Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Garden Guest with new tool and the Review Post Meme

OK .. I am finally pulling my finger out and trying to organize my erratic garden brain.
I am still buying plants against my better judgement, but my design brain says :
"how cool will this look next year !!" .. does your garden brain do that too?
In constant conflict with itself about practical/economical matters and dreamy designs that may come true?
It is tiring, I'm exhausted!

First I want to link to a new garden friend Martine, all the way over in Alsace, France.
Living on a vineyard in the beautiful countryside, creating gardens, and new to blogging about it all.
I just became acquainted with her when she contacted me about enjoying Canada so much, which of course I love hearing so right away she got my attention : )
Another attention getter was her tool review .. a gadget I haven't seen before .. a great idea and I'm sure it has to be over here but like I said I haven't seen it.
This is the link to Martine's BLOG and review .. just simply translate it to English and have a look !

As for me ? .. like I said my brain is "busted" I have no control and I am still buying plants ...
This last adventure yesterday gathered in a plain but beautiful white hibiscus, a big pot of Cheyenne Spirit echinacea (yes I know I can't stop collecting those darn things!) .. creeping red thyme (who doesn't need more thyme?) .. another Rozanne geranium, Moonbeam coreopsis and some good garden soil.
BIG sigh ... this has to stop at some point right ?
HUGE news flash ... new PINK garden shoes :
Elaine girl I bought them at the Dollar Store so I followed your lead! haha

Hibiscus :

Some of the assorted sundry :
Ok .. enough of the silliness, on to business !
So this dedicated meme about plant, tool, or method we are using in our gardens.
I thought every Thursday, or second Thursday.
If you would like to pick something from your garden to give a review, we can all learn from each other.
Just us down to earth gardeners, letting other gardeners know about our own experiences.
For the plants it can be good or bad, but please let us know your grow zone, whether it applies to us.
I know some of us push our zones for the love of certain plants (Barry : ) .. so even if it is above our zone by a smidge ? we still might give it a try.
We all know about possible micro climates in certain areas of our gardens !
OK ... so this is the plan .. I just hope I can remember it is Thursday and step up to my own plan!! LOL
Casa Blanca opened Aug 1st .. it was a dull gray day and she was smiling at me.
I do love WHITE !


Barry said...

For you and only you I will try and remember to post something 'review' related on Thursdays..... what have you called this meme? I haven't been prowling any nurseries but am looking forward to at least one more LH trip before the summer winds down. You on the other hand seem to be buying for both of us!

Martine-Alsace said...

Oh my!! thank you so much!!!!
I am honored, and my special rose pruning secateurs are from BAHCO. They are fabulous. When the stem is cut, it's piched beween the blade and the orange 'thing' and doesn(t fall on the ground. All done with just one hand! Here's the link to their catalogue page:
Thanks again for the link to my post and I'd be delighted to meet more canadian gardeners on my blog. Welcome!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello sweetie (just got your email) Thank You!
Meme name "Thursday Garden Subject Review" .. I have to make up for not being with you on the prowl at Lost Horizons some how ? LOL

Martine girl you are very welcome!
I hope I have more gardeners drop by and have a look at this amazing gadget too !

Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

Well, you sound like a gardener after my own heart Joy, buying plants just because the fancy takes you, is there any other way to be :-) . I'm going to have a browse at Martine's blog right after I leave here as it's always nice to see other gardens.

I could try and join in with the meme, but not sure anything I posted would be relevant being in the UK.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, life is too short to worry about it, so just keep buying and adding plants. I toss new ones in my shopping cart as though I have an endless amount of space. And I have no shame! LOL...

OHMYGOSH...Casa Blanca is stunning. None of mine survived! First, those red beetles did most of them in, and then that year with the major heat wave did its number on the rest. And I think one was surfacing this year and the rabbit or groundhog ate it!

Okay, so I will also try to remember to post about a plant once a week. George is on vacation these two weeks, so I've fallen behind on blogs and stuff. Just getting to yours now.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Paula girl we share a lot of plants even with you being in the UK !
So YES ! your information can be very relevant to us here as well as interesting no matter where another gardener is so please join in girl!

Martha girl ... I love the "no SHAME" part of buying plants you have made me giggle a lot with that one .. thinking of the walk of shame down a garden center isle? hahaha
OMG! no lilies survived ? that is terrible because Casa Blanca smells wonderful too, even with just 2 flowers! .. Eyeliner looks pretty but no scent is the down side sadly .. maybe you should try again ?