Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thursday Garden Review

OK ... this is my first go at creating a meme and for the love of god I have no idea why I have talked myself into doing this, other than to find out information from other gardeners with how they feel about certain plants, methods, garden art.
Well what ever is garden related that really gave them the "Ah Ha!" moment impression.
It can be old or new and certainly good or bad ... bad being pretty darn juicy to hear about for the rest of us as it is a heads up that we can probably use ourselves.

My pick of the week is rose "Orange Velvet" ... bought several years ago from Vesey's Seed Canada
It has been a strong grower and very healthy.
It seems to ward off the dreaded black spot that has ravaged a few of my other roses.
I would also like to add that I am using the horizontal layering method to be able to see and reach roses more easily.
You carefully bend new pliable stems so they lay across the direction of the arbor and just keep doing that to have the roses within your reach .. it really works but it takes careful patience !
Thus this beauty is blooming for me along with the Porcelain Berry vine to the left.
I tried to add a link up gadget but it did not work and I had to get up off the floor after the tantrum I had because said gadget would NOT work.
So perhaps just a comment to direct other readers back to your original post from here so they can see your thoughts and some day I might have a link up gadget ... BIG sigh !


rochefleuriegarden said...

I don't have anything ready for your meme this weeks. but I will later on.
Thank you for telling us about the horizontal layering method. I had never heard of it. I will try it next year.

Jean Campbell said...

What a beautiful rose!

I'm linking a post that shows Some of my garden irrigation strategies.

RURAL magazine said...

I love this idea Joy, and what a rose...

Mentioned it on G+ I think it will really catch on when more people find out about it.


Barry said...

Okay, so I think the link thingy that you added to your blog is working since I now see the link that I created at the bottom of your post is there..... I hope this is what you meant. I have a link that takes people to your blog. Love your first post! Now if we can remember to post every week. I have actually been creating future posts for the meme and have them scheduled to post so that I do not forget!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

That is a beautiful rose! What an amazing colour on those blooms. There are rumours that you are having second thoughts about this meme...LOL... That's what happens this time of year when we're overloaded with stuff to do! In any case, if you'd rather wait until the season ends and we dream about gardening, I'm game for that, too!

Anonymous said...

That rose is lovely. I was not familiar with the horizontal layering method.

It's now Friday morning, but here is a link to my Thursday plant profile:

Jean Campbell said...

I hope you won't let the obstacles to getting this meme started discourage you. Try again soon, please

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Alain no worries about trying to jump in so soon .. I myself have blundered big time with my own meme!
I will try to get over to your blog to leave a link where you can see the horizontal layering method to keep climbing roses down to a reasonable level so you can see them!

Hello Jean and I just read your irrigation post .. it is amazing what can be done on a large scale to a small scale .. when we win the lottery I am having irrigation put in for sure !!! LOL

Thanks Jen girl .. I had a rough day yesterday so I am behind in my own meme .. go figure ?? LOL

Dear Sweetie .. it did work with you but I think I still have it screwed up some way .. have to read more on setting the time etc .. I jump way ahead of myself most times .. DUH ?
I love that you are doing this for me and have future posts set .. now I have to do some work on it myself !;-)

Martha girl I should have thought this over more carefully is so true but some gardeners seem to be happy so I will try to keep the ball rolling a bit(I need a BIG push myself? LOL)
Thanks girl : )

Hey there CC ;-) I think I have to do a post on horizontal layering for roses .. here I thought I was the only one that didn't know about it !! LOL

Thank you so much Jean!! .. I am going to try and keep this going .. I had a rough day yesterday, so things sort of sank a bit but I will keep trying !! : )

Casa Mariposa said...

I would love to participate in this meme but I'm rotten at remembering meme's, especially once school starts. It feels like every time I need to remember something new, I do so at the expense of some other memories. If I ever piled up all my forgotten facts, passwords, etc I might be a novelist. Love that rose. I've been battling black spot, too, but I think I'm winning!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tammy this is a no pressure just for fun meme .. no worries .. if you can it is great , if you can't , no problemo! .. I worry about my memory so much it is scary .. the dumping of other "files" ? SO TRUE !! LOL