Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bits & Pieces of the Garden in Mid July

I just wanted to post some pictures of the garden before I totally get back logged with overwhelming myself with too many pictures and nothing sensible to say ... so away we go !

Eyeliner Lilies

Some Shasta daisy crept into the garden some how ?

More yellow was catching on ...

Chartreuse took over ...

A riot of colours .. better seen by the "eye" than in photos really

Some cool white and a touch of blue

 An amazing rose

A perfect moment in time for it

Amber Jubilee Ninebark is remarkable .. I had it "stuck" in the wrong place for two years and now it is coming into it's own in a better placement ... don't you love it when your brain WORKS ?

The colours are so much more intense when you see it in person !

Almost following the same colour palate is Copper Cascade heucherella .. gorgeous !

Now for a laugh .. my Sweet Autumn monster in training !
Looks like a person the arms are much longer and fuller now.. it should be an unusual show if it flowers the way I hope it does ;-)

We do have grapes which will be promptly eaten by the birds when almost ripe ..and a few that are too ripe which gives way to "drunken" insects .. I hate having to call all those taxi cabs for them!

Over all the garden is doing well ... I have some "oops" things going on but I will make notes and trying to reorganize in the Spring .. for now my main theme is just keeping it going .. that in itself is a big job ... phew !


Nadezda said...

Joy, I love your garden! Especially the last photo, the red leafed maple is wonderful. I also liked the yellow sumac, it's pity this plant doesn't grow here. I watched lavender along the path, it's pretty.

CiNdEe said...

Love everything(-:

Buttons Thoughts said...

I can not imagine YOU having nothing sensible to say. Oh it is looking so beautiful Joy. Enjoy every minute of it. Hug B

Casa Mariposa said...

I love all of it!! I really love that ninebark and wish I had room for one. Sigh....

outlawgardener said...

Wow! Your garden is a jewel box of blooms and colorful foliage. So what's this thing you mention about a brain working? My brain has been on strike for years now and my out of control jungle shows it. Nice to know that you have some synaptic connections! Love the lilies and rose especially!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

July is so colorful in the garden! And you are right, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the garden pictures! The white blooms are special, aren't they? Love the views of your garden with so many points of interest.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl and thank you so much : )
I love my Japanese maples too .. they are my backbone garden babies .. along with the Sumac .. are you sure no sumac will grow where you are ? .. The lavender is such a treat .. the hybrid Ellagance is really nice ! Thanks for stopping by : )

Cindee girl I have meant to do an email to you ... kept forgetting, that is happening a lot with everything ! haha

Buttons you are so sweet thank you : ) .. some days the "DUH?" factor is raging in me .. but I guess that is an aging factor for me ? haha

Tammy girl thank you .. this ninebark is the best of all that I have tried, I love it!
Make room for one girl !!

Peter your brain is a sharp as a razor or a well sharpened weeder ? haha
I am losing control of my plantings and have made huge height factor mistakes .. I have a feeling there will be some digging to do come Fall !
The lilies have no scent but that helps keep the beetles away .. the rose has been amazing so I am it's number one fan : )

Hello Tatyana girl thank you for dropping by : ) ... I take pictures way too often I think .. I should wait for a change over in blooms and structures or it will become hum drum ! haha

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness Joy! Your garden is looking really great. Doesn't the path look great now that it has been redone. I love the long view into the backyard and there is such a pretty mix of colors in some of the other shots.
Isn't this weather miserably hot? The dogs are panting in the heat at 10:00 at night. Mostly they refuse to go outside for more than a few minutes. We took them to the dog park just before dusk so they could play in comfort. Any other time it is just too hot.
My garden is looking wilted. I had to dig out the hose and water yesterday and today. No rain is forecast here until the end of the week.
I am flying home on the long weekend coming up. I want to check on my folks and my sister who lives in Ireland is also coming. I sure hope this hot weather doesn't follow me to Nova Scotia!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer girl : )
Thank you so much ! .. but it is beginning to wilt from the heat and need for watering .. I hope to get some done tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning .. it needs a BIG drink !
I hate the heat .. poor doggies having to put up with it .. my kitties are spoiled, totally indoor cats ... I feel sorry for the outdoor neighborhood ones I see roaming around .. stupid people that throw them outdoors to fend for themselves , makes me so mad !!
I envy you going home to the east coast ... there was a time that it was never that hot there .. or humid but our weather is shifting over there with climate change.
I hope you have a great time and how wonderful you get to see your sister from Ireland !
That is wonderful .. all the best with your trip Jennifer ... have a great time ... bring me back a rock ? LOL

RobinL said...

It's funny how all these plants just "sneak" into your garden without your knowledge. It's like they have legs or something. Or maybe, just maybe, you bought them, and in deep denial? Hmmm?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Robin girl
I admit to going into denial with some plant orders .. but this mystery plant ... hum ?
It is a force unto itself and until it flowers I am in non-denial but total DUH? LOL