Saturday, 7 February 2015

Part II of Hortico Plant Order

Well ...I have no doubt that when these on line plant orders reach me come late Spring ... that I will have lost my mind or DID lose my mind when I was drooling over plants and started the .................?
But for now ... deep in snow and never ending winter I am sharing my naughty undoing.
So here comes the list :
Pennisetum alopecuriodes "Piglet" x 2 ... my plan is for my little dry stream bed to have them flank it by the stone work and move out my Fire Island hosta that are full of bullet holes that the snails and slugs fire at it.
These are all pictures from the net !

Next heuchera "Fire Chief"
The cost was very reasonable so I just had to have two to sprinkle on the shade side because the colours are amazing !
........ and then ?
Heuchera " Sugar Plum " ... same idea of a sprinkling of two
Gorgeous right ?

Eryngium Zabelii " Big Blue " ... aka sea holly ... a totally Halloween flower to me ... I need this fix to look forward to !

Athyrium filix femina " Victoriae " ... an unusally constructed lady fern that just caught my eye and I had to follow through with it ... would you buy that it called my name ?

Do you see the unusual frond structure ?
It was supposed to be a big ticket item in the Victorian time.

Geranium catabrigiense " Westray " .. I really tried NOT to get this one but again that tugging feeling made me do it.
This picture is not the best but there it is ... fragrant leaves .. good ground hugging edging habit.
I know I can find very useful purposes for it !

Geranium " Star Man " .. a few years ago when this first came out I was wild to get it ... but never found it. So NOW that I have found it ... I am having it !
How about those flowers ?? Yes ... the pink factor is at me once again (Gracie!)

Lavandula angustifolia " Ellagance Sky " ... I am collecting this cultivar in different colours so it was a collector's angst to decide on grabbing it ... BIG sigh !
The pale blue is not one of my favorites but it is compact and a blooming machine by description so that pushes it forward for me.

Then a strange twist of fate ... I am not sure who's blog I saw this next older plant in but it just struck me how pretty it was .. it might have been Rose of "Prairie Rose" garden .. my apologies if not !
Monarda Raspberry Wine ... so striking and I have a place on the side of the house where it should do well and have lots of air circulation ... I hate powdery mildew so the jury will be out on this one until it proves itself to me ... but the scent monarda have is so intoxicating !
... and how pretty is this red ? So vivid !
So .....this is how I spent my cold snowy Saturday .... pouring over on line plants and calculating costs ... placements ? ... but I just know when the plants start arriving that what I will be saying to myself won't be printable on my blog ... lets just say I will quietly murmur "HELL NO!!!!"


CiNdEe said...

Those are beautiful! I love the heucheras! I don't have those two(-: I got a new one last weekend called Dolce Cinnamon curls(-: So pretty. I know why we love these plants so much...they remind us of Fall(-:

Arukokai said...

How are you Joy-chan?

Nadezda said...

Joy, I think you have the best spending of time. I love planning new purchases as well
Lovely 'Fire Chief', you're right. I'd buy this one too.

Patty said...

Bloomin' wonderful choices Joy!! I am still perusing the mail order catalogues. Trying to weed out (ha) ones I don;t really need -very hard.
I have Raspberry Wine and it is very eye catching. I look forward to hearing all about their eventual arrivals!

Barry said...

This time of year is so much fun! I have adapted my 'shopping' over the years to include what I think my clients at the nursery will want. I adore the Victoriae fern - it forms a most formidable sized clump and deserves a spot where you can appreciate its daggar shaped fronds. I have a cultivar of it called Dre's Daggars which always gets commented upon. All of your selections are most lovely! Fire Chief and Fire Alarm Heuchera were best sellers for me last year!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl hello there !
I am sure that is the case .. it IS because they remind us of Fall! haha
I was looking at Cinnamon Curls too but had to behave ? haha

Hello Arukokai ? I am well .. I hope yu and your family are well too ?
Long time since we chatted !
I hope life is getting back to normal for you ?

Nadezda girl : ) it is so much fun to just think plants and gardening .. I escape all the snow and cold weather this way and day dream! BIG sigh ! LOL

Patty girl thank you : )
I am glued to online sites and still drooling .. haha
And it is hard to weed out when you love them all?
I love hearing about my plant picks from other gardeners who have them and are happy with them .. thank you!

Hello Sweetie .. I SO wish I could just drop by your nursery some day and surprise (the hell out of you? LOL) plus leave with a load of plants of course! haha
Yes I looked at Dre's Daggers but this one really called out to me .. I do have to find the perfect place for it indeed!
I am also ordering the monster Japanese Painted one called "Godzilla" which was "created" at Plant Delights by accident .. it is HUGE but I have the perfect site for it !

Jennifer said...

Lots of interesting choices here too. Love the two Heuchera. I have wanted to grow sea holly for a while, but I know it likes sandy soil and sun. I need to find a spot for it before I purchase one.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer girl !
I have a weak spot for heuchera so each year one or two different ones have to be gathered in. I grew sea holly before .. Miss Wilmott's Ghost in fact and it was amazing .. so I am hoping this is as good and better especially with the intense blue coloring .. fingers crossed ... YES ! they do like weak soil as in sandy with good drainage!


Oooh girl! I have never had even a touch of mildew on my 'Raspberry Wine' Monarda. You'll love it! And I have been lusting after that Geranium for a few years now. It doesn't seem to be available around here yet. Please post lots of photos when it blooms!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie girl you will have to tell me which geranium you are lusting after!!!
Yes !! I am so looking forward to seeing this monarda perform .. seeing the pictures just makes me crazy for it .. let alone that I love the scent of bee balm : )