Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Sea of Leaves and ?

It is a "sea of leaves" in the back garden .. beautiful yet teasing me because I still have to do some kind of clean up and plant those 30 tulips I have left ... yes .. I am coming .. I really am !

All kinds of talk about the "super" moon ... I have had bad luck getting a good picture as of yet.
This "skeleton" shot is rather neat though .
It can be an amazing gold orange ... but this is all I have so far .. BIG sigh !

OK ... so what shrub do I so totally love this Fall ? ... Fothergilla !
If you don't have one you really should because it is an all season type of shrub and wow .. it cranks colour out in the Autumn that is simply gorgeous !
Can you spot it on the right side .. put your glasses on !
Now how pretty is that?
It is also called "witch alder"another Halloween aspect which is always fun!
As for the exact cultivar, probably Mount Airy.
I prune it to the size and shape I want and it takes hard pruning very well.
I have decided to try and get another one next year .. I have the perfect spot for it !
I like having my favorite plants in 2's .. just in case !
Another favorite one I doubled up with is this gorgeous blueberry shrub "Blueberry Glaze"
It did produce blueberries this year even with just planting it .. now gorgeous colour  for Autumn.
What more can you ask for ?
I know ... again with this rose thing ? ... I couldn't help myself because it is just so beautiful in the half shade .. the vivid green of the foliage .. the roughness of the wood ... click on it and really see it.
One last shot of some magic morning light through the last of the leaves on our maple.
She will be nude soon .. she was a wonderful shielding companion all Spring and summer.
We will miss her until it is time to start the whole process all over again that I hope to see next year.


NanaDiana said...

That is a GREAT moon shot!!! I think we used to have the witch alder at one of our houses. I love it!
Did you get your tulip bulbs planted? Are they in the front or back yard? I loe your yard- you have a lot of plants to fill it up beautifully- xo Diana

RobinL said...

Fothergilla is always on my radar. However, it's not actually in my garden! I have so little shade, I can't even begin to figure where I would put it. But I still want one!

CiNdEe said...

Oh the beautiful leaves. I raked on the weekend and more have fallen. Its an endless job. How do you get yours up? Rake or use a leaf blower? It is a lot of work. I need a big vacuum.(-:

Nadezda said...

Hi, Joy! I've read about Fothergilla and am interested now , you're right I should have it!
I've learned about and chose this one Fothergilla gardenii that is very hardy in our climate.
Your garden is golden and nice in this season!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The color in your garden is glorious. Even the fallen leaves look a lovely golden yellow. The leaves in my garden are brown. We didn't have as much color here this year what with no rain. This month has been particularly dry. ONly .12" of rain. Last month wasn't so good either. Frothergilla is a gorgeous plant. I should get one. I love roses but have little sun for them. At least not enough sun to get them to bloom well.I keep trying... I certainly hope you will be here next year to enjoy your garden. I hope all is well for you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Diana girl and thank you very much ! Yes the tulips went in yesterday .. back garden so we can see them from the deck doors. It was amazing weather .. but we still have more to do today .. last crunch before the really ugly weather starts ! Hope all is well with you and crew!

Robin I kid you not ... it is a beautiful shrub .. and I want another one myself .. there are cultivars you can choose from that might suit .. this one gets a lot of light with some shade so half and half really .. and it does need some good light for the colours to really set.
Good luck !

Cindee girl I have to say as well these leaves are so pretty and healthy after years of dealing with black tar spot .. I am loving these .. Garden PA has a leaf blower/sucker/mulcher ... so it makes the job MUCH easier .. I would recommend one when you have so many to deal with girl .. I am surprised you don't have one !!
Funny you can tell what season it is by noise .. lawn mowers to leaf blowers to snow blowers ? haha

Nadezda girl hello there and thanks for dropping by : ) .. YES ! you have to have one and then you will want two like me ?LOL and yes gardenii is a sweet cultivar it will be perfect in your garden : )

There you are Lisa girl : ) Thank you so much .. yes I fall in love with our beautiful maple this time of year .. I know what you mean about lack of rain we had the worst drought in years here .. the sprinkler system saved my (bacon) babies phew !
Look for those shade tolerant roses Lisa .. new types are being bred each year so you will find the perfect one soon! .. I just want to get better and enjoy what Spring brings .. keeping that thought all winter as I try to treadmill .. haha
Hope all is well with you too girl : )

outlawgardener said...

Your Fothergilla is gorgeous and makes me want to find space for one in my garden! My tulip bulbs are all planted but this year, the squirrels are digging them up. GRRR. I sort of miss my former neighbor who used to hunt them. (They got in his attic and he wasn't amused.)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

There you are Peter !
Yes ! You really should have a fothergilla Peter .. they are amazing shrubs!
LOL .. OMG ... you reminded me of National Lampoon's Christmas and the squirrel episode .. too funny! ... not the attic thing though .. we had raccoons so I understand !
Hey I used to have chipmunks (which we loved) that ate every damn crocus I had .. I have given up on crocus .. but ? I still love our two little chipmunks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas! Although I'm not very active in the online gardening world these days, I still enjoy my favourite gardeners. Wishing you all the best in the New Year. 🌷