Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to sprout and .......

It is sunny here this morning ... and even though it is a bit chilly the birds are still on their non-stop "who is the best singer in the neighborhood" contest.
Don't get me wrong .. it is so nice to hear ... wish I could hear Spring Peepers even more so though !

OK .. so growing your own sprouts came up from my bone broth post, so I thought I would do a post on how darn easy it is.
I bought a three tray sprouter from Veseys quite a few years ago .. went nuts growing sprouts then took a break for a few years and now back at it.
This kit has been replaced by the company with a four tray one that is supposed to be easier but this older one works fine.

So ... I usually wet the bottom of each tray just to get a grabbing surface for the first lay out of seeds.
I sprinkle the seeds with a tablespoon so I can control how much goes in the tray.
I buy the seeds from Veseys because I know they are top quality organic.

I pour about two cups of tepid water through them twice a day and dump the run off from the collection tray ...
The top goes on to keep the humidity in.
The whole process takes 5 to 7 days to have them really sprout out.
When they are ready to "harvest" I store them with some paper towel in a zip lock bag in the fridge.
This is after three days.

So what else have I been doing to get into trouble ?
A day of errands to run and grocery shopping, meant I couldn't resist a couple of "plant like objects"?
These were Garden PA's pick ... I grew them many years ago in Nova Scotia and I think they stuck in his brain some how .. to me they are annuals because I don't really want to lift and store bulbs.
They are pretty ... but I have no idea where I am going to put them.
Costco is a very naughty store ... I swore I would stay away from "roots" because they take so long to become a nice big plant ... swearing did not stop me .. I was over come with plant lust, go figure?
I don't have these ... is that a good excuse ?
Even though they are older cultivars, they are pretty, and have their advantages, and ?? I don't discriminate against older versions, since I am becoming one myself ?
Look at that picture in the circle, how can you not want THAT !!
Another of Garden PA's "I need that" .. was he talking about me or himself ?
The line was " our last twirly thing did NOT twirl .. it stood there ... and did next to nothing"
Which I was fine with, but he was not, so here we go again ?
OK ... I did sneak something in from Mark's ... a shorter version of my leopard boots, in hounds tooth this time.
So ... that is what I have been up to ... waiting for the weather to warm up ... waiting for the garden to be less squishy ... just plain waiting still !
The plants .. Acidanthera aka Peacock Orchids
Clematis       Bees Jubilee
I have made another on line order ... this time to Hortico ... just an inquiry for now but I will post on it later when it is a done deal ... just a small one .. to fill in some gaps I think I have ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your sprouts look yummy. I have never tried growing them even tho I order them when a restaurant offers them. So simply yet I am so lazy. ;) I have been doing clean up in the garden this past week. The weather was gorgeous until now. Now we are back in the deep freeze. I just hope it doesn't last more than a night or two so everything that is blooming won't die right here before Easter. Easter is early this year. My family comes here for a feast. I would like to have a few blooming plants when they arrive. Unfortunately I am afraid the cold will squash all my blooms. I am with you about the clematis. Even if you purchase some new hybrid they might not do as well as the old guys. My Jackmannii is old. I have divided it many times and moved it around, it keeps on blooming. Love your new boots. I would like some new clogs to clump around in the garden. Maybe that is what I should be purchasing instead of new pots etc. ;)

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for doing this post!!! I am all excited and can't wait to try it. Your instructions are great! Do you need to put the sprouting tray in the sun? I don't have a lot of sunny spots in this house (sadly).
I love peacock orchids and plant them every year. They don't take up much room and are very like glads in the area required. I find you need to plant them in numbers however to have any impact. Two packages should be great.
Love the new boots! Thanks again for the sprouting notes. I must visit Vessey's website tomorrow and order me a sprouting tray!

RobinL said...

Your boots are very jaunty! Will you dirty them in the garden, or actually use them as rain boots?

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Well those little boots are so cheerful, how can spring resist? :)
I have a few little snowdrops raising their heads, but that's about it so far. Off to Victoria, and when I return I am expecting those crocuses to be on the job in full regalia.
Enjoy this thrilling time of transition!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl ... how can you be lazy ? you are out there doing garden clean up and I am SO not yet .. but it is still cold here .. -9 this morning, not prime conditions yet !
I trust my own sprouts more than an eatery's , haha .. and it isn't hard to do at all : )
Funny enough I have the newer version of Jackmanii but I don't mind having the older one at all .. they can have their own competition? haha
Eater Sunday is when my son's birthday is this year .. I feel ancient .. BIG sigh !
It is early or so it seems because so many years it fell in April .. you need new clogs girl!
I do use my tall boots for the first few clean ups though ..better safe than sorry with me!

Glad you find this post helpful Jennifer girl : ) Yes .. they need light but artificial light will work too. I have them on the stove top with the light bulb there and they are fine.
Yes they seem to put them in the glads category .. I grew them nay years ago .. this one is for Garden PA .. haha .. just have to find the right spot !
Yes go get the sprouting kit and try it out girl !!

