Sunday, 13 March 2016

The "first" Plant Order

Well .. I have to admit for all of my complaining .. the snow is receding quickly in the back and side gardens  .. the front has a drift covering where my daffodils will be trying to smile at me ..
Some shoveling might just have to happen there .. BIG sigh ! ..
Perhaps Garden PA will follow through with his volunteering on that job ?

So .. the first plant order is always a tricky one.
I have no idea what "victims" I might have from this overly quirky winter.
I have to go on faith that I would want these plants no matter the possible vacancies that might occur.
I have a reason for each plant ordered .. or at least I THINK I have ?

All pictures are pulled off the net so credit goes to "who ever took the photos"

On with the goodies !

Clematis texensis "Princess Kate"
It is a small flowering clematis but it is BEAUTIFUL .. and I love it so much I bought one two years ago from Garden Import (which sadly is out of business) but it was such a baby I haven't had a real show from it .. just a lot of encouraging wishful thinking !!! Grow baby Grow !

Sanguisorba minor "Little Angel" an Ornamental Burnet .. something I haven't had before and my curiosity has gotten the better of me makes a neat and tidy mound (on obsession of mine) takes full light or a bit of shade, so not too fussy and ? Finches love the seed heads so a plus for them.
How is that for striking with the variegated foliage ?

I am also obsessed by ornamental grasses  (I'm just an obsessive gardener ?) .. especially grasses that envelope me with striking red foliage for Fall.
Andropogon gerardii "Red October" 
It is gorgeous the minute it hits your garden soil .. I want it in the back garden so I can see it throughout the season becoming a total red beauty ... makes me smile even now.

Eryngium x zabellii "Big Blue" ... how is that for a mouth full ?
I am intrigued by these big sea holly .. I had Miss Willmott's Ghost at one time and it was eye candy .. but shot lived in my garden .. so I am trying this cultivar out to see how it does and I am going to make sure to dry some flower heads for my Halloweeny atmosphere in my office
Prickly and fascinating ... sort of like me ? ; - )

Gillenia trifoliata "Pink Profusion" ... Pink Bowman's Root ... I have to confess I have one already but I love it so much I "need" another one , just in case ? .. it is an under used gorgeous perennial which you might think of as a small shrub .. those delicate pink flowers with red stems that flutter in the wind and magical ... very much a three season interest plant !
How can you ask for anything more ?

Helenium Mardis Gras ... I found I was lacking in plants for Autumn .. even though this begins to flower mid/late summer .. it sets a tone for fall .. I was more a fan of Sahin's Early Flower but it doesn't seem to be available in the last few years so this is the next best thing !
How pretty are these ?

Kalimeris incisa "Blue Star" .. I have come to appreciate Japanese asters because they are shorter, neat mounding ones that don't flop .. blue may not be a "Fall" colour but it does something perky for the garden that time of year .. a refreshing drink ?
Simple but classic ?

Tricyrtis hirta "Miyazaki"  I have gone through a lot of Toad Lily stages ... but now I have returned to the original ones I had in the garden when I first started .. and I was so amazed by the flowers .. I hope to find that amazement again in these beauties .. they may be an older variety and blah to some but the kid in me loves them !
How can you say these don't look exotic ?

Veronicastrum virginicum "Pink Glow"  Pink Culvar's Root ..
These are magnificent stately perennials .. I love the height and flower heads .. I already have Lavender Towers but the pink in me needs PINK (eh Gracie Girl ? LOL) .. so being a tough as nails native type plant it will deliver exactly what I am looking for ..
A tall pink gal that likes to show off her "do" ?

So I may not have chosen the "newest" cultivars of designer plants.
But what I have chosen are beautiful, reliable ones from a great provider with Chris at Canning Perennials.
I am lucky to be close in Ontario so shipping charges don't go through the roof.
However if you are stuck some where with no providers I can recommend Canning.
I have been dealing with Chris for years and she has wonderful customer service.

I do have a few other providers I tap when I am looking for other plants .. but Canning is rated number one in my books ... and no, I don't get anything for this recommendation ..
These are the ones that count when you are not compensated !

So there is the first order off .. done and dusted ... now what other trouble can I get into ?


CiNdEe said...

Wow major score for you! Love everything! I have not seen Princess Kate. I love clematis too. I wish they bloomed all Summer. I have several old varieties here. They are so pretty.
I hope you get to see the daffodils bloom! Mine are done here. Iris are starting to bud now. We are a little ahead of you there(-:
Have a happy week!!!!

NanaDiana said...

