them before the weeding they are so pretty in a burgundy. Wish me luck take care of that shoulder Hug B

Victoria Williams said...

Nice post! Very pretty garden. That Little Tough Stuff hydrangea is adorable.


Girl, you are something. I think your hubby should get a photo of you in your fluorescent nightgown. I want to see you! I'm really sorry about your shoulder. I'm glad you're taking it easy and not overdoing it. Your garden is fabulous as always. I love your Canada Lily. It's so regal, like little lanterns and I like the way the leaves splay out from the stem. Patience sure pays off, doesn't it? I love the hydrangea and the clemmy. If you decided it's not dark enough, just get a darker one to grow along with it. Your Kent Beauty looks really healthy. I can't keep it alive due to all the rain we get. I'll keep my fingers crossed for yours. Take care my dear. Hugs.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Grace : )Thank you!
I am a walking disaster in the morning but I think the neighborhood already knows that by now? haha
You will do fine with the coleus (they sound really pretty!) .. just water them to keep them alive ok ? LOL .. try not to stress out over the wedding .. it will be fine but I have all my digits crossed for you to be extra lucky!

Hello Victoria and thank you : )

Gracie girl(Thank you!) your garden renovations are coming along wonderfully .. love the casual pattern with the bricks and slabs!
You know you are right about the Canada Lily looking kind of regal . the structure is formal come to think of it! LOL
Ah ! a good reason to by another clemmy .. thank you girl!hehehehe

Jennifer said...

Hope the war wound shoulder is better! I must confess I am jealous. I bought some trumpet lilies, but so far there are no trumpets. Hopefully next year mine will be as pretty as yours are in those opening shots. I like your pale Clematis. I think it just needs the right friend to have its pale color sing nicely!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer girl !
Yes thanks .. it doesn't ache constantly but there is certainly something amiss with it .. argh !
The Canada Lily is very hard to find and to top it off it is a native so you think it would be more aptly provided ? .. takes years for it to look like this though. Any suggestions appreciated with a pairing clemmy for this one girl !

CiNdeEsGaRdEnOfLiFe said...

Love the lilies(-: Everything looks so pretty there as usual(-:
Babysitting today so not home. I miss my garden. It is more fun with Klara of course but I miss seeing the flowers and stuff in my yard.
I worked hard all weekend though so I needed a break as well. If I am home I tend to keep pushing along and end up having to pay for it the next week or so.
Well enjoy your week!!!!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Love your day lilies. I have quite a large bed I transplanted from my parents farm. I had to fence them off because the pollen is very toxic to dogs and my youngest had a bad habit of getting in that bed!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl Thank you : )
I know you love your time with the little princess .. she must really be interacting so much more now with you !
You are right about pushing it too hard .. I have .. but I wanted to be ready for the landscaping and fence to be redone (I still have a trellis and vine to get OFF my fence yet!!)
But today .. I h ave to take a break too .. BIG sigh ! haha

Thank you so much BDD : )
I had no idea about the pollen being toxic to the little ones .. scary especially when one of them is drawn to them.
I am a fan of fences .. haha

Anonymous said...

omg, I LOVE that lily! As soon as your header opened, I think I gasped! Just gorgeous.

Good to see 'Indian Pinks' are hardy in our zone. I've often looked at them & thought of buying. Mostly for the hummingbirds. Maybe should take the plunge???

btw, the 'Maypop' that did so well in my garden last summer did NOT overwinter. :( It was a pretty tough winter tho so I re-ordered another (from Logee's) We shall see. This is truly my last time trying tho!!! haha

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl take the plunge and try the Indian Pinks .. although far from pink they are pretty little things!
Some plants we just keep trying to get over them .. get it out of your system girl .. one more try !LOL