Hello Robin girl .. these really are for the garden they will see some action : )

Ms S girl hello there : ) and thank you ! You are so lucky to get one heck of a dose of Spring in Victoria .. and I am sure your garden will be smiling at you when you come back!
Transition ROLL ON !! haha

Rose said...

I have never tried growing sprouts before--this looks really easy! How long do they last in the fridge? I stopped eating them a few years ago when a local grower had sanitation issues and all their sprouts--shipped all over the country--caused people to get sick. If I grew them myself, I wouldn't have to worry, would I?! It's hard to resist buying something if you are in a garden center this time of year. I think you've shown remarkable restraint, Joy:)

Pat said...

You have lots of goodies. I'm the same way...don't dig up bulbs. Loving the boots. Nice to see you're psyched for spring !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rose girl : )
Growing sprouts is easy with this kit .. they last about a week in the fridge .. put a paper towel in with them to control the moisture level and change it if it becomes too wet !
Thank you girl about the restraint comment but I have been heavy handed with orders on line ! LOL OOPS !!

Patsi girl I left you some comments about the roses ..hope it helped ? .. I have to cut back my climbing ones yet again because I didn't wrap them and our weather was too cruel to them this winter as per usual .. BIG sigh ! I am trying to get enthusiastic about garden clean up as soon as the weather gets that way too ? haha

Carrie said...

Oh, the sprout thingy is fab and love how 'plant lust' has gotten hold on you - you've picked some great varieties (I don't mind an older cultivar!)
Hugs and may your twirly ornament twirl majestically xxx

CiNdEe said...

The sprouts look fun to grow(-: I have never done that before.
Love the root plants too. I keep saying the same thing. Always do again.(-:
Sometimes they don't grow well and die other times they live and grow and don't bloom. Or it may take years to get a pretty flower. LOL Oh well(-:
Love the spinner(-: I hate when things don't work too. I have a whirly thing that does not spin. I don't know why. I keep oiling it and all that. Nope it just sits there and defies me in the wind.
The shoes are super cute!
Have a Happy Easter. Hope the Rabbit brings you something yummy(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Carrie girl !
Thank you so much and I so hope you get some sunshine soon too! .. we all fall for plants this time of year .. thelust just takes over eh ? LOL Happy Easter weekend : )

Cindee girl ... we are lucky not to have lost power .. so many people have with this latest storm ... still just a dream for Spring coming .. longest let down yet I swear.
Fingers crossed for roots and spinner .. did a quick try out of the garden shoes and they are great : ) Happy Easter weekend too and boy would I love some chocolate !!!! LOL

Casa Mariposa said...

I grew peacock orchids once and they were beautiful! They need to be really well drained. I think they're native to the Mediterranean. Do your sprouts taste like beansprouts? Love those fabulous boots!!

Pat said...

Thank you .Thank you. I'm so dense sometimes. I had to bing images to see what you were talking about.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tammy girl I think we all try the "strange and unusual" at least once right ? LOL
I'll make sure they get good drainage ... where ever the heck I can find a place for them.
The sprouts are great .. ice and crunchy ... too easy to make too ! Yup my boots are fab .. I think I look at my fet too much and keep bumping into things ? hahaha

Patsi girl you are more than welcome , hey I have to really concentrate on fertilizing mine and heaven forgive me but cut back my poor climbing roses yet again because I didn't get them covered for our horrible nasty late winter, shame on me ! .. this year I will be better !!

Nadezda said...

I love these clematis as well and held them in Garden center thinking to buy or not to buy and didn't. Today I am upset and think I'll go soon and buy them, especially this one with red strips.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nadezda girl ... we have all "been there and done that !" ... I can' count the number of times I have been in the "can't decide what to do zone" and missed out on some great plants.
So I totally understand what you went through ;-) .. now go buy them ! LOL

Barbarapc said...

I'm unofficially not permitted to travel down Costco's bulb lane. Soooooo tempting though. Although, I didn't realize that they had acidanthera, so I may have to change that rule. They are so pretty, they look good in pots, they have a beautiful scent and they are unusual. And, if Kevin's not with me, how's he gonna know I managed to score some? Keep your stick on the ice!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Barb girl .. I usually try to avoid that area too but I broke down .. a bit .. the acidanthera were in NO Frills believe it or not, so I grabbed them.
You go girl ... grab while you can ... life is short .... my skates are one still ! LOL

Angie said...

Oh Joy how cool are your feet going to look in those houndstooth bootees. I have been thinking about a Clematis jackmanii for my own garden. It may be an older variety but it is a stunner when it gets its roots down. I look forward to seeing how it does with you.
Spring has sprung here and I hope the weather is kind to you this April Joy.
I should add that I thought your post was about Brussel Sprouts not those kind of sprouts.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Angie girl : )
Yes I have thought of jackmanii for a few years and thought I should just DO IT ! haha
You will be able to see how it does for me but remember ... this is a "root" planting so I expect it will take about 3 years before it will be in it's glory.
The weather here is anything but kind ... I am so sick of seeing snow and seeing winter storm warnings I could scream and you would hear me all the way there Ia m sure !
You are too funny girl .. brussel sprouts ! haha