Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pearls, the Girls and OOPS !

Well this heat just won't quit and the rain just won't fall even though they are baiting us with some forecasted tomorrow .. I will believe it when I see it !!
Meanwhile .. I am still in slug mode neglecting the garden but it seems to be carrying on without me.
I am too lucky to believe .. the sprinkler system is a miracle for us both ... phew !!

The "pearls" .. in regards to my cimicifuga.
I have a few different kinds so their blooming goes through out the season.
This first one is my starter ... she has survived living next to our big Pacific Sunset maple.

Veronicastrum is similar in shape but not a pearl type of girl.
Lavender Towers is a big one and I do have to split her in the Autumn .. when this blasted heat gives up eventually.
She is a statement piece  because of the height .. taller than I and I am 5'9"
Blooming all season as you dead head her .. she takes hair ? cuts very well!

Now for some awesome lilies that have really caught my attention.
I planted them last Autumn and I still have to look up in my log book what the name is but wow that soft dusty pink is gorgeous!
Is she not a beauty ? ... and yes .. I know .. I have a couple of lily beetles admiring them too.
These are my mystery lilies at another part of the garden.
So far so good with strength and few beetles thankfully.
The "Knee High" sweet peas have been amazing.
I cut flowers every few days and the scent is fantastic.
I have tried growing a perennial sweet pea before but it never quite took.
These, even though annual .. I would keep growing because the flowers are so enticing : )
To my office
To how delicious these little flowers are for eyes and nose

Question ... when is a crocus not a crocus ? ... and how does one enjoy them if one has a CRAZY chipmunk who devours them all ?
Judge for yourself
Now really .. how close can you come to what looks like a crocus but isn't ?
Mr. Chips doesn't bother these ones thankfully.
Lastly a tree full of flowers that isn't from said tree.
My old lilac tree has just about given up the ghost so it is now a still living structure for "The President" clematis which hopefully will bloom a long time making it look very beautiful .

Now for the OOPS .... I am too embarrassed to say I totally dropped the ball on early watering of one of my oldest Japanese maples "Crimson Queen" ... I feel terrible about it all.
It is now suffering the delayed reaction to the Spring drought and looks so sad.
I can only make sure it is well watered now and cross my fingers for next year.
Here is the ghastly evidence
How I could have let this happen is a dig at my garden soul ...  no matter how much you think you know and have learned for so many years, you can still stumble and have a resounding BooBoo !


Jennifer said...

I have to ask you about your sweet peas. I can never get mine to take off properly. I thought they like sun, but my sweet peas seem to shrivel in the heat. I bought two posts of the Knee Highs. One I planted in sun and the other in part shade. The part shade aren't doing too bad, but the ones in the sun look like death already. Any advice based on what you did?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh darn, your jap maple is in a major pout. Hopefully it will come around with some tlc and a good rain. We have been having ample rain. We are behind for the year but well enough that I only have to water pots right now. This makes me happy. I love your peachy lily. I love all tall lilies. I have a few blooming now. I would like to have many more, maybe someday...
My cigmafuga is in too much shade now. It doesn't seem to bloom very well. I am surprised yours is blooming before mine. Maybe it is that new irrigation system of yours. Jolly good.

RobinL said...

Same weather here, relentless heat and no rain. Once in awhile a storm will brew nearby, let a few drips fall that dry up as soon as they hit the hot pavement, and move on. It's garden hose rodeo time for me, every day! I always swear that I'm not going to grow things that need additional water, and yet I do. It's mostly the containers that do it. I do love your dusty lilies! I have a few lilies about to bloom, mostly pink. I don't have lily beetles to torture me, instead I have Japanese beetles. *shudder* I despise those things! Thanks for the computer advice, I appreciate your time.

Martha said...

What the flippin' heck is going on, Joy? It is so damn hot. Where is the rain. I'd love to see a mega downpour! Despite it all, your garden looks amazing. Yes, thank goodness for sprinkler systems. We were fortunate enough to find it already installed when we moved into this home. Next home? Who knows. Ah, lilies...I LOVE them. I'd dedicate an entire area of my garden just for those flowers. And the Book '500 essential container plants' on your shelf? I have the same one! Too funny :) Hope all is well with you. We've been busy with the house. We may or may not be moving soon. We'll know very soon. I'll shoot out an email to you when I have something worth sharing...LOL... In the meantime, let's hope for rain. Lots of rain!

CiNdEe said...

So pretty. I think Crimson Queen will bounce back if you keep watering it. The lilies are my favorite here too. Clematis is another favorite of mine,

Weekend-Windup said...

Beautiful pics. It looks like gulfi ice cream :)

Pat said...

Everything looks wonderful ! I never saw a clematis tree Very very pretty ! Don't think I ever saw pink lilies likes yours either, they seem to be blooming like day lilies . Got to say you have some cool accents in your gardens. Did you say Chipmunks ? ? just saw 2 for the first time ever on my deck, husband thinks they're the reason we have holes/tunnels in our front lawn, they are cute But...

Angie said...

Oh no! That poor Acer, you are a cruel mummy Joy. I do hope it responds to a bit of tlc.
I hadn't considered just how like Crocus blooms those individual hosta flowers look but now that you've mentioned it I do agree.
The lily is a lovely one. Those muted tones are more up my street. I hope your weekend was a good one.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by ... I appreciate all of your comments ... I am on the fly with trying to keep the garden going and house chores .. yuck ! haha
I hope you are all well and having a good summer ... please stop by again so I can comment back some time !

Nadezda said...

Hi, Joy! Your Veronicastrum is wonderful, I will to purchase the same, if it goes to pour climate. I also agree that your lilies are awesome, really they are!
About acer... I hope it is be healthy, although I lost mine in spring,
have a nice week!

Rose said...

Ha,ha, I bet you get a lot of questions from visitors about your "President" tree:) The old lilac does make a nice climbing structure for the clematis, which is huge, by the way. Love the lilies--I'm a sucker for pastels, especially in lilies. I've lost a lot of plants due to lack of rain and neglect by the gardener--I do hope your poor Japanese maple recovers, Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi girls !
Nadezda that veronicastrum should be fine where you are .. it is at least zone 4 and survives our wacky winters here. I'm sorry you lost your maple .. I worry over mine all the time but so far so good .. this looks likes it is coming back ! phew !
Rose girl I just saw all your gorgeous flowers they are beautiful!
Thank you so much .. yes the lilac is a great structure for them, and I still am waiting for Casa Blanca to bloom along with more mystery lilies .. I too have to go back to my records from last year as well to find out what the heck they are ! LOL

HELENE said...

Hello, my first visit to your lovely blog, we have many things in common I think, and I from a fellow plantaholic - I can’t stop buying, swapping and getting new plants for my garden either. I had a look at a few previous posts of yours and I can tell you where all your rain went when you didn’t get it; it rained on us here in Britain instead – for months! Finally we have nice summer weather, but we have waited ages for it and everything is rather late.
I love all sorts of plants, but have an extra fondness for lilies, your pink lilies are beautiful :-)
Happy gardening, Helene.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Helen and thank you !
I have stopped by to see how stunning your garden is with so many different varieties of plants it is gorgeous ! I asked a question about training your willow to a standard form of a small tree .. I am in love with yours so I would like to train mine to that form as well.
Your roses are amazing even with the lack of sun !