Saturday, 8 November 2014

Before the "before & after" years ago !

These pictures were taken a couple of years after we moved here from the Netherlands.
The was actually nothing in the back yard but dead grass and a sand pit, right back corner.
I found little boy toys for years afterwards .. I wonder if the little guy missed them?
The front yard had a dead tree and a large Bleeding Heart under the over hang ...
Pretty much a blank slate and I started with these little changes.
My much beloved Stag Horn Sumac tree was just a baby back then and ?
I actually used red mulch, which sends shivers down my spine now ... ugh !!
Everything was so neat and tidy back then.

We had the cedar arbor made back then for the grape vine, it is still standing even with all the renovations that kept happening in the garden.
I wish I could remember what year these pictures were taken .. I can't even find them on the photo information .. 2003-2005 ?

The front garden planting was so tiny !
The yews survived all these years though .. dependable little Xmas trees !
Gardening was so simple back then .... aaahhh !


RURAL magazine said...

This is the very reason we take garden photos to prove to ourselves that yes it was teeny and tiny, and tidy back then.

And that now, despite the effort, the cost, and the energy...look at how beautiful it is.

And yours is.


Country Gal said...

What a difference the years make when it comes to gardening and how fast it all grows and changes ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Anonymous said...

How fun to look back and see the garden in its first years. So much has changed. I wonder sometimes why we create so much work for ourselves. But then when you see the finished product you know why :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jen girl
Thank you : ) So hard to believe I started out with virtually nothing and now I have my secret garden ! LOL

Elaine girl thank you : ) the years have put a lot of miles on both the garden and I ! haha

Linda girl hello there .. we do create a lot of work for ourselves don't we .. I wonder how I will keep up with it all but manage some how .. hate the long winter but I think we need at least some of it to rest up?