Friday, 10 July 2015

A new mail order company review

Well .. I just had to try a new mail order company since my beloved "Garden Import" closed for business ... I do miss the very different plants they had to offer, but so be it, on to another ?

Budd Gardens hails from Ottawa .. so mail order is fairly fast, which saves on the freshness of the plants ... less stress on us all ?
I have to say Don Budd was VERY patient with me ... I was all over the place while the new paths were being done in the gardens ... he also has a sense of humor and is a man of "few words"
The site is very informative, well laid out with great descriptions and pictures as well.

So what did I get ?
Heuchera "Blackberry Ice and Shanghai" .. Shanghai being a new one for me .. Blackberry Ice is just a beauty so I had to have another .. safety in two ?
Hosta Island Breeze ... related to Fire Island which I have two of ... and the slugs approve of them as well .. argh !
Last was a funny thing ... I had read about Godzilla Japanese Painted fern and thought what a great idea for the new Buddha corner .. "lost in ferns" was what I wanted for that corner.
I had tried getting it from GardensPlus but Dawn's provider bottomed out .. so I thought that was it.
Then as I mulled over Budd Gardens site ... wow ! they have it !! so now I have it .
I did the Happy Dance !

So .. after going back and forth, the order was in and I was so curious to see what it would be like.
I was NOT disappointed !
The plants were gorgeous ... just as if I had bought them here from a garden center.
So well packed and FRESH ...
You will see from the pictures what great shape they are in.
Budd Gardens is now on my list of Double A providers and well recommended.

Arriving in a Walters gardens box didn't hurt their case at all of course !

One more close look !
This is shot in the shade so the colours look toned down
Gorgeous BIG plants in fantastic condition : )


Jennifer said...

Your choices look like they are going to be great additions Joy!
I am going to miss Garden Imports this fall! They always had a few bulb options that are hard to find elsewhere. Good to know there are some mail order alternatives out there.
Those are gorgeous plants you received in the mail! I am actually surprised at just how big they are. Recently I ordered plants from Richters and you practically had to dig out a magnifying glass to see them! They were good plants, but really small.
Have a great weekend Joy!

CiNdEe said...

Oh those do look beautiful and fresh(-: I love when it all works out in the mail(-:
Bet the garden is looking lovely!(-:

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Wow--gorgeous plants! And stunning colour combos!! You know you are my go-to reference for mail order? Yes, you have given me the bravery to order plants I would never find locally. So thank you, lady!! :)

Lona said...

Glad to hear you had success on the new plants. It is always wonderful getting them in great shape and not tossed and thrown about. I have never saw the Blackberry Ice Heuchera. What a beauty. I got the Shanghai last year and it is a beauty Joy. I have it in a container that I was tired of spending money every year to get flowers for it. It wintered so well in the container that I may try more of that in the future. The older I get the lazier I become. LOL! Have a lovely week.

*~* Linda *~* said...

Boy those really did come out nice from a box!!! I'm impressed!! Do you think those island hostas would do good in the South? (in shade)?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer girl : )
I am missing garden Import a lot too .. I wonder what really happened?
I so know what you mean about Richter ... I did a review on them last year or the year before saying the same thing .. so tiny !!
I was really impressed by this company and will be watching what they have for next year.

Cindee girl Thank you : )
I saw the pictures of the little Princess as flower girl for the wedding and she is just adorable! I bet you couldn't stop smiling all day .. haha

Ms S girl ... thank you so much : ) I have had to really slow down on new plants with the garden being so full .. but I will never absolutely stop ! haha
This is a great company but I am also so lucky they are so near .. Ottawa .. so I get them quickly before they tend to be a little "sad" .. I hope you have good luck too!

Lona girl how are you after all those "what could go wrong did go wrong" period .. I really hope all is well now !
Blackberry Ice is gorgeous .. especially next to a lighter plant .. I have one next to Little Miss Sunshine hosta in the back garden and wow ! haha
I am so looking forward to seeing how Shanghai does too .. I love the dark contrast.
Hey ... we don't get lazy (certainly not you with all the beautiful plants you take such good care of!) we become more restricted with what we can do .. I really know THAT ... and try to make things a wee bit easier on myself so I can still enjoy my gardens ... we are aging Baby Boomers and need to take care of ourselves !

Hello Dear DIL !
Mr. Ian got here safe and sound .. haha almost 8 and he is still in bed : )
Yes ... this is a great company and close so the plants don't get sad ? hah
Your temps are so extreme and I have never had to deal with that problem .. I just don't know .. I would research but sweetie you have so much to do as it is I wouldn't worry about it ? LOL
Take care !

Nadezda said...

Oh, what a purchase, Joy! I would like to have this hosta 'Island Breeze' as well. Are these plants with opened roots or in containers? When do you plant them?

Casa Mariposa said...

Those are big plants!! Sounds like an excellent company. I always love it when I find a nursery with excellent plants and knowledgeable salespeople. Nice selections. :o)

Barry said...

I love the fact that you brazenly go forward and use mail order so frequently. I have done it with only one nursery, and of late, haven't even perused their latest catalogue. I guess for me, its like reading a book versus using an electronic device..... I need to see it, touch it, feel it..... yes I am the one who moves everything around on the bench in order to find the perfect plant. I drive our annual grower crazy when I am in one of the hoop houses with a customer..... 'Oh surely there is a better choice than this one.....!!!'
I am most curious to see how 'Godzilla' performs for you. I had it on the radar this Spring, but had second thoughts when I discovered it originated as a mutation at Plant Delights. I hope they used tissue cloning with it..... from what the description says, it is supposed to grow to mammoth proportions..... please keep me posted. I think I have to visit my old stomping grounds Lost Horizons this coming week [will have access to vehicle] as they have listed the nursery for sale - and there is nothing like the threat of not being able to pick up something rare and unusual to start a fire under my butt! Will keep you posted. Hope all is well with you and your garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl !
They have some soil wrapped around them with damp newspaper and a plastic bag .. in VERY good condition and I planted them as soon as they came ... I am very happy with the order so that is at least one more choice for next year !

Hello Tammy girl and thank you : ) .. I think you guys (Americans .. haha) have more of a choice and more competing mail order companies than we do, I am jealous of that) but this one came out with great brownie points on my plant scale so I am happy to have a little more choice!

Sweetie ... I have been thinking of you a lot with Lost Horizons up for sale ... damn ! if only you could win the lottery to buy that place you would be in absolute heaven I know!!
We are so restricted here for plant choices so mail order is something worth trying out for new companies ... I miss garden Import so much !
I also am curious about Godzilla ... I have it in my Zen corner hoping it will take over and look amazing .. it is in great condition and I am sure it is tissue culture propagation but I will keep you totally posted on its behavior!!
I am so jealous you get to wander Lost Horizons ... I will work on an email for you so we can gossip? hahaha Good luck with the plant hunt !

outlawgardener said...

Always nice to find a good mail order source for the plant addiction! You got a great haul!