Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Mission & Mysteries

First the scary thing ...
Yes ... a prelude I think to the coming "bad" winter forecast by the Farmer's Almanac .. ugh !
I then did this ... a lot !
 Then the second of November .. the mission (almost did me in !!)
There is a big bag of tulips (red & white for Canada's 150th birthday next year) missing from this picture and drove me nuts trying to find it .. yet to be planted now of course ! !@##!!!*
For now just some pretty late Fall pictures of an unkempt garden ..

Remarkable edging of the fothergilla .. looks like someone carefully painted it on.
The birds love these berries .. I brought this upright shrub home as a "twig"
This climbing rose totally fascinated me with it's struggle to stay alive and look pretty
The deep rose of Little Lamb turned to brown beige and it's leaves a gold with the contrast of the ivy on the water barrel in scarlet with some green left  .. so colourful !
I love the light play on particular plants .. this gold band grass was amazing
It illuminated the hydrangea foliage

.... and the grass seed heads
Solomon's Seal shines in the shade
When the afternoon light hits this amazing Japanese maple it is stunning.
I have to finish with at least one leaf from our gorgeous Pacific Sunset Maple, our friendly giant of the back garden ... it is still holding on to it's leaves but when they drop ... talk about knee deep in leaves !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That last shot is so "Oh Canada". :) Can't believe you have snow already what with the mild fall we all have been experiencing. We did have a light touch of frost this morning. Brrrr I hope you got all of your bulbs planted. That looks like a massive job. All of my bulbs are planted. Nothing note worthy just a little more early spring color. Try to stay warm.

NanaDiana said...

Your garden is pretty in any state/any time of the year. You had some snow already and we have warm temps that have broken all kinds of records here. Weird weather all the way around.

Good luck on getting all those bulbs planted. Whooo Hooo! xo Diana

CiNdEe said...

I have a boat load of bulbs to plant. I don't know what I am waiting for.(-:
Your fall colors are amazing as usual(-: Leaves here too. I don't know how that all happens so fast! One day they are in the tree and the next they are falling like snow(-:

Pat said...

You got color up the ying-yang missy. That's a really neat urn under your rainspout. Still sneakin' those bulbs into the house past your husband...good girl. ha ha

Nadezda said...

Oh, Joy how wonderful your plants are despite of snow on your porch. I love your strong rose and solomon ears, they are very pretty. Winter comes and here we suddenly saw a lot of snow one pretty morning. I'm glad that I did winterizing in my garden the week before snow fall.

RobinL said...

Autumn is so beautiful that it makes me swoon! Did you really have snow already? Ew Ew Ew, get it off me! Our autumn has been quite mild, with only the smallest hint of frost. I don't think I've ever had begonias and zinnias still blooming in November. But I think it won't last much longer.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl and yes ! I love our ID by Maple leaves : )
It is Nov 15 as I am answering finally and we have good weather for the rest of the week to get the last of the garden clean up done .. I have to be careful not to kill myself doing this .. the first half almost did me in last week ! haha .. Stay cozy and warm girl !

Diana girl thank you .. it is warmer and more Fallish ? now so I have one more heave ho to get this mission finished .. 30 more tulip bulbs and home free ! haha

Cindee you are so right about them looking great then falling so quickly .. I didn't get any really great pictures of them .. each year I swear I will and blahhhhhh ... forgot !
Good luck with your bulbs too girl !

Patsi girl you know I am a "sneaky" gardener, hahaha ... yes I had colour for some time in the garden .. now I am making notes to make sure I have the right plants to have it happen all over again ! haha .. that "urn" is our water barrel .. I love it too !

Nadezda girl thank you ! you are way ahead of me ... I am still trying to get the clean up and organization done .. a few good days left to get the job done .. this year went out the window compared to last year.

Hello Robin girl .. that was a bit of a freak storm .. no more since then .. and I have a few days to get the mission completed .. I really have to push myself now or I will think about it all winter .. ugh !! .. it has been a very strange year indeed girl.