Monday, 1 June 2015

How not to post .......

I have been so erratic I can not seem to sit down and do a decent garden post.
Nor have I been a decent blogger and visited my friends blogs .. guilt guilt guilt !
I guess the first thing is to do a post and get that out of the way because it is going to get crazy busy here again with more mail order plants coming and me with that magic plant shoe horn squeezing them in some where ... why is it when I sit at the computer I think I can do these things is beyond me!
First .. just some plants to highlight ?
I am so stoked to see the dark violet flower bloom on this plant and get a decent picture of it, but the weather has not been cooperating so it is iffy ... info: Leprechaun Gold

This corner is going to change a lot but the back plants will be staying.
If you want to know about the "Giant Fleece Flower" there is the link
It is going to be awesome and mad because I have it squeezed in that corner .. I have to sleep with one eye open at night because a lot of my plants are going to be "mad" at me !

I didn't grab one of these beauties last year when it was hyped up ... but this year it sort of got on my good side Rainforest Sunrise

Here it is in a group of happy little campers that are still able to "breath" room wise, but I will soon put a stop to that and crowd in more plants !!

Mandarin Lights azalea is always a great shot of ORANGE (Halloweeny colour for me)

Henrii clematis is actually flowering from the foot of it's vine .. first time I have seen "him" do that!
"He" shimmers the white is so pure and glistening ... paired with Zephirine Drouhin climbing rose which has not flowered yet ... fingers crossed it isn't THAT mad at me?

I like a "hit" of white here and there to draw your attention away from all the green and eventually all the colours that will unfold.

The red peony is grouped with a white and lime green one ... have to dig around in my tag box to figure out the names ...
I like the cool gray of the Lamb's Ears surrounding the border .. softens the colour and texture.

My Baptisia came back in a perfect circle around my Serviceberry tree amazed me : )

Insane experiment happening here .. yes this is a Tri-Colored European Beech tree ... I am going to dwarf it  .. I wanted another Japanese Maple in this area but could not find a cutleaf that I didn't already have .. so this little guy said "pick me" and I did .. we are both in for a ride !
I split my big Ghost fern into two so it flanks each side .. Ripple Effect is still in a pot until I figure out where to put it.

I am attempting the same dwarfing with this Fringe tree ... fingers crossed !

This is one long post on how not to post ... are you snoring yet ?
Almost done !
Garden PA was playing in a golf tournament on the weekend and with a raffle ticket won a basket of garden things so I am the happy camper that has it now ! Thanks sweetie : )

Last picture ... I finally found the right setting for a moon shot in the very dark of night !
So this is how not to post with everything including the kitchen sink ?


Martine-Alsace said...

Lovely pictures and very nice garden. It always amuses me to see how other gardens evoluate and I love following yours. Hav a nice week in Canada!

Country Gal said...

I enjoyed this post . Lovely photos and gardens . Hey the kitchen sink would look good in the gardens lol ! Life gets busy especially this time of year for us outdoorsy type and gardeners . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

CiNdEe said...

I think all your plants will be happy with all their new friends(-:
I really like everything. I almost got that ripple effect hosta. I might have to go back and get that one...(-: I love the hostas...OMG they are all growing so well. I have you to thank for my addiction. Those and the Heucheras.(-: I can't seem to get enough of them. I never knew I could grow them.
I think I am worse then you with the
I ordered a sedum and got it in the mail yesterday. Long story short I saw a post on a blog last fall about a yellow blooming fall sedum. It was so gorgeous. I really wanted to have one of my own. The person didn't know what the name was. I searched online and found something like it.
Can't wait till Fall to see it bloom(-:

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Joy, you are too funny. You are also a plant collector. I can only imagine what all you would have if you had a grand estate. You make your small garden seem like a Grand Estate with all of your plants. I do enjoy seeing them and seeing how you manage to squeeze them all in. I am sure they aren't angry with you for loving them so. What is that white plant? Is that plant just blooming or is the foliage that color. I couldn't really tell in this shot. Don't feel guilty about not blogging. I am just as laxadasical about posting. Cheers...

