Monday, 18 April 2016

Again ??????

OK ... what is with me or what is with my favorite compost ?
Why can't we make each other happy on our first encounter of the season .. it should be love at first sight or touch , right ? Spring is supposed to do that for us right ?
Nope ... here I am again with 12 bags of .. hum ? .... overly moist ? worm casting compost.
The tiny perk being it is on sale ... but some how that doesn't cut it with lugging heavy wettish ? bags.

Thankfully Garden PA is on the spot helping me out ... fixing the flat tire on my poor wheel barrow.
Laying said overly moist bags out in this FREAKISHLY HOT weather we are having.
It went up to 22 degrees Sunday and I turned on our air unit to combat my .. hum ? overheated state.

Bags getting a sun tan ?
Relaxing ... laying down
What you don't go through for your garden ?

A new BEE friendly device we, I (being) the foreman and Garden PA (being) the "doer", installed it for me.
Two nails and presto! but hey installed sounds better , right ?
"Solitary Pollen Bee Nest" .. from Lee Valley .. with a chart and tracking info to up load on Canadian site that is recording all the information they can gather to find out what is truly happening to these bees.
Fingers crossed they will like it, move in set up their satellite TV and enjoy the stay ! Go bees !!

Mean while ... garden clean up is stalled due to a few appointments etc ... life goes on even though my garden brain is humming along like a steam engine ... hard to sleep at night when you keep thinking of all the chores you have to do .. argh !
I did get some done .. the front and part of the ally way ... but with loads more to do, it keeps eating at me until I get it done and by the time I do get it done, I will have had it done a hundred times in my imagination ... no wonder I am exhausted ???

In other news Garden PA put up the rain barrel and a little higher for me so I don't become the Hunchback of CanadianGardenJoy garden when filling my water can .. phew !

My plan of surrounding Queen of the Night tulips with Antoinette seems to be working which is a
MIRACLE !!! ... as long as they can actually flower I will be over the moon, go tulips !!

So now for more gratuitous flower pictures of the hellebore nature, since most, OK .. just about all my bulbs are not at the flowering stage as so many of you have "been there done that"
We Canadians in south eastern Ontario are trying to catch up !

Jade Tiger is a rather dramatic DIVA with that dark edging ... seems to be a good bloomer this year with lots of buds showing ... again hopefully they will get a chance to bloom !

OK .. one more picture is of a smiler ... for me ... because it is Kent Beauty oregano coming back after a second winter and that is special since it is such a picky, sensitive plant .. zone 6 !
I must have plunked it in just the right spot !


CiNdEe said...

Yahoo I love compost(-: We got 3 yards a couple weeks ago. Have been unloading whenever I get time. It really does work to keep things nice and happy(-: Sorry yours was wet and heavy)-: We have been buying in bulk for a few years now. Just take pick up truck and have them fill. This year we got a trailer so we can get more at a time.
Things in full swing here. Spring sprung and its rolling right along.
We do need some rain though.
I also do the thing of thinking to much all the time. If only we could make that work somehow. LOL(-:
Hope you are having a good day(-:

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such fun seeing all of your plants popping up. I have never seen compost like this available here. I wish it was. Maybe I don't look at the right places. Enjoy this crazy weather. We are 20degrees above normal.

rochefleuriegarden said...

Beautiful Hellebore pictures! The Hellebore are in bud here but not yet open.

Nadezda said...

It's funny bee nest, do the bees love it?
Your garden is so clean, Joy! How did you plant these tulips? Did you do the circle?
Helebore are always stars in the garden, lovely. Happy spring!

RobinL said...

See, you have hellebores, so you're on your way now!

Pat said...

