Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Earth Day ... happened on a cold and windy day darn it !

OK ... I am in a cycle of whining here and I have to stop ... soon !
But here it is Earth Day when I usually plant something significant and happy to remember this special day on.
This day how ever .... sucks !! BIG time ... I wish we had the weather we had last week, then I would have been celebrating !!
However I scored on finding my favorite compost ... let me tell you it is hard to find !
Thus my "green mobile" was loaded with the second haul of 8 bags ... making 16 altogether.
 You know it is a gardener's vehicle when it is loaded down with compost, soil or mulch .... or the best part .... plants !! (which isn't happening soon at this rate !)

We have a new family that moved in under terrible weather conditions .. we have our fingers crossed that they will stay safe and warm in their new digs on the trellis of one side of the deck.

I hope you other gardeners are having a nice Earth Day ... with no snow ? or cold rain .
Fingers crossed for better weather again and SOON !


CiNdEe said...

Love the Earth Mobile(-: I have loaded mine with several yards of compost. We can buy it local by the truck load. Just unloading is always fun(-:
Love the robin too. I wish I could have a robin nesting by my house. I know they are somewhere just never see the nest.(-:
Happy Belated Earth Day(-:
I babysat all day so didn't get to play outside until late. I did get some nice little butterfly led lights.(-: They are super fun. I put them out to see what they looked like and today I will get them set out where they are going to go which seems to be the trunk of a tree in the butterfly garden(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Cindee girl our weather has turned rather nasty .. but fingers crossed for the weekend !
Yes my KIA gets a lot more milage on when it is Spring ,Summer, and Fall rather than winter .. we are hoping the robin will stay .. sometimes they get a bit nervous.
Take pictures of the lights girl!
We just unpacked a new water fountain .. looks promising .. love the sound of water in the garden everywhere .. only wish we could have frogs and their singing ;-)