Monday, 20 April 2015

Amazing garden art find !

Today is a good soaking rain day .. we really do need it .. even with all the snow we had we were beginning to dry out.
So I am very grateful for the rain .. although all the bags of compost I strategically placed around the garden .. not so much .. wet compost is going to be messy to say the least but there it is.

OK .. so this really neat garden stake amazed me ... Home Sense is a dangerous store for me to go in.
Hubby just stays in the car and lets me go nuts ..(long story short my car battery had to be replaced so poor hubby was the driver of the day) .. many bags of compost and soil were loaded in the back.

So ... this amazing find ? I have never seen one like it but what a great idea !!
It is made of coloured glass plates and a small bowel to make it look like a flower.

The only thing I would change would be to cover the nut/bolt thing in the middle.
It is on a plain garden stake which can be a bit odd because it is top heavy.
But it is beautiful when the sun hits it and the light glints ...
I am lucky I find something really different almost every year to put in the garden.

Mean while the garden is jumping ahead ......
These vines are cut back a bit finally.

Hellebore are reaching out ... leaves were cut back severely because they were a mess .. no point in having them in that shape !

My first and oldest hellebore ... "orientalis Christmas Rose"

I wasn't sure about this little guy from last year .. but here he is bursting forth ready to show off !

I am very grateful for a rain day ... I am exhausted .. poor Garden PA is too .. we all need a breather to be able to get back to it again ? haha


outlawgardener said...

Hooray for your rain. (Sorry about the compost.) Your garden stake is gorgeous! I love making those and used to drill holes and use nuts and bolts like the one you have (You can use silicone to glue a glass blob on top of the bolt. Be sure to place the flower horizontally before doing this or the glass piece will fall to the ground.) I learned from my pal Linda at Linda Letters Blog how to make these just using the clear silicone to glue all of the pieces together and using an inexpensive florist bud vase, (usually 50 cents at a thrift store) with a long neck on the back. Rebar is bent slightly at the top and put in the ground. The neck of the bud vase is slipped over the rebar and voila, you've got a glass flower with no tedious drilling and no nut and bolt to cover which is a pain in the glass! You could make a field of them and it would give you an excuse to go shopping at thrift stores!

Barry said...

I couldn't agree more that we have been in need of rain! I had the hose out in the display garden at work watering in all the Japanese maples after I uncovered them. My Japanese Umbrella Pine is not looking well, but I knew I was taking a huge risk with him in the first place.... fingers crossed!
Home Sense is like one giant fix for us garden junkies! This was where I found the blue poppy wall print last year, and then sold it for twice as much to a desperate woman who would not take no for an answer when I said it was permanent at the store! LOL! I delightful find you have! The glass will reflect the sunshine perfectly! Good on you girl! Now, what's with this nonsense I am seeing in the forecast for Wed/Thurs? Tell me it isn't so!!!!!

Country Gal said...

That is a pretty and different ! It is a chilly damp day here to but as the saying goes April showers bring May flowers ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

rochefleuriegarden said...

The nut-bolt in the middle could probably be changed.
It was also a very wet morning here.

NanaDiana said...

Your garden is look good already! I love that colored plate thing. My son made me a few of them a few years ago- I am sorry to say that the cold winters here did them in. They were on copper and he glued a little piece over the bolt. They had a hard time finding the colored glass plates, though.

That store must be like our Home Goods here. xo Diana

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. TOG
Yes it has been raining on and off now for a couple of days but we do need it so I will have to make do with soggy compost (ugh!) LOL
I like your method ! aka Linda's method? haha .. less work and a nice appearance! .. I really want to do some hunting for odd and unusual garden art.
Every August there is a huge antiques fair not far from Kingston .. might have to go this year ! : )

Sweetie hello there !
I really hope your umbrella pine makes it through .. he might just be a wee bit cranky .. then will grow out of the bad mood!
OMG ... you didn't tell me the story about the poppy print before ! holy *hit!! .. we haven't had any , dare I say white stuff forecasted although the temp goes down to zero one night.
Fingers crossed we can get through April without any of that blanking stuff! haha

Thanks Elaine girl . I had never seen one before so I just had to grab it and stick it in the garden right away .. yes, damp and chilly here too !

Alain I really enjoyed that story of you as a boy finding that little piece of heaven with the fruit to eat as well. Nice bits of us as children seen to go back to nature a lot .. maybe that is why we became gardeners?

Diana girl .. I am sorry I haven't caught up with you on your blog ... I do hope your friend's DIL comes though all this 100% well again !
Yes I will have to take it in for sure with our winters .. I think Home Sense must be very much like your store .. you can find the most unusual things there : )

Jennifer said...

I love Home Sense too, although at this time of year when it is packed with gardening themed stuff it is an especially dangerous place to go wallet wise. I am a sucker for birdhouses and all those decorative accessories.
I like the glass flower's happy colors. I wonder if a round kitchen cabinet knob might work instead of the nut and bolt.
I thought of you the other day when your hellebore popped up out of the ground. Everything has slowed down now that the temperature has dipped back down and we have rain. Good news is the weekend is supposed to be sunny and warmer.

Casa Mariposa said...

Do you ever go on Etsy? You will find a zillion things you can't live without so proceed with caution! That glass flower will be fun this summer. :o) I love a rainy day, too.

CiNdEe said...

Love your dish flower. I make those too. I used a little drawer pull for some of mine which has the bolt attached. They come in pretty glass ones. I bet you could change yours too if you wanted to take it apart. Or like someone suggested just cover it up using clear GE Silicone glue to glue something over it(-:
We may get some rain here. I can hear the thunder outside(-: Yay!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer girl we should form a "self-help" club to control our impulses in that store .. I went back for a birdcage I have been eyeing for the kitchen ... and heaven knows there is much much more I am eyeing! eeekkk!
I really hope the temps go up .. it was just 1 degree this morning and yet things are growing still ! yahoo .. I was a madwoman and hunted down my compost mission .. 8 more bags .. 16 in total .. ahhhh !! LOL

Tammy girl I have stayed away from Etsy ... for my own good ... so far ... heaven help me if I ever start?
Resolve is in place .. for now ?

Cindee girl I hope you got some rain ... I know you NEED it!
Thank you for the suggestion ... the next day I went back and all of them were gone .. that store is a hotbed!