Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reviews on New and Old Plants

I know ... why would I review an old plant? .. Because after a few years you can really sum up it's performance right ?
This year has been an odd one .. we had a bad winter with an ice storm that had us losing a few plants.
However this Spring and summer have been cool and rainfall has been timed rather well.
New plants have taken more easily and older ones seem perkier? because of this.
So on with the review.
Filipendula "Kahome" caught my eye while pouring over on line catalogs .. I have a standard one and it is very pretty when it is feeling good.
I like the idea of a mini-me and now I am just waiting to see what happens with possible flowers.
The foliage is very nice with red stems .. and I am a foliage gardener so that is a positive point for me.
Next is a hosta called "Great Expectations"
I planted two across from my new "Love Pat" which is of a bluer tint and looking quit slug proof.
Great Expectations center colour changes through out the season as you can read on the link.
I like the form of it and that margin with the center colour change .. they are both looking very nice right now so I can't wait for next year when they are a bit larger.

I became fascinated by a sedge for it's really "look at me!!" colour and form.
"Banana Boat" sedge packs a punch of colour in the shadier nooks of my gardens and I wanted a bit of continuity with placing three of them within so many sections of the shade gardens.
This is one area under the grape arbor .. placed with rodgersia "Cherry Blush",(from last year's aquisitions: )  The poor thing has been transplanted so many times it should be thumbing it's nose at me and leaving for plant heaven .. but? it is still hanging on .. thank you !
The silver leaf dogwood is there to "cool" things down a bit .. like I use my ivory buddleia.

Pink Micro Chip buddleia ... it truly is tiny, maybe tinier than I really should have gone with ? and to top that off .. I went with three of these tiny but very cute plants .. and ?
I had an idea of making a semi circle around pink "Scent & Sensibility" lilac.
Now wouldn't that look too sweet to stand ?

The brain storm :
Yes .. I know what you are thinking ... I will have to move the arrangement sooner or later but for now it is my eye candy !
The micro chips are blooming their little heads off so they do what the description says !

Cheyenne Spirit echinacea ... a smaller size but huge on WOW ! factor with the many different colours coming from the same plant .. which packs buds after buds.
I bought three or four ? of them .. yup .. lost track in the throws of my excitement .. sure, can we call it lust?
I haven't got a long view picture of them for some reason, but here are a couple of close ups.
The colour looks too close to each other .. sorry about that !
They do range from yellow gold to hot red and yes from the same plant, amazing right ?
Another can't wait to see it next year mental note.

Now for some quiet ? pictures of older garden plants that I still love !

I am still trying to imagine what it will look like with stone pathways instead of the grass ..


rochefleuriegarden said...

Beautiful pictures as usual. The sedge looks very interesting. Since lots of "wild" sedges grow around here, there is even one that is one of our worst weeds, I should try a cultivated one.

kacky said...

Not old to me- lots of new ones for me to look at and read about so thanks!!!! Great color combos!!!

Rose said...

Your garden is looking beautiful! It would be hard to give a negative review to anything right now. I love your 'Cheyenne Spirit,' and am so envious. A friend planted one last year, and it's gorgeous. I just tried to buy one at our local nursery, but they were sold out--gives me an excuse to do more plant shopping, though:)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Joy I love coming here I learn so much. Hug B

Barry said...

A true plantswoman's post for sure! A lot of new and wonderful treasures. I am surprised the Banana Boat Sedge made it through the winter. Does it require coddling, as I have always thought it too tender..... might just have to reconsider. The teeny tiny Buddleja is adorable!
Dazzleberry is one of three Sedum that I sell! I love the smoky plum, purple, silvery foliage. The other is Sieboldii.
I was thinking of doing a similar posting. Its a great way to see where the garden once was, and where it has progressed.

Nadezda said...

I have this hosta "Great Expectations" as well and I'm glad to grow it, it's a light spot in a garden, Joy.
Your roses are beautiful, especially Shakespeare.Mine are in bloom despite of cold weeks in June.
I love how you combine the colors of leaves!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

As usual Joy, you always have great looking unusual plants. Those plants will pop with your new stone walkway.


Marguerite said...

Joy, you are absolutely right. We really don't know a plant until it's been in our garden awhile. Or we've killed it several times already ;-) I really like your sedge. Fantastic colour, really brightens the plants around it.

Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

Everything is looking superb Joy, but that banana boat sedge is just wonderful, what a great colour! The echinaceas are beautiful too.

I don't have any lawn in my garden and find it so much easier to care for. Mowing lawns is such a chore, lol!

kacky said...

I love the different colored Echinacea though haven't had great luck with all. On your hyssop- 13 years??? Lucky you! Certainly I think (and obviously with you) the CAN last that long but normally I think harsh winters or summers, animals, rot or something unfortunately will get to things but 13 years and going strong- yeah you!!! Signs of a great gardener!!! =0)

Jennifer said...

I always like these sorts of reviews. It is always helpful to have a good review from someone you can trust. I like the 'Golden Jubilee Hyssop" and the " Banana Boat" sedge.
Those little pink Butterfly bushes are adorable. I am wondering how they will fair over time. I have the worst luck with Buddleia. Eventually I lose them all.
I recently bought a Filipendula although I did it nervously because I have read somewhere that they can be invasive. I see that the catalogue listing you linked to says "clump forming". I sure hope the one I bought is also "clump forming" and not another headache.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Aello Alain : )
Thank you so much! I have always been interested in sedges, especially the really colourful ones.
This is my first year with them so winter is going to be a fear factor for me .. fingers crossed.
But at least I will be able to let other gardeners know what happens in zone 5b with them.

Hey there Kacky !
Thank you very much .. I love trying out new plants and letting the results be known .. 5b is sort of the middle zone but it can be tricky too.
I love colour in the garden especially from foliage.

Rose girl hello there : )
Thank you very much we have had nice cool weather with a good amount of rain so a perfect combination.
Rose no excuses needed for plant shopping .. I really hope you can find Cheyenne Spirit because it is awesome !

Grace girl how are you ? I hope all is well with the wedding planning : ) I am happy to help out with information any time I can!

Hello there Sweetie : )
This is my first year with Banana Boat and winter will be the test .. that is why I bought 3 and placed them in different locations .. fingers crossed because I really like it. I am kicking myself for not getting more Dazzleberry .. that colour is amazing eh ?
I really want to keep better track of the garden now that it is maturing .. we will see what happens with Banana Boat after this winter.

Nadezda I love all your veggies and berries .. they looked scrumptious !!
I'm glad to hear a positive take on Great Expectations, thank you !
This summer has been unusually cool so some plants are behind in their bloom cycle. But I love the cooler weather ... ahhhhh ! LOL

Eileen girl thank you : )
I can't wait for the stone work to be done .. it will be a long job so I know my contractor will have me waiting while he finishes other quicker ones .. but he gave me my fence to keep me happy ? LOL

Hello Marguerite girl: )
How true is that ? .. I have killed quite a few in my time.
I have discovered a few that should be tender but made it through .. I love trying out new plants but I usually play it safe and stay close to my zone .. but now with the tall fence I think my micro climate might work better.

Paula girl hello there : )
Thank you ! yes the sedge is a looker eh?
I am so looking forward to the stone work even though I don't mow the lawns(husband does that, haha)
I do love my coneflowers .. some smell amazing as well.

Kacky girl did you forget you commented earlier ? LOL
I am in awe of my original hyssop.
I can't believe it is still going strong after so many years .. I wonder if that is a record? LOL
Thank you : )

Jennifer girl thank you : )
Now this sedge thing .. it hasn't gone through a winter yet so that is making me a bit nervous .. I will certainly post on those results next year (if the raccoon mafia don't get me first? LOL)
I wonder why you have such a problem with buddleia ? .. these little ones can be potted too.
Maybe that would be the trick for you ? I do worry about what winter will do to them but I just have to wait and see. They do need full sun and good drainage.
I was told Golden Jubilee should not work in my zone by another gardener .. but obviously it does?
I have a standard filipendula, not sure if it is rubra venusta or not but no problem with it being invasive at all. The foliage and flowers are pretty .. I would love to have the gold one too!
You most likely have the clump forming .. fingers crossed for you girl!

Carrie said...

A review down the line is a fabulous idea!! xxxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Carrie girl .. it would be great to have a meme day when all of us review at least one plant and we could benefit from that experience!

RobinL said...

I'm sure a stone pathway would be lovely, but remember this. The cool green lawn gives your eyes a place to rest in the garden. I'm enjoying Cheyenne Spirit here too and they did come back after that rough winter!