Thursday, 12 February 2015

Plants from GardensPlus

Again with the sucky winter weather and it cycling my plant brain into over drive ? ..
With an overwhelming urge to touch base with garden plants .. aka "hoarding" has gone on in cyber space with the underlying fear of "what the heck am I going to do when they all show up to be actually PLANTED in my groaning garden ?"
It happens every darn winter and you would think I would know better ?
Why is it my logical brain throws all that stress and worry aside and just keeps gathering plants.
Who the heck knows .. have there been scientific studies on gardeners and why we do what we do?

So .... anywhooooo .... what did I "gather" this time ?
GardensPlus is a great little online provider that I have dealt with for a few years ..
Dawn is so very helpful as an enabler ? haha ..
Seriously she is great with any problems that might pop up or what not.
You can read reviews under the pages of yearly mail order adventures.
The pictures are from the net ... for now .. I can't wait to take my own.
Now for the plants .. a smaller order but fun all the same!

Copper Cascade heucherella  a sister to Redstone Falls which I have two of and they have popped colour  in the garden beds... these are gorgeous and pretty darn hardy.

I have lots of Japanese Painted ferns .. with a few other varieties.
I just had to pick up a fairly new cultivar that comes in xxx size ... in fact it's name should scare me but I think I have the perfect site for it.
Godzilla is from the Japanese Painted fern group ... and it will be BIG ! extra extra BIG
Then weeds have no chance do they !
Evil grin and laugh against weeds incorporated ...hehehe

Now for the softer more gentle side of non giant ferns ......
Maiden Hair ... so sweet , so delicate, so sometimes picky ?
They do make you love them all the same?
The only problem is I don't know the exact type I am getting  ... but the price was just too good to pass up!
As with the Bladder  or fragile fern ... the name (bladder) alone cracks me up ... it is just too funny.
I am afraid that every time I look at it, well it isn't far to run to the house if it sets off an urge shall we say.
Again there are many varieties and I am not sure which exact one I am getting.
How sweet is this though ?

So ferns have become a bit more prominent in this order ... I think I have been reminiscing about my adventures in the woods as a child .. ferns were lovely there .. the scent comforting some how.
I am building on them as some sort of comfy blanket in my garden ... Big baby issues ? eeekkkk !
In any case that  is what I am up to .... and still one more mail order adventure to visit soon !
Canning Perennials next time !


CiNdEe said...

All pretty plants. I like the ferns too and have a few. My Maiden hair fern is iffy in the winter but I leave it outside. It looks pretty sad. It does grow nicer in the spring/summer. I still have my ghost fern. I love it! Ferns are fun to grow and they do remind me of the woods(-:

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, I have yet to order a thing, if you can believe it.
I am most curious about the Heuchera. I clicked the link, but the fine print was small and so I skimmed through it. Does it really cascade as in the picture? Very interesting choice!

rochefleuriegarden said...

They are all nice but the ferns look particularly lovely.

Barry said...

All lovely selections yet again, but a warning from one who also has a thing for Ferns. If your maidenhair is A.venustrum, you might want to mulch it heavily for winter as it really is a BC zoned species. Took me three years to successfully over winter it. If it is our native A.pedatum, you're aces girlfriend. Not sure what to tell you about Bladder fern other than once you have it, you will never be without it..... and I do not mean that in a good way. It runs faster and quicker than a tranny's pantyhose that have been caught in his/her fingernails! [Sorry. Watching one of my all time fave movies Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!] Proceed with caution!

Casa Mariposa said...

I suffer the same madness, I assure you. I have to talk myself off my plant buying ledge almost daily. I am dying to figure out how to keep a maidenhair fern happy. They are so expensive here. Have fun with Godzilla!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl : )
maiden Hair ferns are touchy .. last year was the first year I got one through the winter .. I am always waiting to see if it comes through!
I have a few Ghost ferns and they "rock"! .. I have to move a few around this Spring making the back more woodsy on the shady side and loving it!

Jennifer girl hello there : )
Yes they do cascade .. I have two Redstone Falls .. now it may take a second year to see how it performs .. and this will be my first adventure with Copper cascade .. so I have to wait and see how it will behave .. I love the colours from it !

Alain hello there : )
Ferns are such a staple on my shady side .. even some sunny sites where they manage to stay alive and looking not too bad .. I can't imagine having a garden without them !

Hello Sweetie .. I will have to try and nail down what cultivar that Maiden Hair is .. I NEED to know what I am dealing with !! haha
I don't mind a "running" fern really ... because I started out with just 2 ostrich ferns and I have a farm load of them .. I just rip them out when they get too naughty, so no worries there but I appreciate the advice ! and that mental picture ??LOLOL

Hello Tammy girl .. Maiden Hair is tricky ... I have two under all this snow but one is stronger than the other I am sure .. so buying an extra is just insurance for me ? .. ah yes .. trying to control the collecting plants obsession ! EEEKKKK !!!

Nadezda said...

Wow, Japanese Painted fern group!
Never seen them, Joy. I will find these plants in our catalogs now.
Happy Valentine's day, girl!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nadezda girl thank you so much : ) Happy V Day to you too!
This giant one has me curious
I can't wait to see it mature and see it fill out the corner by the fence I have picked out ... after all this blanking snow melts ? hahaha

Lona said...

I do the same thing Joy! LOL! That is what happens when you are stuck indoor wishing for spring. Plant overload. LOL! I love Japanese Ferns and have three in my shady beds. I have my eye on the Ghost Fern. Have you saw that one? I think you need one of those too. LOL! It is getting close girl even if it doesn't feel like it now. Take care.

RobinL said...

Step away from the plant catalogs girl, I think you are going over the edge! All those plants and nowhere to put them? Will you use a shoe horn to shove them in somewhere? Well, I guess they are so pretty it will be worth it!

cheryl said...

Wowzers Joy, Godzilla is very impressive! I already have a few but we know there is always room for more and that big fella would enjoy it here.
Stay warm, and know your babies are having a nice slumber :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lona girl and YES ! The pant bug is biting me constantly ;-)
Yes I have a few Ghost ferns actually and they are nice .. but this BIG one has my curiosity and I have a perfect niche for it!
It is so cold and so much snow .. hard to imagine Spring but it has to come some time right ? LOL

Robin girl I think I need a support group actually ... but on the other hand I have been thinking in a logical order .. some what ? haha
I'll find spots for them some how !

Cheryl your post was perfect for having hope with Spring coming and plants popping in the basement .. that was so cool ! .. I will be looking to see if we have that sort here in the Spring .. when it decides to show it's face ?? LOL