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh you have such beauty in your garden. I can only wish I had the green thumb you have. Great win with the draw:) Have fun outside in your garden. Hug B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martine girl and thank you for dropping by : )
I really love that rose structure you have, gazebo? I can imagine sitting under it with the heavenly scent of roses enveloping me .. absolutely wonderful ! Your clematis are perfect too and we share some .. The President I have climbing up an old Lilac tree and it is working out really well .. old plants you think are ready to go can be repurposed ! LOL

Elaine girl you are so right ... some days are slow but most days .. OMG! in the garden so much to do it boggles the mind. This whole week/weekend is supposed to be wonderful weather so I will be in the garden (if I don't do an injury to myself ? haha
I know you and your PaPa will be enjoying it with Miggs and all the wildlife there !

Cindee girl I am always absolutely astonished with what you do with your garden and all the amazing trinkets you find for it .. so beautiful and so interesting there is always another surprise around the corner with you !
I love how you tracked down that sedum girl ! You are a great plant detective !
I'm coming to you when I need help! haha Enjoy the garden and the Princess : )

Hey there Lisa girl : ) I'm not a "high end rare plant collector" but yes I love collecting plants for sure ! .. OMG .. I would have to have a big ground crew working for me on an estate girl .. these bones are getting to sore to do all the work I used to do ..
The white plant with the tiny flowers ? .. moss phlox in white ...with a tiny pale yellow eye .. a punctuation mark amongst the greenery! haha Yes blogging falls behind when we need to work in the garden for sure ! LOL

Hello Buttons girl ... I hope you are feeling well ? .. the weather changes have been hard to handle but it is stable now .. we should be good for a while!
Thanks very much for stopping by .. hope you have some fun yourself too ! Thanks girl !

Barry said...

You frighten me with the term 'dwarf' when speaking of the Tricolour Beech and the Fringe....... both of them are capable of large sizes - especially the Tricolour which, and this from someone who is very preferential to the Tricolour, it needs to get big and have lots of space to be fully appreciated...... please, please reconsider this experiment. I am speaking on its behalf! The one at the nursery has grown at least three feet in the past two years alone. Otherwise, the gardens are looking lovely as usual!

cheryl said...

Hi Joy, Happy Spring! Your garden is as lush as mine right now. I swear the Solomon's Seals grew 6" one day alone. I have a very old variety that reaches 4' high and it was blooming weeks before normal. Normal isn't what gardeners thrive on is it. A wee hint for you. Independent Garden Centres are beginning to mark their plant down. Japanese Maples are 50% right now. Have fun shopping :)

Barbarapc said...

I think it's the perfect post! The persicaria polymorpha is a grand plant - it smells like buckwheat honey when it blooms, lasts forever and is 10 feet tall and about 4 feet wide - I'm thinking this may the last year it lives just in that spot, but it's so perfect you'll find another. Glad to see that I'm not the only one putting all those pretty heuchera together - it really makes a good show - like what you've done with the hosta.

Nadezda said...

Joy I love your hosta Rainforest Sunrise! I will find it in catalogs and then will order.
The azalea Mandarin lights is in bloom in your garden, wonderful! Mine is in buds now but I hope the next week I'll see its flowers as well.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello sweetie !
I'm sorry to have scared you : ) .. I was kidding about the Beech ... I am only keeping it in the back garden until it is big and strong enough to go in the front yard in a place of honor .. no one has this any where in my neighborhood so I am excited to have it.
But the Fringe tree is my mad scientist experiment .. I just have to see if it can be done.
You know me .. I try every once in a while to push the envelope .. LOL

Hello Cheryl girl : )
We are headed into summer soon .. I don't know where the time goes ?
WOW ! on your Solomon's Seal !! I would love to see that in person !
You are so right about us not thriving on normal girl .. I have to dabble in the ridiculous!
I still keep checking for a Japanese maple that I don't have .. there isn't a lot of variety this year at all ... but I never give up completely! Thanks : )

Barb girl hello there : )
I planted that monster when I didn't know we would be putting up a new fence .. I wanted more privacy .. I love trying this type of thing .. my Goatsbeard is restricted in small areas (I have two of them) I love them to bits and they have been in the garden over 10 years now. I want to smell that scent you described .. fingers crossed it might just stay with me a little longer !
We are "heuchera addicts" eh ... I love them and I don't care if colours clash to other people .. its my garden and I am a wild card ! haha

Nadezda girl I was just over at your blog with the post on the daisies .. you took great pictures and that header picture is a wow factor !
I am smitten by this hosta which is funny because I wasn't last year when it came out .. funny how our likes change eh ?
The flowers don't seem to last all that long on this azalea but they are such a punch of colour when they bloom .. I hope you enjoy yours girl : )