You're too funny !!! Sounds like you're getting crazy weather like we did weeks ago. I had the air on also one day after working in the yard. Now it's staying 70 degrees inside all by itself. Sometimes I lay in bed at night not thinking of wonderful plans but the back / leg aching pains from much lifting, digging, cropping...with no clue what the heck it's going to look like when done. Ok...just had to whine. Thing I want more hellebores. Yours look great !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Cindee girl .. YEWS ! if only we could get real work done.
I wish we could do the truck load thing too but not .. this compost is my very favorite but some how no matter where I buy it ... it is always wet ... I just have to bite the bullet and spread it as well as I can ... the things you do for your garden eh ? haha
We had a "thimble" full of rain so far .. but we have decided to put an irrigation system in but it is a bit of a process (city permit and plumber first off the bat .. ugh) but it will be worth it come the real summer heat and drought. Garden on Girl !

Lisa girl I just saw your post on losing that beautiful tree .. such a shame but I am so interested in what type of tree you will be planting ! Yes this crazy weather .. no longer Spring any more and so dry ... ugh ! but the plants are popping up even more which is amazing so that makes me smile big time : )

Thank you so much Alain : ) ... I know you are a wee bit colder than we are so it takes a little longer .. but soon !

Hello Nadezda girl : ) .. I still have a lot of garden clean up to do .. yes ! I planted the circles and by some miracle they are working out ! I was worried the squirrels would ruin them but so far so good : )
Yes the hellebore really start off the season for me .. I love them ! Thanks !

Yes Robin girl ... finally on my way ... this wacky weather is driving me a little crazy though .. you never know what each day will be like .. poor plants are stretching out in any case thankfully.

Patsi girl I am still smirking over that bulldog after mardi gras .. too funny !
You can never have too many hellebore ? haha .. yes I will be in that zone of pain when I get going here ... it is always the first few bouts that make you second guess yourself about gardening ? haha but we love it anyways right ? whine away girl .. I do too !


You're kidding! I can't get Kent to survive an entire summer, let alone a winter. Nice going, girl! We've already had hot weather here too. Isn't this crazy? I hope you can get your compost spread without too much more trouble. I have a flat tire on one of my wheelbarrows too. Sure is nice to have our hubby helpers. Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs.

Casa Mariposa said...

I hate hauling big wet bags of anything! But when it's compost or soil they feel like they weigh 100 lbs a piece. But it will all be worth it for all the magic it creates. Love those hellebore! :o)

Jennifer said...

Those first hot few days came as a shock didn't they? It is always so hard to have those drastic flips of a switch! The hellebore you gave me is blooming like crazy! Thanks again Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gracie girl : )
Well at least I can do something ? you can't ? LOL Yes the wheel barrow can be a bit of a snotty machine when things go south ? ... but I need it and it knows it, naughty beast.
Yes I have to wait until Wednesday now for some decent weather to start the compost thing.
I was hoping to get it dried out a bit but nope ... wet it is and will be and that is it.
So I better just get used to it and move on eh ? haha Thanks girl !

Thanks Tammy girl ... the hellebore are coming along and once we get the irrigation system in they will be happier when watered decently .. yup, wet anything in a bag is trouble ! ugh !

Jennifer it felt like being dropped right into summer, it was bad !
Love to hear that hellebore is doing so well .. it is a great cultivar and really does bloom it's socks off for me every year : ) You are very welcome !

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

I enjoyed reading your post. I've never seen a compost like that in bags before and that looks like a lot of material to get put out. Your ahead of me with your blooms. My daffodils are getting close and what's left of my tulips have no blooms. I think a rabbit had a good time at my expense!

outlawgardener said...

You always make me laugh, Joy. Can't wait to see those tulips in bloom! My garden is getting way ahead of me this spring and I just want time to stand still for about a month to I can catch up!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Liz ... I am so late getting back to comments ... I have to find a new system with not using wet compost ... too much work and it does not spread well .. ugh !
I have had something snap off tulip and daff heads .. weirdest thing yet ! and I haven't seen any rabbits .. so it has to be a squirrel or our resident chipmunk ! naughty !

Peter ... I am happy you get a laugh out of this ;-)
But ... this is the last year I do wet compost ... I swore I wouldn't last year so I have to make a giant note to myself over the winter never to do it again !!!
I am going to post a bazillion pictures of those tulips when they bloom so no worries about missing them ! haha ... I know exactly what you mean about the garden leaping forward on you .. mine is doing that now .. sigh !!