Monday, 7 March 2016

Singing in the Hail ?

I haven't done a post in forever ... I just haven't felt the urge ? which is not like me.
I have been busy making "bone broth" and growing my own sprouts ... I also have a small batch fermentation kit but haven't gotten that going yet .. the bone broth I can attest to !
It is amazing and I think it is helping me feel better.
It takes some work but it is so worth it in the end .. it lasts me almost a week.
The funny thing was trying to find a stock pot that didn't cost a fortune, but I found a good one and it is doing its job very well.

This is near the end stage (after simmering 7-8 hours) when you put a nice big bunch of parsley in it, this is beef bone broth.
My first attempt almost two months ago was chicken and it failed miserably ... failure means it doesn't set up as "gel" in the fridge ... but I knew what I had done wrong and changed my method.
Beef , I find is tastier .. gels harder .. and is the most delicious cup of warmth on a wintery morning possible .. my best breakfast ever !

It really is "all that" !

Today is a winter day trying to switch over to rain from hail .. something like these days a few weeks ago.

A little more snow has receded and the ice  is off the trees ... but basically we are very stuck in winter still ... BIG sigh !

I have my plant order to work on from Canning .. so that will insert a little ray of sunshine .. meanwhile I sip on my bone broth and think of the possibilities of Spring ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr these pictures look cold. It has warmed up here. I don't know how long it will last but I am loving every minute of it. I need to do a blog post too. I have no excuse other than I am fairly lazy. Hang in there that hail will turn to sunshine soon and you will have crocus and a few daffodils like I have to cheer you.

RobinL said...

Eek! You still have a lot of winter up there! Our winter has been so very mild this year, very unusual. The best is that it is allowing spring to come early. We'll be in the 70's this week, wooohooo! My bulbs are popping up all over, and I'm sure that I'll see daffodils by the end of the week. But we'll surely have snow again, after all, it's only March.

CiNdEe said...

Hi Joy,
Thank You for stopping by and all your kind words(-: SO glad you came to visit.(-:
You will have to explain how to make bone broth(-:
The sourdough is not really that hard, but its just time consuming I guess is the word.(-: The end result is so good that it makes all time involved worth it(-: So much better then store bought bread.
The storm we had here was really crazy. rain and wind.
Mail order is always so fun. I am working on something for Easter.(-: I love online shopping(-;
Hope you have a great evening/night(-:

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy! Love the title of the post! Your bone broth experiment sounds fascinating. I've been hearing lots about it and am tempted to try it myself. Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon. :). We just had a winter thunderstorm here--unheard of. One the plus side, it looks like some bulbs close to the house are emerging. Actually, that's scary and exciting--but I'll take it! Let's hope March goes out like a lamb for all of us. x


You're taking good care of yourself and I so admire that! I think it's time winter loosen its bony, cold grip right now! I hope you're ordering lots of nice things from Canning. I can't wait to see your spring garden. (The show has gotten out of hand. Victor's yelling and Max the demon child are not entertaining in the least. And now Hilary is back to her b... self? Whew.)
Keep sipping your broth. It looks delicious.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl !
Yes it is finally turning warmish ? here .. 7 degrees 6 this morning (and light out then too!)
You aren't lazy ... it is just a quiet time .. not much going on .. funny once we get busy with the garden , posts seem to materialize ? LOL I am hanging in !

Robin it was a weird winter for us as well .. no snow until February and then heaps .. but I think we are on the other side of the hill now, fingers crossed ... but it will still be a while before I see spring bulbs popping .. BIG sigh !

Cindee girl yo are very welcome ! The Little Princess is so cute : )
I think just about anything you make yourself tastes better than store bought.
Bone broth is easy ... and so good for you ! if I can make it anyone can .. haha
I would rather shop on line than in the store hands down .. you have time to think in front of the computer right ? LOL .. can't wait to see your Easter goodies : )

Thank you so much Ms S : ) .. yes bone broth is the BOMB ! haha .. really it is so good for you , I am beginning to feel better and I am sure it is the cause.
Winter thunder storms are so unusual and CREEPY ! and YES since March here came in like a lion it better go out like a lamb ! haha

Gracie girl how are you (must do an email to you, note to self!) Yes< I am trying my best to get back to my original self ? (note not saying "old" self ? LOL)
I have to get that Canning order in order .. haha
That show is totally out of hand .. I skip most of it to the last 5 minutes because it is so irritating !!! LOL
Thanks girl !

