Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bees, Bonnets, and Baptisia

This past week has been intense .. I had been almost in tears a few times because I drive mysel into the ground literally trying to make sure I am getting everything I can get done before the landscaping company comes Monday to start .. that is a bit iffy since there is some rain predicted.
Luckily Ryan (head honcho) is OCD like me and I have faith this time all the work will be done correctly and even more than just correctly ... please, please, please !

OK .. so Thursday while I was working like a mad woman I was so very lucky to have the help of ?
My AMAZING Garden PA !! ... I don't know how I could have gotten what I did get done without him.
Thank you so much honey buns ! .. he even bought me presents ...
Long story short .. I broke our cattail solar light .. it just slipped out of my hands .. I felt awful.
So while Garden PA was out and I was mumbling naughty words to myself ..
Garden Santa arrived !! ... not only did he bring BIG bags of beautiful black mulch .. he brought a new Cattail light and a cute clear Bumbly Bee ... awwwwww ! now how sweet is that ?
(secretly for years I was the type of gardener who thought those type or "ornaments" were tacky) ... but now ? I get a kick out of them .. go figure ? .. not only does the garden change but I change too!

So here is the Bee

The "Bonnets" Leprechaun Gold"

Baptisia .. shining in the morning light
It has completely circled  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry on its own .. you couldn't plant it better!

Now for a new planting that will take some time to look good .. let alone survive.
Mini me ornamental grasses can be temperamental !
 I used to have Fire Island hosta on either side of this Pinot Gris heuchera .. but it was constantly being bleached with too much sun .. so over the winter I thought "Piglet" would be perfect !
Fingers crossed it works !


Angie said...

What a thoughtful Garden PA you have. It's always nice to get some garden related gifts isn't it.
I hope the planned works go according to plan and it's not too much of a trial for you. Remember, keep calm and carry on gardening (if you can)!

Country Gal said...

Oh how sweet is he ? Papa here bought me a few years ago a hummer garden solar light and I love it ! I think deep down we are all like that get it done and that's that ! Lovely photos and gardens . Thanks for sharing now get some well needed R&R and have a good week !

RobinL said...

It was so nice of your baptista to come up around your serviceberry so perfectly like that....

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Angie from Scotland : )
Yes my garden PA is very thoughtful indeed !
I so hope things will go smoothly but already ? we are off to a delayed start with rain days starting tomorrow ... so I just have to do exactly as you say .. keep calm and carry on gardening .. in my head ! haha

Elaine girl thank you and that walk in the woods with Miggs was perfect ! .. wish I could hear those crickets and frogs : ) .. yes it is like being a kid at Xmas getting garden gifts : )

Hello Robin girl .. I was just over at your blog which I thought I had been before but didn't leave a comment .. gray matter is getting grayer in my head? LOL
I couldn't plants that baptisia like that so how it seeded on its own around that area is amazing to me !

Susie said...

I think your garden spots are very pretty. Love the bee. :):) xoxo,Susie

CiNdEe said...

Love the garden lights. I really enjoy mine. I know it seems tacky at times but when I go out at night and all the lights are twinkling I feel like I am in a magical garden(-:
Glad you had your PA to help you get things done.(-:
Hope the landscapers snap to it and finish up your project so you can kick back and enjoy the Summer!!!!!(-:

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Looking good, Joy! We planted our first Baptisia this weekend and I am quite excited to see how it performs. Prior to this I have been torturing hubby with the rearranging of existing plants and small shrubs. It's all about creativity and evolution, right? :)

Nice to see that spring has surged ahead for you. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Susie and thank you very much ! That was an amazing tree you posted on with petal just like snow on the grass !

Cindee girl ... I so wish we had places like you do for finding such wonderful pieces of garden art for the garden .. I guess it is a good thing I don't live close to you are we would both be in trouble ? haha
Woukld you believe it is a complete rain day here so it is off to a delayed start already with our luck we should have guessed ! haha
Yes ... it does make it magical .. corny or not it is special : )

Ms. S I love how you so appreciate that feeling in June .. magical can NOT be over used when we describe those moments in the garden feeling that wonderful atmosphere .. I live for that each winter!
Creativity and evolution are certainly the words to describe a garden and gardener !
Thank you : )

Jennifer said...

The little bee is adorable. What a thoughtful hubby you have! Baptisia is one of my favourites in early June. I hope all goes well with the pathways and the job is finally done to your satisfaction.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer girl !
Thank you and yes Garden PA is VERY sweet : )
I love my Baptisia and was so happy to have it volunteer itself back to me and around the serviceberry like this was perfect !
Fingers crossed they can really make some headway today ... they worked between rain showers yesterday poor lambs .. but they are strong trapping lads and are doing a wonderful job!