Friday, 24 April 2015

Between a Rock and a Hard Place ?

This picture was taken on a warmer and sunnier day ..... before the white stuff fell again and punched my poor garden heart square in the chest,.

Sad and sorry "Dave" the original garden gnome in a very depressed state .. WG aka weather gargoyle not far behind .. my "prostrate" Canadian Hemlock pretty much saying it all without uttering a word ....  the blue ball ... pretty much a VERY blue ball.

But ?
A new water fountain to play with when the weather decides what it intends to do .. frankly I have a few other choice words I would rather type but my keyboard might blow up ?

Mrs. Robin looking VERY fed up with EVERYTHING .... including the "who ever sits on the nest owns it" game which is being played with the canoodling Mourning Dove pair (actually they are a threesome but I avoid those terms since this is an open blog ?) long story that started out years ago .. the three Stooges as in Mourning Doves .. I think they have an adult kid that just won't leave home.

Last shot the night before the snow event ... bare bones Tiger Eye sumac ... sad little guy but he will cheer up in a few more months .... I hope .....
So there we are .... a total of 16 bags of wonderful worm cast compost waiting to be sprinkled on garden like good old fairy dust to work a miracle .... I hope ?
Spring ? where the hell are you ????????????????????????


NanaDiana said...

Oh- Isn't it crazy??? That snow one day and sun the next? We woke up to a SNOW STORM on Tuesday! So weird...and now it has all melted but we are freezing temps again tonight here by the bay.

Those doves- Ménage à trois lol...hey- this IS a family blog---be very careful!!!

Have a great night- xo Diana

CiNdEe said...

Love the fountain!
Spring will show up soon I think(-:

gittan said...

NO! Do you still have snow!!! We haven´t had any this winter, that´s od but real nice :) Now the tulips are in bloom and the trees in the green and life is beautiful. I only wish the nights could get a little bit warmer so I can let the tomatoes and stuff move out in the greenhouse.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Diana girl ... I am so fed up with this weather I am approaching being put in the funny farm SOON! .. but then again that is my natural state of affairs ?
Yes .. I do have to mind my out pouring of odd thoughts on here girl ;-)
Laughed at those selfies with your grand daughters .. too funny !

Cindee girl I hope this fountain does the job .. it is one of those final sales no returns thing ... eeekkk!LOL

Hello there gittan girl !
That is VERY odd you didn't get snow but what a nice break from it all!
Yes I can imagine you must be anxious to get the plants out of the greenhouse .. I'm sure that will happen soon .. hang in there !


I had to scroll back up and see when you wrote this. Holy crap! Snow at the end of April? That's just not right! Could this be the winter that won't quit? I sure hope not. Sure is testing your patience I bet. I like your new fountain. Can't wait to see where you put it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Gracie girl .. I have to find just the right place for the fountain and having it driven by battery is great so the sun charge isn't an issue.
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!! this weather is driving me NUTS ... it is supposed to improve this week but I will have my doubts for along time ! ugh !!!

RobinL said...

Spring got cold again here, and I blame you! Well, not you exactly, but Canada. Aren't you the ones pushing all the cold air down this way? Luckily, my cold weather flowers don't mind a little chill. I found a lot of pretty things out there today. But let's have warm spring weather soon, all right?

Rose said...

Oh, Joy, I'm so sorry for you! We had cooler temps and nights below freezing last week, but no snow. This week promises to be a beautiful, warmer week--I hope it is for you, too. Love the new fountain! I'm sure you're eager to get it into its new place in the garden and out of your living room:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl ... our cold air is to try and settle all you hot heads down there!!! haha ... today it is actually very warm here .. after working in the garden this morning I am pooped .. but things are coming along finally!!

Rose girl you are so right .. it seems to take forever to have the garden ship shape as well as the house .. can't wait to find the perfect spot for this fountain.
The weather is much warmer now .. I have been working in the garden and my back is complaining ! LOL