Saturday, 18 April 2015

The race begins !

Well before I could even stop moaning about snow in the garden, it was gone and we had so many glorious days of warm weather it was ridiculous ... but oh ! .. I loved it even with the aches and pains and SO MUCH to get done yet.
Mission for today .. my favorite compost is on sale ... worm cast compost is perfect for me .. no troublesome seedlings and what now popping up .. sad how you can get so excited about compost but I am truly EXCITED !
Mulch is on as well but that is the last thing I will be doing ... but it is wise to catch it on sale and stock pile .
YES .. I am a hoarder of garden necessities !! compost , soil, and mulch ... and sorry to say yet another brand new hose ... we will learn our lesson yet with bring it into the house and not just the shed.
One mission of the day are the vines .. scary vines !
It will be a wrestling match for sure but these guys along with the Bittersweet one are tough old birds and need the law laid down to them .. sharp pruners and a steady hand with a plan Stan !

A nice thing to see .... which I totally forgot ? I planted this bleeding heart in the hellebore bed last Fall and it seems to like where it got plunked !
I have a lot of Woodland Phlox growing in and out of the hellebore .. filling in blank spaces .. too bad I can't squeeze it into my head's blank spaces !

Peony "Flame" is bursting through the soil ... nice red shoots and promising to look gorgeous I hope!
I have two other peony in the same area ... still unsure they will be smiling at me this year .. fingers crossed !

Last ... my beautiful crane made it through the winter ... I wasn't sure whether to bring him in or not .. I wanted it to "weather" and he did manage to have snow way above his neck .. so he is officially a CANADIAN Crane indeed !
WE have to wait a while to start the water feature up ... freezing weather and snow is not done with us yet !


CiNdEe said...

I love seeing the pictures. I bet the crane was looking pretty cool or is that cold...up to his neck in snow?(-: Yay for new growth in your garden. I have Peony about ready to bloom. I saw some of the tree peony and really wanted to try those. Why do they call then tree peony? Do they really grow as big as a tree? (-:

Wild Oak Designs said...

Oh your garden will be lovely in short order!
Ours, being So. Cal, is well into spring! Our summer heat isn't far behind.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Exciting days,Joy!!! So glad your snow melted! We spent our first day in the garden today raking the lawns, over seeding, and clearing lthe areas around some little jewels that are emerging.

Nothing makes us smile like the sight of some green poking through the soil! Happy (and sore!) days. :)

Country Gal said...

Yes some of us get excited about the strangest things don't we? The weather had been wonderful this past week but today it is chilly windy and now over cast and rain is in the forecast for us this evening and I can already feel the aches and pains of the dampness UGH !!! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

Nadezda said...

You're right, Joy: this is race. Your peony are bigger than mine, ha ha and my phlox are not growing at all...
This spring time is wonderful, isn't it?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl ... I am in love with those owlets !! I would be taking pictures every day .. LOL
I should have taken a picture of how far the snow was up to his neck !
Tree peony don't grow to tree proportions .. they don't diue back the way herbaceous peony do .. a "stalk" or small trunk stays like a singular limb shrub and then the greenery with flowers form on them .. I have a soft yellow one in the front garden and I love it !

Hello Nancy ! .. had a peek at your berries and that is exciting : )
Yes once our gardens get going here they RACE ahead and it can be overwhelming .. so the game is one .. I just wish our Spring was longer and nicer ... summer is wicked !! LOL

Ms S you are so right ! Finding jewels in the garden can put a smile on our face all day long .. we find such happiness in that and I am grateful all the time to be that way and have blogging friends that feel that way too : ) Thank you !

Elaine ... nice private air show you got girl ! haha
Yes we are having a good soaking of rain here today ... the garden and rain barrel needs it ! LOL
We will have to form the "gardener's achy club" ? haha

Nadezda girl Spring is so fast .. it will be gone before we are ready for summer but oh ! it is beautiful and it really brings the gardener out in us doesn't it ? LOL