Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Changes to come ...........

Well we had torrential rainfall last evening so the garden has had a good sip of water for a while.
I worked in it yesterday for a few hours changing a few things.
This change makes me happy since I am such a fan of Tiger Eye Sumac and I got this little beauty on the closing sale of a garden center ... now how could anyone resist that ?

The hemlock that was there was just not "doing it" for me ... so I potted it up in what used to be my Bonsai Austrian pine pot aka Charlie Brown, who sadly packed it in after 13 years of garden marriage.
He was a faithful buddy who did his best and lasted pretty darn long for what should have been a HUGE pine!
So now this little sumac plus a pal ... Blue Star Juniper ... keep my plaster cast crane company in what I am hoping looks more like a Zen area.
The blue glass ball used to light up at night but I don't think it does anymore ... however it looks like a copy of the "world" I think ?

Unpleasant surprise this morning ... the rouge raccoon who can't get in our house any more leaves us a little ? present on the deck just to thumb his nose at us ... disgusting creature with NO manners .. argh !!

New type of method for clematis I am trying out ... I severely cut back our French lilac every few years so it is VERY bare looking and will not produce flowers next year (it is a cycle it goes through with what I do, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind or at least get the tree to stay low enough so we can smell the flowers ??)
 My plan is to have clematis climb on it and flower to fill the poor bare naked thing.
You can see the green tape where I secured it at.
The clematis is "Jackmanii Superba"  hardy and full flowering all summer into Fall ... but being it's first year I don't expect anything ... I can dream all winter though !
There are two plants so at least one of them has to work right ? I like using a fail safe  method ;-)

Now for my baby... it is a week and 3 days old and holding it's own through some very dodgy weather !
Well disguised in my dill pot .... can you see it ?
It still amazes me ... nature on the whole amazes me ... two tiny strands has held it through hard wind and rain and my clucking like a mother hen .. now that in itself is amazing ? haha
The 21st of the month will be 3 weeks which is the time it should emerge ... so I am counting the time constantly ... just like I am for our new fence and landscaping ... BIG sigh !!


RURAL magazine said...

Nature is amazing, it's a wonder how anything makes it through a storm but it does. Fingers crossed that it will emerge when you are there to record it all.

I have never seen a chrysalis around here, but then maybe I'm not looking in the right spots.

Your fountain garden is filling out quite nicely. And the sumac is lovely, chartruse is so cooling, you will appreciate it for years to come when it's hot outside.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful garden! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jen girl .. yup ! pretty darn amazing it surely is. They are camouflaged very well so you would have a hard time seeing them.
I am a Tiger Eye fan so this seemed the perfect swap out for now.
Hope you get some let up in the heat out there soon !!

Hi Stephanie and thank you too !

Lona said...

Love the new Sumac with its chartruse leaves. Brightens up that spot so pretty. It is amazing how nature survives. Amazing. Have a lovely week.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl and thank you !
I have a soft spot for these sumacs so it was an easy swap out .. now all this "baby" has to do is grow for me! haha Have a great weekend girl .. it is almost here !

Carrie said...

My dearest! Every time I see a beautiful Sumac I think of you xxx This little guy is lucky to be in your garden. He is gorgerous and the world is at his feet, literally!

Great work and wow!! Your visitor - eek! So interesting xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie, Thank you !, that was all I could think of when we lived in Holland ... how much I wanted a sumac in my garden .. and for many years I did enjoy it so much until the Stag Horn had to go because of it's "bunny was" of multiplying .. the Tiger Eye is much better behaved and I love it : )