Thursday, 2 June 2016

Confessions of an Idiot Gardener

Well this poor blog has not had a post in a while because the idiot gardener has been too busy or too tired or too overwhelmed to think in an organized manner .. well was that ever true  ? the bit about an organized manner ?
My tulip circle was wonderful but short lived (by my hand) .. but here is the bouquet of Antoinette tulips that have been utterly amazing .
They are also called chameleon tulips because they change colour from start to finish.

I highly recommend them !!

Next the so called mystery of the disappearing Ostrich Plume astilbe ... my BAD !
If I had read my Autumn "notes" I would have realized I moved them to the front bed
And ... replaced them with Sun King aralia ... which I had to move yet again(and they don't like being moved .. shudder) to fit the new plant I found  .. a standard Pink Diamond hydrangea.
I still can't believe what an idiot I was thinking my astilbe died .. because they are such hardy plants for me .. so kudos to my astilbe and Sun King, with a thumbs down to my memory cells which are yet again members of the "Idiot Club"
Pink Diamond hydrangea in standard form before planting .. at home in my pink tub ?
I have never had a "standard" before so I am a little nervous but enthusiastic ?
Next new plant was yet another Japanese Maple (I think I am obsessed with them ?)
This one is Emperor 1, a more steadfast strain than Bloodgood.
It's leaves open later in the Spring, avoiding frost bite and the dark colour is much stronger.
It is a wee fellow, but I think a cracker !

These "trees' were very reasonable prices ... the Scottish blood in me would not put up with nonsense expenditures this season because we just had a sprinkler system put in and that is luxury enough !
So Pink Diamond was $39.99 and Emperor 1 was $29.99 both from Loblaw's garden centers.

What else is going on here ?
The allium are blooming tall and straight and with surprise white ones included with what was supposed to be all purple ... some one in packing had a good laugh ?
I think they look nice on both sides of the ally way garden, maybe more to come next year ?
Plants are just filling now such as Gooseneck Loosestrife, ground covers, large hosta just beginning to stretch out .. it will look jam packed soon !
Mandarin Azalea after a bit of the sprinkler tweaking it.
I should have had my filter lens on when I took this picture ... keep forgetting !
First clematis to bloom this year is Henyri .. I love a highlight of white in the garden.
Another spot of white is my Kiwi vine which seems to be very happy this year with it's "whiteness"!
Crazy Schubertii allium popping it's sparklers out .. I can't wait for it to be in all it's glory .. it has a wonderful scent and I seem to find more reasons to work near them during their time.
I nearly forgot some other new plants to me .. Blueberry Glaze blueberry shrubs.
I couldn't resist the promise of blueberries that taste like the wild ones we used to pick as kids in Nova Scotia.
They have foliage similar to Boxwood ... and changes colour in the Fall to beautiful oranges and reds.
I am still rearranging the front garden .. the campanula are hiking up their skirts and ready to show off their wears fairly soon now.
My Bloodgood Japanese Maple is leaning a bit to far one way so I have to drive a stake in to align it a little better .. I have had thoughts of placing it in the middle of this garden but still in the "thinking" stage of it yet .. poor Garden PA might keel over with that one ... and he has been doing so well!!
The tree peony is not spitting out flowers again this year, but that might be my fault.
It needs to be cleared away around the crown to get in the mood for flowering.
Note to self, peony wants a little undressing before she gives over ?
I never leave enough room for GROWTH of a plant .. I just can't stand WAITING !
The vines on the arbor gate have grown even more since this picture and the Halcyon hosta are looking fantastic in blue against the greens and yellows .. gotta' love that !

