Friday, 12 June 2015

Happiness .... Happiness ?

Well ... the garden project is taking longer than expected thanks to finally getting some rain that I wish we had in May ... but it could always be worse right ?

The new company is using BIG stones ! all the way through as much as possible.
Makes for much safer stepping .. this is just the skeleton stage.
The decision had to be made about whether I could really handle planting in between the stones.
But don't judge by this picture, this is just the first placement stage the gaps aren't that wide.
In any case .. Garden PA convinced me that I would be taking on too much yet again so the joints will be sealed .. one less worry.

Mean while the work trickles on to next week ...  rain days and wasps (tiny nest made the company boss nervous)
The weekend is supposed to be nice so I get to clean up some plants that have been splattered with a bit of gravel and stone dust.

Other news ... and I am kind of shy about this.
I am still doing the happy dance from when it first all started back in May.
I was contacted by Eva Rodriguez, an education intern for the Holden Arboretum/Cleveland Botanical Garden ... asking if they could use one of my plant pictures of Diervilla sessilifolia, aka
Southern bush honeysuckle.
It would be used in an article for encouraging the use of alternative native plants.
To be truthful I thought the email was "spam" or something of that nature ..
I had my finger on the delete button in fact .. but then I read on and was really surprised !
To be "asked" was a huge factor because you know how often our pictures are just taken, and most times we don't even know about it.
So this is what happened !
"Leaves" is their quarterly publication
The article is "Plant this not that"
My picture is the bottom right hand one.

Remember this is a picture, of my picture, so it doesn't look all that great .. but wow !
I was so flattered (yes I am a BIG kid !) ...
Lesson learned is you never know who is looking at your pictures on the net ... you think a lot of people would know that anyways ? haha .. but usually in the negative sense.
This however was very positive and it made me VERY happy !

Another happy dance has been Schubertii allium .. I planted them last Fall after seeing how crazy they looked on Graces's blog "Garden with Grace"   and Peter from Outlaw Gardener had some great pictures of them this year as well .. so here are some of mine : )
They are just so  ... unexpected ? .. like some sea creatures stranded on land ?
I absolutely love them to bits !

Another unusual flower has been my Green Lotus peony ... but with the construction the flowers have a bit of gravel/stone dust on them so they look a bit dirty.
They look nothing like a peony flower ... strange and unusual is what I love to see at times?
I better wrap this up before you start to snore ? ...
So that is my "happiness" all bundled up for this post ...
"Flattery and Frivolity?"  hosted by my plants and garden !


CiNdEe said...

Wow lots going on. I should have checked here first instead of asking after your
I like the pathway a lot better. I think it will be really nice. It is so hard to get rocks the way you want them. SO much work.
And wow on the picture too! That is super nice someone actually asked.(-: That's really fun and I know I would also be doing a happy dance that someone liked my picture.(-: Congrats.(-:

Casa Mariposa said...

Hooray for you!! I'm so happy for you. It's very validating to know that someone likes your photos enough to use them. You deserve every kindness that comes your way. :o)

outlawgardener said...

Congratulations on having your picture published! How cool is that? Glad that the path project is coming along nicely. Alium schubertii is incredible isn't it? I'll be sure to include them in my bulb order every year! The dried seed heads look amazing in a vase or used as decorations. Thanks for the link love! Happy weekend!

Nadezda said...

Joy, congrats this your first experience in Gardening magazine. Your photo is lovely and surely they chose it. My photos are used very often in others blogs and sites, where people gain money copying text and photos.
This peony is unusual, you're right. But pretty!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The garden project is looking amazing Joy. Congrats on having your photo published in a magazine. I'll have to hunt up a copy just to be able to say I know that person ... are you doing autographs? Seriously, you should feel very pleased with yourself.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Cindee girl : )
I hope by the end of next week the work will all be done and I have my garden to myself .
I am such a loner .. haha ... and yes, I was so surprised over the whole picture thing .. still doing the happy dance inside ! haha

Tammy girl you are so sweet ! Thank you so much .. it was a shock to the system to have such a thing happen .. but WOW ! I have been living on that high for some time now, I better come back to earth soon eh ? LOL

Thank you so much Peter!! .. and yes the bigger stones are a lot easier to walk on then the small bumpy ones ... those lads are strong, wink wink ! haha
Schubertii is so amazing .. I laugh every time I pass them .. I want to dry them and keep them as long as possible .. they are quirky like me : )

Thank you so much Nadezda girl : ) it does make me so happy to be "asked" and for it to be used in such a way .. those peony don't last long sadly .. I just pruned them back today,darn!

Hello Linda girl : ) thank you so much ! .. it is an American quarterly horticultural magazine so I don't think you will find it in our stores .. but I am so happy to have a copy of it .. Eva was great about that.
LOL ! thanks girl .. I guess I had my 5 minutes of fame now and loved it ! : )


It's been too long, my friend. I'm glad to see your garden is alive and well after such a stinker of a winter. You alliums are fabulous, of course. I only planted three and will definitely be getting more this fall. I'm glad your pathway is coming along and of course, I'm thrilled that your photo made its way into such a prestigious publication. Drop and email as time allows.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gracie girl !
Thank you so mucvh girl : ) it was a thrill !
Those alliums are my absolute favorites .. the scent is lovely too ! but they are so outrageous looking and makes such a statement I don't know how I could not have them now !
I want to dry them and keep them in my office .. dream of them blooming when it is dead winter .. keeps garden hopes alive then : )
Email was sent this morning !

RobinL said...

How cool that they are using your photo, what an honor! I've just been published in an online magazine for homeschool families, and I'm tickled like a child. Isn't it fun?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Robin .. it was such a great surprise .. I am loving it : )
hey that is wonderful for you too .. positive things that come back from the net are impacting ... trying to surge ahead from the bad stuff.
My son said I am forever entrenched in history as long as the net is working ... hey so are you now too! haha

Buttons Thoughts said...

Congratulations on the magazine spread Joy well deserved. You are an amazing gardener and your beautiful photos show that. Hug B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl ... thanks you so much : ) I am tickled PINK over it all still !