Monday, 15 June 2015

Ms. Waterfall's Appearance

I really .. really ... wasn't that serious about getting one of these ... and if you believe that, I have a fairy sitting under my chair right now asking for milk and cookies ?
It was meant to be though .. not the fairy ... "Waterfall" ... I was left to my own devices on the weekend and that usually means trouble during garden season.
When I happened upon said Ms. Waterfall at a Loblaws garden center ... for HALF PRICE !
They were trying to clear some out to begin that whole shut down sooner or later phase they go through.
So what gardener in their right mind would pass that up ? ..
I of course am never in my right mind ... that finished years ago.
So here she is !
It was a major undertaking placing her in my Sportage .. the garden guy was determined to have it up right when I wanted to lay her on her side ... garden guy was winning out though since he picked her up .. one of the heaviest I have ever struggled with .. the "dolly" was VERY needed indeed !
But how gorgeous is she ?
I can't plant her myself .. and the landscaping is still going on and on because of rain delays.
So she will have to wait just a wee bit longer to snuggle up in my garden.

Other plants in the garden (so they won't get jealous ?) .....
Pink Profusion Bowman's Root  .... the blooms are like gaura flowers but a little more simplistic.
The foliage is very pretty as well .. I jumped the gun and took pictures too soon to capture the big picture with more blooms open it is amazing !

The "wrap bed" nursery is busy with babies and regular plants ...
I had just the right light that morning to capture this beauty.

Bright red is such a difficult colour to capture with a plant .. especially poppies.
These were shot in morning shadow ... it doesn't do the poppy justice though.
Yes those crazy allium are still captivating me .. other worldly experience ? wink wink

Note to self ... must find more Dazzleberry sedum ... I love the dusty blue colour especially by golden sage ...

This is shot in morning shadow so it is not up to par .. in any case I have two "The President" clematis climbing up my old bicolour lilac .. can't wait to see this clematis bloom !

Lots going on here ... mostly green but flowering will happen at some point ...
I like different textures and shapes and seasonal changes.

All three of my Banana Boat sedge survived .. I wasn't counting on that and ordered all gold Japanese forest grass for a revamped area I am planning ...  better to be safe than sorry is what I keep saying to myself ?

Did I mention how much I love Hens'Chicks ? ... almost every garden season I have a strawberry pot of them because they love punishing conditions ... almost has me as a mistress with a whip ?
Seriously though I love to line the edges of the borders with these guys .. again I have to wait for the landscaping to be finished before I can plant two flats of them.
Yup .. a little over board on them.

I am so glad to see many more bees this year than the past years ..
I so hope the decline of healthy hives has stopped and they are regaining a foothold in the environment again.

Too many people have no idea how crucial they are to agriculture and healthy ecosystems all over the world.
I think we should have a "We APPRECIATE BEES!" day ? with all the corny holidays around, surely we can squeeze that in ... with a bit of honey !!


CiNdEe said...

I love your new addition. I have a couple of them.
Do your hens and chicks die in the winter?

Country Gal said...

Your gardens are wonderful as are your photos of them ! We have had lots of rain and so my gardens are happy happy now we need some sunshine . Great news of the water fall being on sale WOOHOO ! Looking forward to seeing it in your gardens I bet it swill sound wonderful . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Nadezda said...

Be sure Joy you're in right mind, ha ha !
I love your new purchase and this clematis is very pretty, lovely color.

RobinL said...

Well, it's not the kind of waterfall I thought you found, but it's still lovely! And I like your idea of having a national bee holiday. We'll all eat honey cake, and do bee cheers. Go bees, go team go!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl : )
Thank you .. she has some health issue with a break from one of her branches but I am hoping she will recover .. she better have ! LOL
Funny enough my H&C go into a hibernation mode and come through are crazy winters after some nice Spring weather they look fine again .. I love these guys to bits and I know you do too!

Elaine girl hello there and thank you so much !
LOL .. Waterfall is the name of the new Japanese maple I just bought .. I guess I should have made that point a little more clear .. but boy ? would I love a real waterfall too!
The basalt bubbler fountain sounds lovely and the birds love it as well ... so that is nice to hear while working in the garden : )

Hello there Nadezda girl thank you .. my mind does go off track a LOT some times .. haha
I am excited to rearrange a few foal points in the garden and get this JM in to look pretty!

Robin girl hello there ... yup, I should have been more precise with what type of waterfall I was talking about .. oops !
YES ! I really think we need that type of holiday or name day so information can be circulated more widely so people understand the immense impact bees have on our food system and the world in general. Black and Yellow outfits ? LOL

Jennifer said...

Loblaw does have some good bargains right about now. I have a wheelbarrow full of them waiting for homes! I eyed the Japanese Maples, but so far I have resisted. Looks like Ms. Waterfall will be a fine addition Joy.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I always think of your garden as a tapestry of texture and subtle colour. You are the 'Queen Bee' of this art, Joy! :) And, yes, I am completely in favour of a Bee day!