Barbarapc said...

Joy am so with you on the not feeling the posting thing.... Glad to have such good company. Any chance you're going to Blooms this year? If you are, and you're game, let's meet up.
My new kitchen toy is a pressure cooker. I've been making stocks in 30 minutes - beans, after a soak in 10 minutes - yesterday a brisket in 45. I love a good soup - and fortunately Kevin says it's his favourite meal.
What goofy weather we've had. Today they're predicting 17 degrees? Just amazing. Snow is gonegonegone.

Nadezda said...

Hi, Joy!
I see you're still in winter, as we are. Today is +5C and snow melted and it was raining. The fog was in the morning. I went to my summer cottage, shoveling paths, snow was such wet and heavy. Your photos are nice although it's winter.
I love beef stock, long time cooked with veggies which I take off when jellied meat is ready. It's traditional meal (kholodets) in Russia in winter. Here is a recipe, but I use beef only, no chicken or pork.
Stay warm, take care!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Barb girl (I just commented on your blog ... jealous of that soup party and beautiful witch hazel!) So wish I could make it to Blooms but I am determined for next year .. we will have to meet up and have a good gab then girl .. meanwhile take lots of pictures and have a great time there !
I have seen some very cool high tech pressure cookers on the Shopping Channel, so they have my interest ... yours sounds great .. our favorite is turkey soup .. there is something about turkey soup that totally satisfies us .. tryptophan aftermath ? LOL
It is warmer down where you are but we are thawing out too ... so hope March goes out like a lamb like it should !

Nadezda girl hello there .. I hate it when the snow is so heavy to shovel .. I only had to do it once to clear the back deck a bit .. but I certainly hear you !
I have to look up your recipe and see what it is like .. I favor the beef bone broth more myself too ... it has more substance and flavor.
Hope Spring comes soon for both of us girl !

Pat said...

The broth looks good. Icy branches are always cool to look at. Hate to tell you we have above average temps...daffodils are shouting out of the ground about 8 inches.
Of course it will get cold again and the trees are budding (not good). Not much to blog about for me. So there you go. :)

Jennifer said...

At least the weather seems to have warmed up since you posted. Sunday is supposed to be terrific here. Hope that predicted weather pattern will extend to Kingston!
I would love to learn to make good soup stock. I am such a squeamish meat-eater however, it would probably have to be a vegetarian rather than a meat broth. You should do a pot on growing sprouts. I don't know anything about that either. Do you use the sprouts for salads?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Patsi girl .. you just have to tell me that don't you !! March is always a long month and you never know what is going to happen .. but since it came in like a lion we are hoping it darn well goes out like a lamb ! .. Yup the broth is wonderful especially on cloudy cold days : )

Yes Jennifer girl it has warmed up a lot and with some rain .. the snow is receding as well!
The "meat bone broth" .. and beef for me in particular have so many health benefits that is why I am a huge advocate of it .. you wouldn't get the fantastic health elements from a veggie one .. it really is easy (if I can do it anyone can !) .. roasting the bones for about 40 minutes really brings depth of flavor to it as well .. I use oxtail, rib and marrow bones.
I get them from a great local meat shop .. so grass fed, which is really good.
The sprouts are grown in a sprouter from Vesey .. where I buy the organic seeds to sprout as well ... and yes I add them to salads .. they are great !

Andrea said...

LOOK AT ALL THESE POSTS. Hi Joy~ I miss your face. Maybe I should dust off my blog and see how I do here? haha.

Casa Mariposa said...

I make a bone broth out of giant caveman sized turkey legs every November to use in my Thanksgiving stuffing and gravy. It's delish! Winter was pretty short here and spring is on the way. Woo hoo!! Very curious to see what plants you ordered! :o)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Andrea girl !!! How are you and WHERE are you so I can comment on a blog of yours ?
I have a contact email ( ) drop me a line so I can return one with an address of yours OK ? We have to catch up girl !!

Tammy girl you are a trooper with those seeds and you always give me a great laugh with your posts .. your imagination is SCARY ? LOL ... I am going to do my next posts on plants so come back and see it ... now all I can think of is Freddy Flinstone gnawing on a giant turkey bone?LOL