Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Chaos at the Castle (once again)

I would so love to go through a year with no "project" stress ... either having to fix what one "nonprofessional" ( our own fault of course) committed on my garden .. now professionals FIXING for us ... it is heartening to see how it SHOULD have been done at least.
Big "cha ching"  ... but it will be done right and I should not trip and do a face plant anywhere (hopefully?)

The luck of the Irish is taken in reverse ... at least for us ... it didn't really rain in May so what does it do in June when you are trying to get something done outside ?
Yup ........ BIG sigh !

So you just grit your teeth and hold on right ? ... it could always be worse is the motto we imprint on ourselves.
I missed getting pictures of peony Petite Porcelain ... and now probably the last one opening (name escapes me) ... I really should make a list of specific plants ... another project for the winter months !

OK .. enough of me droning on .. how about some pictures of the chaos ?
They dug down deeper and laid a good thick permeable material and now the gravel will be tamped?
Then a thin layer of garden soil .. I want to plant stepables  between the stones to soften the look.
I just have to squeeze more plants in some how right ? haha
In any case .. this is what is happening ... and I can't wait to have it finished !



outlawgardener said...

How disheartening to have the whole path ripped out and then have rain. Oh well, as you say, this time it will be done right and you'll have a smooth path. My garden paths were done (incorrectly) by that lazy firm called "Me, Myself, and I and have been assisted in getting even more uneven by the aggressive roots of giant timber bamboo. They're more like obstacle courses than paths, it's fun to watch visitors try to keep their footing. (I'm easily amused.)

CiNdEe said...

Wow that is a lot of work! I feel the pain in heir backs. LOL
How long till its all done?
You are so lucky to get rain. Its so hot and dry here. I am so bummed we get no rain even when clouds come in.)-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. "Easily Amused" .. which I too fall into that category .. oops !
The luck of the Irish is always reversed for us .. but BIG sigh, the gardens need it so I try to look on the bright side? argh !
Your "firm" must have associates here in Kingston since that is what happened last year.
Ah ... obstacle courses right ! keeps us on our toes .. hopefully less so with this new one .. I'm sure you had quite a few silent ?laughs over those visitor incidents ;-)

Cindee girl they are all young lads and have muscles like Popeye? .. not that I am looking .. but hey you can't help sometimes right ? .. I am sending thoughts of rain over to you girl .. I know it is desperate there ... not fair !

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog via Jen's. I would enjoy walking around your gardens discussing plants for it looks like you are a fellow plant collector. There is a short strip of grass on the north side between us and our neighbour which he mows because it's all trees, shrubs and plants everywhere else. Would you consider taking out your front lawn completely? We've had many compliments but most people are afraid to create something different than the norm.
I would rather have had the rain in May myself instead of the recent downpours, at least our tornado warning was lifted late afternoon yesterday. (whew!) Many perennials are shorter yet I see native plants that are more robust. Every year's an adventure in the garden, isn't it!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Judith : )
Yes I am a bit of a collector .. although, now I am restricted with space .. so unless a plant dies or I develop a dislike for one ... well, you know what I mean .. haha
I would take out the front lawn but too many negative factors involved ... snow plough harsh during winter .. loads would be damaged. I am finding it more difficult physically to garden the way I used to .. I was a holy terror and could go from sunrise to sunset at one time ... now I am lucky to get 3 or 4 hours in Yes, rain in May would have been better but since when does the weather listen to us ? LOL
YES ! every year is very different .. keeps us guessing ?

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh you poor girl such a lot of work and stress and it is like an obstacle course but it is absolutely beautiful. It is still early and you will be sitting sipping tea and wondering why it took so long and enjoying ever little beauty you so lovingly nurtured to its full beauty and potential. :) HUGS Hope your feeling better. HUGS b

Barbarapc said...

It's going to look amazing! And once it's done, you'll enjoy every little stroll along and around the garden. So sorry about the mishap, that was really sweet to be gifted a new special ornament - nothing like having something new to complete your new garden. I just ran out to pick up hot peppers - told Kevin I'd planted the veggies and he said, "Hot Peppers too?!" Oops. He looked like I'd taken away his favourite puppy. Off to the local Italian market and thank goodness they still had some left - success. Gail of Clay and Limestone was asking after you...if after this lovely big project there might be some wiggle room for a trip - do hope you'll try to come next year to the Fling!

cheryl said...

Hi Joy, wow your garden is lush! Isn't it great to have so much life and colour now. We thought we'd never see it again. It really is a shame about the stonework. When I had my patio rebuilt I went to a local quarry and they had all sorts of people they recommended. My guy was a dream and did an awesome job. A person has to be careful especially doling out the kind of cash it takes to make a dream come true. I have a feeling you'll be very happy with the revamping. His reputation is on the line and unhappy customers could be the death of his business. You'll luv steppables! They are so fuzzy wuzzy on the barefeets. Definitely worth planting. All the best in the upcoming days, but make sure you take time to sit back and inhale the beauty you already have there :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Buttons : )
Thank you so much , you are such a kind person .. I appreciate that : )
Yes ... I am hoping this will be finished next week and I will have my garden back to myself and in better shape than before .. the bigger stones are so much more easier to walk on.
I don't worry about the face plant thing as much now ? LOL

Hello Barb girl !
Thank you so much : ) .. OMG ! that is too funny about the peppers .. see he is paying attention after all .. haha .. wow , you were lucky to find some .. it is getting late in the season now .. you can see it in the garden centers .. I got a Japanese Maple for half price today and I am thrilled ! "Waterfall" ... it is a beauty.
That was so nice of Gail to ask about me .. I am so sorry to have missed the fling .. it would have been great to meet all of you in person .. some day maybe I will get there !

Hello Cheryl girl : )
It is remarkable to crawl out of our winter (after so much whining and complaining ? LOL)
And finally see our gardens go jungle mode almost.
You were so lucky to have such a good craftsman .. we learned a lesson or two now and it is going to be so much safer with the large stones .. no face plants hopefully?LOL
Yes .. I so want to enjoy the garden before it is gone again ... time is flying by so quickly.
Thank you so much : )