Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bulb Mania Help ???????

OK ... every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings ?
Every time another bulb order arrives in the mail a gardener gets ??? the BILL !!!
This has been one crazy year and for some reason the CRAZINESS has been buying bulbs in hopes of seeing a fantastic display come Spring time ... I have been working towards this for all the garden years I have put in to this place .. it isn't a massive display I am looking for but one a little more subtle and unusual perhaps ?
 So my last orders were one from Hortico for ornamental grasses .. 2 Piglets to bulk up the other 2 Piglets (sounds like an entry to a joke, I know ..) beside the tall cedars on the left hand side of the sun strip ... and Hameln at the end of the little dry stream bed to look more in proportion (fingers crossed)
I know they sort of look the same ... but truly they aren't Piglet is smaller Hameln is a larger "big brother" ?
... and now for the bulbs ?
These double flowered fragrant daffodils just grabbed me and made me get them ... now how could anyone resist them I ask you ... how sweet can it get ? Pompentte
Then I wanted something special to shine in the shadier parts ... this one fills the bill and again is supposed to be very fragrant. Thalia !

I have always loved striped crocus Pickwick ... there is something special about them .. like an Easter Chocolate bunny ... I don't know how I had that connection embedded in my brain but it is what it is!
How about some peppermint to go with that chocolate sensation ? Seeing these muscari just did the trick for me ... how cute are they ?
Did I mention this muscari ? .... the "neglectum" some how rings a bell that I don't have to give them a second thought .. that they will take care of themselves no matter what .. yahoo !
You have to love plants that at least say they try to do that !

The botanical name is "Ipheion uniflorum" the darkest blue of it's catagory ... I have never heard of this flower until it was offered from Vesey's bulbs .. it is supposed to flower right into early summer .. then rest .. and pop up again with the cooler days of early Fall have to love that right ?
Then to finish things in a girlie fashion ... how about some PINK ?
Pink hybrid tiger lily ... with chocolate colored spots ... what else could I say to make it more appealing ? ... it just IS !!
So between Botanus, Vesey's and Hortico ... I have done enough to make up for missing out on August and September .... 'nuff said ?


NanaDiana said...

Oh, my gosh! I just can't wait to see pictures of your place in Springtime. That is going to be AWESOME!!! Wow!! I love those double daffodils--love them all actually. Hope you have fun planting!!! xo Diana

CiNdEe said...

I think your garden will look like a spring catalog(-: Can't wait to see the pictures.(-:

Nadezda said...

What crocus! What muscari! I'd love to order them too, Joy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You don't need help. You need more room. :) I have only planted a measely 100 crocus. Lazy gardeners don't have as many pretty blooms in spring.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Oh, my gosh that pink lily is to die for! As are all the others you purchased. It's probably a good thing you live so far away... You might find me sneaking into your garden - in the dark of the night - to snitch some of those bulbs. :-)

Angie said...

I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with Thalia Joy - they are one of my favourite daffodil and very fragrant. I will also guarantee you'll want more. N. Tresambles are similar but shorter in stature. I also grow M. Peppermint. We keep saying this but it is quite amazing at just how similar our taste in plants are.
You've had a busy time and in reality it won't be too long until you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Casa Mariposa said...

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves and we go a bit nuts. ;o) Bulbs area so easy to binge on! I have a bulbs very similar to the starflowers. Or maybe it's the same one. Not sure... Either way, your spring garden will be a beauty!

RobinL said...

Should be a lovely spring there at your house! I ordered tulips back in the spring by wandering through the tulip fields in Holland Michigan with an old friend. Oh how I hoped they would arrive in time, but it was not to be. You see, I had knee replacement surgery about a week ago, so dear hubby was out planting tulips for me to day. I told him I'd give all the credit where it was due when they bloomed.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Diana girl and thank you ! ... funny when you are digging in the dirt and planting these beauties ... you think will this really happen ? LOLO .. they look so beautiful in the catalogs and on line it is a miracle coming from this funny looking bulb !

Thanks Cindee girl ... they are spread all over the place so I hope they tell each other when it is time to bloom and look pretty for the camera ? LOL

Nadezda girl I think I went a bit over board but I couldn't seem to help myself .. this was the year of the Spring bulb mission ? haha

Lisa girl you are not a lazy gardener at all ... those crocus are going to look gorgeous!
I think 100 is darn good girl ... I did mine in fits and starts and different locations so it is not one big swath of bulbs ... but I think it should still have some impact : )

Kate girl you naughty thing ... haha ... yup I am hoping for some gorgeous results .. this pink Tiger Lily is a new one for me .. I have some regular orange ones but this caught my eye ... and yours too ? LOL

Angie girl I just saw your post on that gorgeous tree .. Rowen ? the leaves remind me of my sumacs .. what amazing colour yours has I love that deep red it went.
Yes I have high hopes with the bulbs and Thalia really caught my eye because of it's gorgeous pure white .. in a dappled shady nook it should shine .. I can't wait!!

Tammy girl hello there and yes ... I went a bit nuts.. I could even sneak some more in but I am trying to be good .. and I don't think any of the stores have any more which is a good thing right ? .. Hope the winter doesn't drive me mad here (it always does but you have to hope right ?)

Robin girl I just saw your post from the park visit and those pictures are gorgeous !
I didn't take the time to go looking for some pretty scenery this year .. I was so in love with my maple tree in the back garden ... that satisfied me totally ... haha
Hope the recovery with the knee goes well girl ! and Good for hubby !!

outlawgardener said...

The important thing about recovering is realizing that you have a problem and reaching out for help so congratulations on those first steps. However to change, one really has to want to change. Do you really want to get over this mania? Didn't think so. I'm very excited for you and will wait anxiously by the computer come spring to see the results of all of your ordering and planting. I predict such a success that you'll be ordering more bulbs next year!

Anonymous said...

Being born in March I naturally gravitate towards any and all daffodils or narcissus. My garden is full of them and I keep buying more. Thalia are my absolute favorite! I think of them as dainty ballerina's all dressed in white dancing in the wind.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jill girl hello there !
I also have such a "thing" for daffs ... they are so cheerful and sturdy, they make you love them: ) That is such an eye candy description for Thalia ... I wish I had bought more of them now .. LOL ... Saw you "take" on leaf raking and I think you are right ... we do that too, sort of? haha ... thanks for dropping by !