Garden PA picked these mugs up at the Dollar Store.
I love what they say in short form making it easier for your brain to process it ? LOL
I hope you will think of it too first thing in the morning to start your day off right !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Joy, it is always a joy to read your posts. You have so many different plants in your garden. My kind of garden. I certainly never leave space between plants. I try to but empty space makes me crazy. I like your alley of alliums. Love the color and texture of your beds. Happy Summer.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh, Joy I envy your beautiful gardens I planted Kale tomatoes and an assortment of perennials came up from years ago. They are pretty and I know most of their names:). Love your mugs. We need rain eh? Hug B


Hi Girlfriend. I want you to stop calling yourself an idiot this instant! (Foot stomp!) You are so freaking talented and I love your garden so much. I lose track of plants all the time. You are not alone, trust me. Those tulips are to die for. They're just stunning. You and your Japanese maples, girl! I love how they look in your garden! And those mugs are great. I think if every person had a garden there would be a lot less strife in the world. Take care my friend. Write when time allows.

Martha said...

Joy, your garden is amazing! How many Japanese Maples do you have in your yard and how big do they get? I really love them and I'll probably plant one or two when we eventually move. And I'm also curious about your fence; I LOVE how much privacy it gives you being so high. Is there a height limit in Kingston for fences?

Also, I've been meaning to ask how your son is doing down south. It's been a long time now and I imagine he's quite settled and used to his new home!

RobinL said...

I had to chuckle when you said that you never leave room for the full size of a plant. Hello Pot, my name is Kettle! But the good part of that is when everything is crammed in together, there is little room for weeds to find purchase. See, it's a good thing!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl and thank you so much : ) you are sweet and a fellow "can't stand an empty spot" gardener LOL ... This was the first time I tried these types of allium and I really like the affect so I want to put more in for the Fall .. Allium Ally Way ! haha
I just can NOT stop buying plants .. but then, what gardener can ?

Buttons girl today (Sunday) is a real RAIN day here in Kingston ... I hope you are getting it too ? .. we so need it .. I steer away from veggies because the squirrels and raccoons would have a feast with them here .. it is bad enough they like to dig to find insects but not too bad right now .. phew ! Take care girl ! Don't over do it !

Hello Gracie girl (I just did an email to you) They are remarkable tulips and I would plant them again for sure !.. Yup I am a Japanese Maple addict .. and Garden PA was so thoughtful about the mugs .. I love them : )
YES ! if everyone had a little garden to stop and relax in .. the worl would be a better place for sure ... Garden On Girl ! LOL

Hello Martha girl : )
I think I have 7 Japanese Maples .. 6 purple and one green cute leaf .. they were all young and grow very slowly (most of them) Emperor 1 may grow a little more from what I have read .. but you can control their size by pruning .. so it isn't hard to keep them in a small space.
The fence was a bit of a surprise .. John just said "lets DO IT" so our contractor said Kingston allowed 8 feet in height and we went for it and I LOVE IT !! You know me Martha .. I am all about privacy and this really helps : )
Yes Ian has been acclimated about 7 or 8 years now .. the whole family is away on a cruise for a family vacation right now .. they are BUSY all the time .. I have to drop an email to you to tell you all about it .. Hey how is the empty nest thing going ? LOL

Hello Robin girl you are also a member of the "no empty spot" club and YES ! no weeds can compete when we cram in all these plants which is totally a GOOD thing for sure : )

CiNdEe said...

Everything looks beautiful. I guess you don't have any snails? (-: The snails this year are terrible and have munched all my hostas)-: I go out and pick them off but more just move in to take their place I guess. Yours look so pretty and big and healthy!
The allium is another thing I have tried for years. I can't get it to grow. Yours are so pretty.
Love the tulips too!!!

Martha said...

Kingston allows 8 feet! YAHOOOOOOOOO.... That is for me; total privacy.

How wonderful that your son is doing so well. My gosh I didn't even realize it's been that long. Time flies, girl!

We are loving the empty nest thing. The girls are both doing wonderfully, so I couldn't be happier. They have both grown to be strong, determined, amazing young women. I am very proud of them both.

Yes, we will have to shoot out some emails and catch up. I would love to hear your news.