Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Disappointments and Surprises

Well this rollercoaster weather has been beating me senseless which is not a hard thing to do since I am always just half way there as it is.
We didn't have Spring ... or was I the only one that missed it ?
No Spring showers ... that is my biggest disappointment ... along with not being able to have my ace in the pocket for a corner of my garden ... Godzilla fern ... poor Dawn from GardensPlus had to break the news to me that her suppliers crapped out on her ... I feel more sorry for her having to tell those customers they aren't getting "it" ... my stand in though was generously nodded towards hosta
 "Ripple Effect"  .... interesting foliage and colour.

Now for the surprise ? ... remember our chat on potting tables ? .. long story to this which I would rather NOT go into because I look like the bad guy.
In any case Garden PA thought he saw the perfect table for me (while I was sleeping story), bought it and put it together and was happy to surprise me with it ... well I was SURPRISED let me tell you !

To give you perspective of how big it is
It is a great potting table and after the shock of him NOT having me there to tell him what I thought .. well ,,, all wives know what I mean right ?
We are just setting up the deck at the moment ,, so it looks bare and I have to keep the table up here because the patio is being worked on .. I haven't broken it in yet.

Mean while back at the farm ....some pictures of what is happening ... good grief still much more to happen too ... I am sweating bullets even now !

I love my Lamb's Ears border ... I know everything is supposed to be curvy but I am a straight and to the point type of gal ... they are so soft and fuzzy wuzzy ... who wouldn't love them ?
My son and DIL gave me this really cute ceramic mushroom last year ... I love the blue pop of colour especially with the Tiger viola.
Parts of the garden are becoming a jungle ... some "editing" has to go on to let understory plants have a chance of rain ? and sunshine.
Wood phlox is really pretty under the hellebore ... and when it gets tired I just shear it back.
My baby Tiger Eye sumac is holding on .. it survived this past winter so I think it is a super hero !
Morden Glow elderberry brings a pop of colour between the greens and the lacy foliage is very striking.
Even with collecting so many more plants that I shouldn't be .. I am collecting garden art as well.
I couldn't resist this Victorian looking bird cage.
Under my biggest Tiger Eye sumac I have this gorgeous ground cover succulent and lantern.
You just feel it when combinations work.
The water feature is not up and running yet .. but that will come and the birds will love it.
So for now that is whats up in my garden .
Waiting to have the pathways corrected .. have the gate done properly .. it was put on backwards.
Plus a number of things that would have you laughing ... our new contractor said he couldn't believe we are taking it so well ... but hey ... life is short and this time it will be done right.
One year I just want to play in the garden and not have any massive "To Do" projects.


NanaDiana said...

Oh- It is all looking just beautiful! Your gardens are just gorgeous and all your loving attention to them is certainly apparent. That blue mushroom is so cute- I thought it was a light at first.
There is always SO MUCH to do outside, isn't there? It can be overwhelming. xo Diana

CiNdEe said...

Wowzers the garden is sure growing!!! Its hard to believe it was bare just a little bit ago. It fills in and looks so beautiful so fast! Love all the yard art too(-: The table is super nice. What a surprise(-:
We didn't have Spring here either. I really like the Spring rain too. Rain is just not in the cards for us this year I guess.)-:

Martine-Alsace said...

Beautiful garden, I've been reading your blog now since last year and am looking forward to your following articles. Love the potting table!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Diana girl and thank you !
Yes that blue mushroom can fool a few people (wink wink) haha
Yes it is overwhelming Diana .. thank heavens I have Garden PA to help me until I get some control of it!!

Cindee girl .. yes once the garden takes off ... it takes OFF!! haha
Yes that table was one heck of a suprse .. can't wait to get it down on the patio so I can actually use it!
I'm sorry you guys have such a hard time with water shortages there .. some gentle rain for a few days would be wonderful everywhere I think eh ?
Love those shots of the little Princess ... she is so CUTE !!

Martine girl ... your raised veggie garden is wonderful .. you live in such a beautiful place as it is : )
Thanks very much for being a reader .. i love to hear from you too!

Anonymous said...

So nice to meet you, Joy, via Jen. I love the photos of your pretty garden and of course, your cats. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Indie said...

Wow, love the garden path with the lambs ear border - so pretty! And that Morden Glow Elderberry is stunning!! I want one! Spring is such a busy, crazy season. I can't wait until the garden is more fully grown and how I want it so I can just sit and look at it more. (Though does that ever happen for a gardener?) Enjoy your potting table!

outlawgardener said...

Your garden is so beautiful! We all dream of that one magical spring but it always seems that there's another project to be done, something to be reworked. It would be nice to swish out into the garden in a your favorite sun dress, stylish straw hat, designer garden gloves and perfectly matched tools stowed in the hand painted antique wooden basket you found on a trip to Paris and gently plant flats of flowers in perfectly prepared soil as birds and butterflies land on your shoulder. If you're like me, the reality is more like holey sweats, crocks that allow dirt through the holes so you have to hose off your feet before coming inside, tools strewn about so that you can never find what you need to put in the five gallon plastic bucket that you found in an alley to dig through your rock laden clay to try and cram in too many plants as a seagull flies over and poops on your head. We can always dream.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Mildred girl .. it is taking me ages to catch up to comments .. the garden sucks the life out of me!LOL

Indie girl thank you : )
No .. sadly we are so possessed with the garden drive we can never sit for very long and not see something we just have to fix .. then another .. then another .. LOL Yes Morden Glow is gorgeous .. but I think I have lost my big Purple Smoke tree .. it is always something ?

OMG Peter ... what a heavenly image you have spun for me to dream on .. but back to reality ? I am so like you .. my jeans keep messing around on me .. I wear a Boonie hat which makes me look too beautiful to describe.. my Dollar Sore knock off crocks do the same thing and I have to hose off my feet before I even seriously clean them with antiseptic wipes .. I lose tools constantly and it drives me INSANE and that is a quick drive believe me ... I just got exhausted typing all of this!LOL