Friday, 22 May 2015

Still Not Caught Up .....

There is a frost warning tonight ... I am not too worried since I don't do a lot of annuals .. all the same we worry about fruit/food farms that could be affected .. so here is to crossing all our fingers that it won'y happen !
My pictures are behind by a few days .. and the plants just keep running that marathon of growing and growing and wandering.

One of my most hated jobs is having to take the time to tie up vines .. clematis to be precise ..
I love the different types and I am a sucker for collect more each year.
Then I say some VERY naughty words as I bend and twist and break green tape to tie the vines running away from where they should stay.

Garden PA was able to get our Basalt Bubbler going today ... a lot of crawling around and testing outlets and digging up extension cords to find some naughty creature had chewed through one which was the trouble maker that delayed the glorious sound of running water
Kudos to my Garden PA and BBQ Master !! Thank You : )

Now for some miscellaneous pictures just for the heck of it ?
Too cute right ?

Some Victorian charm to my Bittersweet vine.

Morning light through my Tiger Eye sumac.. it's leaves are even larger now !

I have a thing for ferns .. this Parsley fern is very crinkly and grows much bigger .. I had just cut it back to encourage fresh growth on it.
I have hooked Jen from The Light Laughed on them now ... that Ostrich fern did the trick ! haha

Some shady characters ....

I can't wait to see these crazy allium bloom, let alone how my little Fringe tree will grow !

I have about six or seven different bugbanes  .. the two here should not do well because they are under a some what mature tree which loses all it's flowers, like so many yellow peas fallen on the ground ...
A site that is too dry, too sunny at times .. but yet thrive they do, along with astilbe and hosta and the perennial of the year geranium .... darn what was that name again ? BIG sigh !

My "toddler" Tiger Eye sumac , across from the water feature ... there is something poetic about how it looks to me in this picture graceful.
That is it for now ... I have so much to do this weekend in the garden it makes me shudder ... but?
I know it will be so worth it one day this season to sit back(for a few minutes?) and enjoy how it looks.


RURAL magazine said...

Oh I loved seeing your garden, and you are so patient to name each plant for us.

A parsley fern? I had no idea, thanks Joy, now I am going to have to go and find that one too..

And yes the Ostrich fern is sure loving that spot, it's twice the size of the other guys...go figure.


NanaDiana said...

Those are wonderful garden shots! I think your bittersweet there is a bit different than ours. Ours is untrainable and is considered a nuisance plant-although I love it. In fall it has huge orange/red clumps of berries on it. I love yours as a climber.

I tie my clematis to the trellis using baler twine which is pretty easy to work with and then I can loosen it or tighten it as needed.

The last picture makes me think of a little bonsai tree. Just cute as can be.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The gardens look lovely Joy. Hope they survived the frost of last night, had my softies all covered up and they look fine this morning. I love ferns too, got some last year from our daughter and they are doing well, will be taking my shovel with me next time we visit to get a few more :) I saw a picture of Jen's fern on her site and it looks great.

Lona said...

Oh girl I feel your pain... I am so behind also in my garden. We had a cold spell here too which drove me back indoors. I am a wimp. LOL! I adore the birdcage hanging on your trellis. So cute. Glad you PA got the water to flowing again. Now if it warms up so you can get to enjoy it. Have a lovely weekend.

Casa Mariposa said...

Why are you tying your clematis? Mine just attach their tendrils to whatever they're growing on, usually a trellis or fence. I love that parsley fern! I've never heard of it before. My climate might be too warm for it. Your garden looks wonderful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jen girl
I was impressed with finding that fern at Can. Tire a couple of years ago.
Yes when you pamper an Ostrich fern it will go JUNGLE on you but it is beautiful with that blue !

Hello Diana girl
Thank you so much ... my Bittersweet never forms fruit .. must be a "guy"?LOL .. it can be very naughty though and needs a regular trimming .. which means ladder and lots of not so nice words ? haha
Thanks for the hint on the baler twine .. I try a lot of different things to make it as easy as possible, but it still is quite the job .. having a nice long weekend ?

Linda girl how about that sneaky frost thing .. I don't have a lot of annuals to have worried about but I imagine some gardeners are "mad" ?
Remember the shovel for the ferns !

Thank you so much Lona girl .. it just sprung ? on me with the bird cage .. I have a lot more "jewelry" for dressing up the garden but I am waiting for the work to be done and then I can have more fun ! LOL

Tammy I must have bad behaving clematis compare to yours girl, haha
Some do cling on obelisks and frames but others just don't want to join the program thus they get hobbled.
Yes this little fern is quite a cutie, I was lucky to find it !

Rose said...

Your post title could be the title of my life story:) I'm a sucker for annuals, and I still have a back porch of them still to plant--I think they're secretly reproducing at night:) No frost here; your garden is looking so lovely in spite of the nippy weather. Whenever I see a Sumac, I think of you, Joy; I love yours.

Nadezda said...

Joy, I love your last photo, nice composition: tidy sumac and stones. Parsley fern is wonderful, maybe I could purchase one like this..

outlawgardener said...

Inquiring minds want to know if you got frost? If so, were you able to utilize some of that vocabulary you usually use for tying up clematis? Didn't know that you were a clematis dominatrix. We learn so much about our garden blogging friends! Your garden is looking wonderful and with the bubbler fixed it sounds great as well. I had a similar extension cord problem but the culprit was a contractor digging holes for a neighbor's fence. I warned him that there were cords back there but somehow he couldn't see a fluorescent green cord but didn't cut a black one. Whatever, a new extension cord isn't a huge price to pay to have a nice new fence back there.

RobinL said...

Caught up? What's that? I made myself a chore list, and it grew so long that it scared me! So today's Saturday, and it rained. ARGH! I don't think we'll ever be caught up.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl I am so far behind in answering comments it is scary ... darn I am behind in everything ... more plants coming in mail orders ... eeekkk !
Yes they have toga parties at night and boom goes the population .. haha
Hey thank yo so much girl .. I guess my sumacs are my signature "plant" : )

Nadezda girl ... thank you so much ... the parsley fern was just a stroke of luck really ... I haven't seen it around again .. but every year is different .. this year has not been great for choices .. but there is always next year right ?

Dear Mr. TOG aka Peter ... no we escaped the frost and thankfully there was no blue air hanging over my house, phew!
Yes the dominatrix side of me is coming out more and more as this baby boomer ages .. I imagine we should see more interesting sides to you as well sir! haha
We do love our fences don't we ? ... as for contractors ... well we have had our share of shady characters that cause a certain language to come to mind yet again .. better not to linger on that subject .. I feel your wince on the cord though !

Robin girl ... you are so right .. we are never caught up ... why I think I can do that is beyond me but I can always dream ?.. we finally have some rain here and we really needed it .. but now it is jungle mode .. you can't win ?