Sunday, 8 November 2015

346 Bulbs later ........

OK ... I admit it ... I went way overboard with bulbs this year ... I was "bulb-driven"
It was a train that was NOT going to be stopped ... I was possessed by bulb-mania.
346 bulbs in nooks and crannies all over the back garden and ally way ... fingers crossed.

Our weather has been astoundingly warm and sunny ... almost eerie !
During that time I was working in a golden atmosphere provided by our Pacific Sunset Maple.
It had gotten over much of that terrible "black tar spot" that made it look like it had black measles.
At different times of the day but especially late afternoon ... it cast such a warm golden glow the atmosphere was phenomenal .. beyond description of how it made me feel .. almost like a kid again with wonderful memories of Autumn.

Even the Fothergilla shrub was basking in the glow of gold
Crimson Queen brought the deep rich red to the table
I am so glad to have a few Japanese Maples that show off such amazing colours
Unintentionally Orange Velvet climbing rose can't help itself with the warm weather ..
It has to bloom and show off it's contribution to the colour scheme.
It is almost scary to see such fresh foliage .. this is from another climbing rose.
Blue Star juniper doesn't seem to mind mixing with the leaves.
No wind ... quiet .... it really is such a wonderful place for feeling peaveful.

 This has been the most amazing Autumn with the garden ... but now most of the leaves are gone and the cold is creeping back in.
So I have to be realistic and brace myself for the coming winter and hope it doesn't drive me too mad?


Jane Strong said...

These are the most beautiful autumn pictures I've seen recently. Awesome. Color is terrific. I especially like the one showing the whole yard. What a pleasure it would be just to sit there and watch the leaves fall. You've made excellent plant selections.

CiNdEe said...

The colors are amazing. A very peaceful Fall Place indeed. I can't believe you planted all those bulbs! That is going to be outstanding!!!(-:

Patty said...

That is a heck of a lot of bulbs!!! Spring will be a wonderful place in your garden next year. I have to agree, the extra warm days full of sunshine has been a boon. Most of the leaves are down in my garden apart from the beech tree which has only now turned yellow and copper.

outlawgardener said...

Wow, you sure were bulb driven and who could blame you working in such golden and red surroundings in the warm fall air. So you're blaming your insanity on winter? Sure, that's it, winter. Anyway, I hope you are able to enjoy your rest from gardening during the long dark season and that visions of all of those beautiful bulbs blooming will help carry you through.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We certainly can appreciate this lovely autumn. I would be thrilled if we had enough rain to carry plants through the winter. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed. So many bulbs...your garden will be grand next spring.

Pat said...

Is that the ally way with all the stone walks ? Anyway it's really fancy pretty with all the fall colors. I see you have higher temps now, it sure helps when taking those great pics. New header is very nice. Never saw the pic of the lion kitty :(

Pat said... long do your spring bulbs last ? I heard tulips have to be replaced every 2 years. I have some that are maybe 6 years old.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

It certainly has been an amazing start to November, I sure hope it continues like this for a bit longer. You've got some lovely colour in your garden, but oh, 364 bulbs .... what a treat that will be next spring. Enjoy the week.

Gail said...

Gorgeous! Loved visiting your fall garden! xo

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jane and thank you so much ! ... My gardens are finally maturing and looking like I imagined .. this Autumn has been very special with the lessening of the black tar spot on this beautiful maple .. and yes! on an afternoon with no wind you can hear the leaves drop which is so peaceful : )

Cindee girl I actually bought some more mixed daffs and alliums from WalMart believe it or not .. the final count will be 412 .. I can't believe it myself, but it was done in stages so it didn't seem to be that many .. hope they turn out as pretty as I see them in my mind!

Patty girl hello there and I so hope that it all turns out the way it has in my mind ? gardeners can be a little over the top though eh ? haha ... I have a little tricolor Beech tree but it has to get through this winter before I depend on it being part of the gardens.
Fingers crossed !

Dear Mr. Peter .. insanity is a mercurial subject but Canadian winters have been blamed many a time for it and I feel it is a resource to be used ? haha
Yes in the deep dark mid winter I hope to hold on to visions of Spring flowers blooming to keep me going ... BIG sigh !

Lisa girl we seem to be in the same dry boat ... not enough rain and I could very well go out there with the hose but I can't gather the energy up for that mission .. there is some rainfall in the future forecast and I so hope it will help ! All this work can't go to waste right ?

Patsi girl check your email .. I sent pictures of Emma the "lion" .. yes the warm weather was astonishing and I think that is why I kept planting bulbs .. I still have a few more .
I have flagstone paths going from the front garden , between the two houses and through the back .. it was a big project done twice by two different contractors .. don't even ask .. but it is done now and it is great .. phew !
The life of Spring bulbs .. it really varies I find .. daffs, a long time .. some tulips too but a lot not more than two years .. then you have to account for squirrels .. lots of variables that make a difference .. I hope mine stretch out a long time !! LOL

Hello Linda girl ! ... yes this weather is supposed to make winter shorter right ? .. but if it hits us hard it will still seem a long time to me ... once mid January is over I start to get cabin crazy? haha

Hello Gail girl : ) and thank you !!

RobinL said...

Perhaps El Nino will be kind to us, and give us a gentle winter this time. After all, we certainly deserve it after two brutal winters in a row. You have planned your garden well for autumn, all those glowing colors are delightful!