Sunday, 22 May 2016

Work till you drop day !

I need to get plants into the garden (let alone take on some potting issues) .. I want plants to be in place before the water system is installed so this weekend is perfect ? to run myself into the ground.
But at least it is something I love ... however the  HUGE ouch situation can be a worry.
So some of the plants screaming at me :

The plan started with the big containers you see to the left .. to go in our wooden half barrels with added filler plants .... who's idea was this again ? .... I should really think things out more for now on!

I kept an eye on the tulips I have been waiting to see open ... they are such a tease !!

The yellow ones did open a little more into the afternoon but I was too grubby to fetch my camera.

My Red Majestic is unfolding it's gorgeous leaves in shiny dark purple .. what a show off ?

I have a curios situation with a "sort of" trapped plant that doesn't seem to be bothered that it is trapped .. I have had advice that it will not survive .. yet some how it does !
You go girl !!

The scent of my white daffodils
is a bit heady when working in the area ... but I am loving it !

The hellebore bed is very packed further up ... at this end you can see more with out trying to figure out "what is what" ????

Still a few pretty flowers left ...

My one azalea starting to unfold ever so carefully ....

This tiny gem was asked about last year .. such a simple little plant but big in the eye candy department ? .... breaks up all the huge hellebore leaves etc ... cool and refreshing !

Another "cool" white flower is epimedium "Niveum"

I love plants in miniature ... Little Lanterns columbine is just to cute for an under planting with my Japanese Maple in the raised bed.
A friend of mine shares the same thoughts about how darn cute they are.

I planted ONE "wood phlox" years ago and it has made itself right at home , lining the hellebore bed.

Another "sneaky" multiplier which I do NOT mind in the least has been a freckled violet on the ground side ... it took a few hits this past winter as did many plants that shocked me.
Long view of some woodland attempts
A few dramatic mixes of colour

Soft and soothing now

I did manage to getting all the potting and planting done today ... but that meant regular garden chores did not get done ...I can never get ahead of this insane season when it starts off like a jackrabbit .. or crazy chipmunk like our Mr. Chips ... MORE vitamins please !!!!


Martha said...

Joy, my friend, your garden is gorgeous! You are a true inspiration. I can so relate to this post. I spent all day yesterday digging, planting, mulching, watering and on and on. This long weekend each year seems to be the (official/unofficial) opening of the garden season. Yesterday, Canadian Tire was PACKED with people buying all kinds of things to get their gardening done...crazy people like me :) But it's also exciting, isn't it? I'm dead tired and muscles I didn't know existed are aching. But it's the kind of tired that I like!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have some beautiful color combinations. It is easy to wear out one's self this time of year. I am sitting here trying to get rested. UGH... It will be worth all the work tho. Love it.

suz said...

i'll bet your persicaria will do more than escape - it will go forth and multiply. i have a different variety, but i get little starts everywhere. some might consider it invasive, but it's easy to move/remove, at least for me, so i don't mind. glad to hear your woodland phlox is a spreader - that's a new one i'm putting in this year. finally getting some warmer, drier days here so i'm looking forward to spending lots of the next three days in the yard. your tulips are gorgeous - what a nice morning wakeup. --suz in ohio

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martha girl !
Thank you so much : ) it is exhausting but so satisfying too .. a thin line of how we torture and please ourselves eh ? haha .. yes the garden centers are in the height of their frenzy period .. gardeners LOVE it .. I have a few more goodies to pick up myself so I will sharpen my elbows and dig in too!

Hello Lisa girl : )
That is our prime directive "It is going to be so worth it!!" haha .. we grumble as we ache and try to get in the shower after a long slog of work ... but that is what drives us and we do have those golden moments don't we ?

Suz ... I tried to "see" your blog but I guess you aren't ready yet ?
Yes ! the woodland phlox will spread it is a pretty plant and also easy to remove from where ever you don't want it .. but it is a great perk or ground cover.
I have to post some pictures of the tulips finally opening .. they have been almost the last bulbs to open .. I have alliums that will be next and the schubertii are AMAZING !
Good luck in Ohio !

Nadezda said...

I love your combination of colors Joy. Especially purple and yellow, Heuchera and hosta. You have new plants, they're lovely. Do you know where to plant them? It's a problem to me always :D

RobinL said...

I've had three straight "work till you drop" days, and today is my day OFF. Fun, but my back is protesting! I see all those goodies just waiting to be planted. Word of caution on that passiflora vine, it will try to take over the world. I loved mine, but it only bloomed for the first two years, after that, nothing. But it's still out there, lurking, and every once in awhile I'll find a piece of it here and there. I'd let it stay if it would just bloom!

CiNdEe said...

Loving the tulips a lot. All the hard work paid off for sure!!!! I should try that next Fall. I love tulips so much. I love your Heucheras too.(-: They are such a great plant. Your garden is so beautiful!

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

I enjoyed the tour around your gardens and seeing all your plants devloping and flowering. My tulips by my garden path got nipped off by something so my enjoyment from them was short lived this year.
It's maddening what we do to ourselves for gardening each year isn't it! The geraniums look great and I hope you found a place for all your annuals. I worked at mine last weekend and a bit more through the week. Let's just say that Advil and I become friends during this time of the year! We are experiencing wonderful weather and the plants are loving it already. I picked up two sweet potato vines just like yours just yesterday and now I have to decide where they're going! Someone needs to stop me!
Have a great weekend, Liz

Pat said...

What a surprise you got life ! Everything looks perfect and your putting more plants in...but where ? You go shop.. shop.. dig.. dig.. dig.

Carrie said...

As always your garden is an utter delight. Hope you got all your jobs done x

Casa Mariposa said...

Everything looks fabulous! I can't believe you still have bulbs blooming! Creeping phlox is such a great plant. I also have 'Piglet' pennisetum. Love it!

Jennifer said...

How are you making out in this heat. It was broiling on the weekend! You have so many pretty things in this post Joy. I love the yellow hosta in with the other foliage and wow do I love the peach Heuchera! I have plants waiting to go in as well. They are threatening to walk back to the nursery if I don't get them into the ground post-haste.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you each and everyone of you for stopping by with comments !!!
I do so appreciate it and usually I answer each one but things have been a bit overwhelming lately and I didn't want to just hang you up in cyber space any longer.
So again ... thanks for "chatting" with me .. and I will try to get to each of you as soon as I can : )