Monday, 16 February 2015

The Canning Perennial Order (last order for Spring ... I hope!!)

So .... I can blame Barry, from Teza's Hortus Magnificum  for this particular plant.
I would have been fine if he hadn't have mentioned it in a previous post of mine and made me think far too much of it.
Geranium phaeum "Margaret Wilson"
Not the best picture (from the net) but it does illustrate a bit of the white streaked foliage and darker flowers ... nice combination right ? ... it stuck in my brain what can I say ?

Heuchera Berry Timeless provoked my curiosity for what was called a blooming machine and flowers drying on the stalks without falling off .. some what like "statice" .. so another I am so curious about!
The foliage is quite attractive too .. it may just stay in a pot over the season and then planted.

Hosta Liberty was also instigated by my friend Barry yet again ... Barry stop being my enabler PLEASE!!!
Having said that ... I am fascinated by this hosta  .. I love the look of it and the capability of it to change the yellow margin to a pale cream later in the season.
How gorgeous is this ?? and I am not a hosta "nut" ... just a gardener with a passing interest ?

Next some lavender collecting ... Ellagance Purple was well collected last year with numerous plants.
I am wondering how it will have survived this COLD winter even with the good snow cover.
None the less I have Ellagance " Pink " and " Snow " coming ... just had to do it.
Pink : I would love to see a field of them in their pink dresses !
Snow : How gorgeous is a white lavender ? .. I had a white one a couple of years ago and loved it .
I am hoping that this one will be a bit more hardy !

It seems a pattern every year I have to pick out a clematis .. last year I went on a bender because a provider here had loads of them for a reasonable price .. so I threw my hands in the air and gobbled a load up ... BIG sigh ... it was great !!!
Romantiaka was one I looked at last year and couldn't make up my mind ... so I decided to throw caution out the window and go with my gut feeling ... just get the damn plant eh !! that was my little plant devil on my shoulder egging me on .. and I went with it !

This picture from the net doesn't do it justice .. it is much darker .. so pairing it with just the right plant will do some thinking .. I want to get this right .. it is a beauty !

Lastly is an ajuga that has been around for a while but I never seemed to connect with it until now .. 
So it may seem a bit of a yawn to gardeners that have it already , but it is new to me : )
Ajuga reptans "Dixie Chip"
It just strikes me as a very pretty front border edging.

So there we are .. or there I am .... now it is a game of time (does anyone out there watch "Game of Thrones" ? .. I love that show .. plus "Vikings" !!) .. ok enough of the foolishness !
I am on board with my game plan with the new plants ... snow and cold LEAVE as soon as possible PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RURAL magazine said...

Oh my gosh, will you stop making me jealous!! Drooling over here....sigh.

Joy what do you think will grow under those nasty and massive fir trees, water suckers that they are? LOL.

And I am a hosta lover...give me any one ...I still haven't found one that I don't yours is a beauty.

There are no garden catalouges here, I refuse to look at them, LOL. Once I start....well there goes the food budget, and it's Kraft dinner for the next month. Snort.

I want pics of these babies when they get established, they are all so beautiful.


Barry said...

But I so love being someone else's enabler Joy! Margaret Wilson is hands down my favourite of the perennial Geraniums. It was a Larry recommendation from Lost Horizons the year I started working there and has been in my garden ever since. It flew off the benches last year. As for the Hosta....... you've a nice collection and it is Hosta of the Year dontcha know! I am switching from plants to books this year - or so I tell myself while there is still snow on the ground! LOL!!!

CiNdEe said...

So jealous of all your new plants coming your way! Everything will be so beautiful there in your garden(-: Can't wait to see all the pictures this Summer(-:

NanaDiana said...

You have ordered some beautiful plants. I see a couple that I think I MUST have now, too. Is that Barry channeling through you? lol xo Diana

Nadezda said...

Joy, all the plants are very nice, especially white lavender. I'd love to grow it in my garden too but I suppose it will die in winter, is it hardy?

Marguerite said...

Joy, I've been housebound for 3 days now. It proved a good time to finish my school paper and was just thinking I should reward myself with a little Canning shopping! Great minds and all that... :)
Love your selections and wish I could have lavender. Nothing like the smell of lavender but it just won't survive the winters here. Have you found a variety that's even remotely hardy?

Rose said...

I am a sucker when it comes to Heucheras. 'Berry Timeless' is gorgeous; I must have it!! I do hope your lavender does well. I haven't had much luck with it surviving the winters here. But I saw a field of lavender when I was in Portland this summer, and oh how beautiful! Always good to have a plant enabler:) My friend Beckie is mine, and I know when I go plant shopping with her that I'm going to come home with much more than what was on my list:)


Oh, you little vixen! I love all your plant choices. Of course you knew I would! I don't even own that Ajuga so I can see why it appealed to you. ... Are you buried up to your eyeballs in snow? Damn what a winter it's been for you people back east. I hope it melts soon. Enough winter already! Send an email as time allows my dear.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jen girl !
I wrote an email giving you a few suggestions with your problem there!
Garden catalogs don't do it to me .. on line DOES it to me ! haha
I have looked back at last years pictures and look out the window now? It seems a miracle that my garden HAPPENS at all with the cold and snow we are suffering through right now.
HUGE sigh !!!

Sweetie you are so BAD !!
I swear I have not seen that geranium before you chatted about it I love the look of it and can't wait to see it in my own garden now. Yes plus that hosta ..I did not see it here .. I think?
Books instead of plants ? yeah, SURE!!! !!! hahaha

Thank you Cindee girl .. I can't wait either ... all this snow and cold is getting to be too MUCH !! arghhhh !!!

Diana I laughed so much with your last post .. that was such a hoot girl! especially with daughter snoring away there .. too funny!
YES .. Barry is VERY naughty ! LOL

Nadezda girl thank you !
I have been lucky with my lavender .. and I am hoping this particular white one with the "Ellagance" breed will get through next winter .. but every year is different. Lavender can't stand to have any kind of "wet" conditions .. so excellent drainage and sun are key elements .. these are zone 5 so it is right on my zone level. Fingers crossed !

Marguerite girl .. I understand the "trapped" feeling in the house but you put yours to good work!
Well done you !!
Don't forget to look at Hortico as well as Canning .. they both ship good sized plants .. I left comments for you about the lavender and what to do for them .. hope you try some out and maybe it might just work?

Rose girl I know you are a friend fan of heuchera too :- ) .. We are both suckers and this one has my curiosity so I am eager to see how it performs!
Hey I would be VERY surprised if you ever just stuck to your list especially with your friend Becky helping you out! hahaha

Gracie girl I just wrote an email for you! ... and yes damn it we are buried in snow and some record breaking cold temps this winter and it is lasting way too long!
I have eyed this ajuga for a while so I figured I better just go with the flow and get it .. haha

Jennifer said...

I still haven't ordered so much as a seed packet. You might think it is good restraint, but I think it is actually the weather.
More really interesting choices here Joy. I really like that Geranium in particular ( and maybe because they do so well for me). Berry Timeless, the stunning clematis and the hosta will be great additions to your garden as well.