I have never seen/heard of Culvar's Root. I bet that is gorgeous in the back of a bed. Looks like you have your gardening hat on and are ready to go! xo Diana

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have lots of "older" species of plants in the garden. They are reliable and are beautiful in my eyes. You just have to go with what makes you happy. No apologies needed.

RobinL said...

Do you swear that you have a place for ALL of these plants? Come on, admit it. You sometimes buy plants without knowing where they'll fit. We all do it. I've heard that there are actually gardeners who plan ahead for every plant they buy, but I've never actually seen one....

Rose said...

Gorgeous choices, Joy! I've thought about trying Sanguisorba, but haven't yet. Seeing this photo is making me want one all over again. In fact, I decided I wouldn't order any plants this year but depend instead on what I can find in the local nurseries, but now you're giving me plant lust, and I may have to break that vow:) Crocus are blooming here, and daffs and tulips are popping up all over the place--spring is going to be early here this year, and I couldn't be happier!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Oh! Oh! That 'pink glow' looks amazing! Glad to see the snow is receding. It is the winter that wasn't here. I am expecting the garden to be at least three weeks ahead this year. Does it count that I saw a wasp already? Lol. Take care.

Pat said...

You are one determined gardener. lol Never say die Joy. I'm liking all your plants well toad lilies are so tiny so not so much. I've had them but not in the perfect place...hence buried then died. There's dog damage in my gardens...will need fencing and lots of luck to get the yard attractive again.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl yo are way ahead of me ! LOL
Princess Kate is a beauty .. and there are clematis that you can have that go through different bloom times covering most of the season .. you just have to research which ones bloom when. I might be able to start a little clean up in the gardens in a week or so .. I just have to be patient ... which is so hard for me ! eeekkk !

Hello Diana girl and yes Culvars Root is a beauty .. I have a really tall one called Lavender Towers .. taller than I am .. 5'9" ! and you just cut the spent flower heads and it will flower again .. tough and gorgeous : ) Yes I am ready to GO is right ! haha

Yes Lisa girl you are so right .. I am not going to be dictated to by what is new and must haves ... I like the older reliable ones like you do so they have a home in my garden : )

Robin I have never known a gardener that organized either .. they are an "urban legend" ? LOL .. I am going on gut instinct with these and a little lust ... I do have an idea where they will go I just hope it follows through ? haha

Rose girl your last post was so very touching. I hope you are feeling a bit brighter.
Yes I buy from local outlets too .. but some things I find easier from mail order .. and I have been thinking of Sanguisorba since last year .. so I just had to do it this year.
I see my bulbs are trying to burst through too ! phew !! Hope we actually have a Spring!

Ms S a wasp! .. my girls caught a fly in the laundry room .. does that count I wonder ?
I am fascinated by Pink Glow and with such great experience with culvars root in general I think it will do VERY well : )

Patsi girl you know me well enough by now to know I am determined at times right ? LOL
Toad Lilies have to have a special spot .. they are shy ? ... I can well imagine the dogs have a lot of fun in your gardens .. so it is tricky.
Thank you for the luck .. I will need it ... things look pretty shabby right now .. BIG sigh!

Nadezda said...

Joy, I always wanted to have Tricyrtis in my garden as well. It reminds me orchids, such striped and shaped like they are.


You're so funny, Joy girl! Yes, I think I might need that pink Culver's Root too. But where to put it? And that gorgeous, gorgeous, Clemmy!!! I was admiring it last year and thought I might need to have it but still haven't found it for sale anywhere except online. I love all your goodies and I'm so glad the snow is melting. Hurry up spring.

Patty said...

Some lovely choices Joy. I have been eyeing princess diana clematis for years too. I am glad you 'caved in' first. Now I get to hear your thoughts on it later this year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Nadezda girl : )
You are so right about the tricyrtis reminding us of orchids ! I think the same way too and missed this particular cultivar ... so it is coming back into the fold for sure !

Gracie girl (I am a wanna' be comedian ? LOL) You should have this pick culvar's root for sure! .. I have the lavender and I know this pink one will be gorgeous .. along with P. Kate, she is a beauty eh ? It is actually thundering and raining right now .. official Spring like weather ... so it is on it's way ! Yahhoooooo !!

Patty girl how are you !.. I will keep up the thoughts with the clematis for sure .. I go by other gardener's experience as well with certain plants .. it helps !

Buttons Thoughts said...

Well, Joy, your perennial wish are beautiful and I am sure you are once again going to have the most amazing garden. I do hope you are feeling better and ready to tackle the job. Spring is almost here. Yippee:) Hugs B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Buttons girl : )
Thank you so much ! it is snowing this morning (Friday morning) .. but I know it won't stay long ... all inclusive with Spring weather eh ? haha