Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Please Read About ....

Hi there .. I would like to start "Thursday Garden Item Review" tomorrow but I totally understand if very few readers jump in this soon.
The meme is just a simple review of one or more plants, or garden related items/methods ... whether they are good or bad to give other gardeners a heads up on your own experiences.
You don't have to commit to every Thursday .. it can be biweekly or once a month, what ever is easiest for you to do.
I think there is a huge well of experience out there that down to earth (pardon the pun) gardeners can pass on to each other.
We just need to know your grow zone so it gives us an idea if plants are possible from a different zone than we grow .. hey, we can always push the envelope right ?
So that is my news flash ... if you would like to join in please do ... just link back to me and the circle is complete !
Thanks !
Joy : )


Anonymous said...

So how is this going to work? Do we post our link here in the comment field, or do you have some professional link-up to use? I have been taking a sabbatical from my blog for quite a while and think that this may be the kick in the pants to get myself going again.

Jean Campbell said...

Will you be putting up a linky or do we just link in Comments? I made a Seed Scatterer post this week about various kinds of sprinklers I use to water the garden in hot and humid zone 8 in the Southeastern USA.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I am game, Joy! This week and next week might not work with George being on vacation and us being all over the place, but after that, I'm good to go. I'm looking forward to sharing plant info/experience, and reading about other plants from fellow bloggers.

chloris said...

I think it it' s a great idea for a meme and I will join in next week.I'm enjoying a plant at the moment that I would love to share but I haven't time today. So next week, that's a date.
I enjoyed your last post about your purchases. I love your pink Crocs.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jill girl I will try to get next Thursday in better linking condition or figure something out! ..
Welcome back to the blogging world girl hope to see you again soon !

I have to really figure out the linky thing better and get things right for next Thursday Jean .. hope to see you there!

Martha girl ... I know you and George need your alone time .. wink wink nudge nudge so no worries about it ;-)

Hello Chloris and thank you for commenting ... I would love to hear about the plant you like so much .. we can never like too many plants right ? LOL
I just hope these pink ones don't get chewed up by the raccoons again ! haha