Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Last winter storm ???

No pictures ... just a HUGE moaning session to get it off my chest .. we all need that right ?
Since Friday ... yes .. the Friday the 13th bit ... we have been under a winter .. YES ... WINTER storm watch .. freezing rain/snow .. winds ... severe rain fall ... you name it we are having it.
This morning it is holding at zero so far .. but this is so miserable I am beyond words !
Garden PA put out an extra feeder for the poor Goldfinches but all birds benefit from the dropped seed on the patio (yes under a bit of snow) so doves and other little ones have a chance at that.
This has to be the worst Spring I have seen since we came back from Europe .. so almost 20 years of experience here and this IS IT !
Better weather is predicted by the middle of next week .. I wonder if I can hold on to my sanity that long ???????  AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH !!


CiNdEe said...

I hope you get Spring soon there! I hope you don't go right into Summer weather. That has happened here before. One day it was cold and the next it was 90 degrees. We had some hot weather here early this Spring but it is back to cold and raining here. No zero of course but around 37 degrees one morning. Lucky no frost because I already put all my plants outside(-: I know...couldn't wait.
I love the Spring weather and cooler days. I am dreading the 100+ temps. All to soon here I am sure.
Everything is growing like crazy and I am looking forward to more pictures soon.
We got a new camera so that will make it easier to take pictures again.(-: Last one I dropped into the cauldron fountain. Whoops.)-: I guess it was old anyhow...needed a new one right?(-:

outlawgardener said...

So sorry to hear about your crazy cold weather. Hoping you can hold on to your sanity until it warms up outside. Come to think of it, I didn't realize that either of us had any sanity to begin with :)

Pat said...

Yes yes yes THE WORST SPRING EVER !!! Been meaning to visit you for the last month. It's been very unpleasant weather this spring and I guess I've been feeling the same way also.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hang in there Joy. After our fussy snow yesterday it melted right away. This morning the tulips were lying on the ground under heavy frost, then the sun came out and the tulips started standing on their own, one by one. Amazing to see. Hang in there like the bright tulips you will rise again in the sun and warmth of spring that is sure (?) to come. Big hugs.

Martha said...

Hi Joy! Terrible, isn't it? I totally agree with you. This is one of the worst springs I've ever seen. Some years we get a lot of rain but snow and all the freezing rain lately is not the norm. Let's hang in there. Sooner or later spring will arrive. And then we can get outdoors!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Same in Edmonton! Snow forecasted up to April 30. I could weep! I’m expecting we will have snowdrops and roses at the same time.

Ms S

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl .. yes, that is what I wonder too! .. it has happened that way before .. hardly any Spring and right into that horrible heat and humidity of summer .. yuck !
That is great you got a new camera ! .. looking forward to those pictures :-)

Ha Ha Ha .. good lord Peter .. I should have phrased it that way from the start .. those few sanity brain cells that I have ? might well have packed up and left home by now ;-)

No problem Patsi .. I lost most of last year myself .. I know how you feel.
But I know you are going to be fine this year.. rest and relax and just concentrate on healing!

Lisa you are such a sweetie, thank you and that must have been amazing to watch happen. Tulips are tough and they can take a lot .. I might just see some of mine some time this year ..perhaps by October ? hahaha Hugs back girl ..onwards and upwards ? LOL

Hello Martha girl .. do you remember that 1998 ice storm ? .. parts of Quebec were hit too.
That was what we were all afraid of here but it didn't form the same way .. now we are supposed to start thawing out .. fingers crossed on that one eh ? haha yup hanging in !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Yes Ms. S .. this year is one for the records .. to think we had to turn on the AC at one point in April for a few years .. and now THIS ? ... we are at least one month behind for where we should be. I left a comment on your blog but don't know if you will be checking that?

Rose said...

We didn't get much snow on Tuesday, but I can still relate to this so much, Joy. I am sooo tired of winter! A funny story--my daughter lives near Dallas, Texas, and every time it has snowed this past month, my husband will take a photo of it and send it to her. She usually laughs and lets us know it's 70 degrees or whatever in Dallas. But this week when he sent a photo of the latest snow, she replied that she was in Toronto on business and hoping her flight home didn't get cancelled because of all the snow! So she got a little taste of what we have been feeling the past few weeks. Hang in there, Joy; spring has to arrive one of these days.....I hope.

Alistair said...

Hi Joy, seems like you are experiencing a Spring more miserable than ours here on the East coast of Scotland. What can I tell you? It's been 16 - 17c these last few days, the tulips have come out early and everything is looking hunky dory. Not to be fooled though, let us wait and see what Summer brings. I may join your moaning meme.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl that is too funny .. people that live in areas that don't go through brutal winters don't really get it until they have to "get it" ! LOL .. so that is a hoot .. but we don't get their intense dry heat .. we do get intense heat with humidity though and so many Americans think we live in permanent cold , that makes me laugh too !
Yes .. I have to work hard this year especially to hang on to the hope that Spring will come .. but then we shift right into summer and that is not good either .. Spring and Fall seems to have been shortened so much it is hardly a season at all now !

Hello Alistair :-)
You are very welcome to join my moaning meme .. I am jealous of your Spring but I just have to settle with what is dished out here .. now, what garden plants are left alive is another meme altogether and may be much more brutal ? LOL

Jason said...

Hope you still have a bit of your sanity. Things have improved here. This weekend I actually planted some pansies and sweet alyssum and transplanted a trumpet honeysuckle.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jason ... I have a few brain cells left that have stopped screaming (for now)
Yes we also have had a huge change of heart from the weather god .. sunny and WARM (for us) 15 Celsius .. no planting happening here but garden clean up feels right .. but still almost a month behind of what we should be .. transplanting can happen though .. and I have quite a lot of that to do on the huge TO DO list .. haha

Carrie said...

OH NO! I am only reading this now - what horrible weather and I so sorry that it affects your mood, as it does mine. Maybe it's time to move back to Europe?? Closerto a certain Irish adopted daughter :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl aka adopted daughter LOL !
I just dropped an email to you .. weather has GREATLY improved and finally getting some natural vit D from the sun .. it does wonders for your mood indeed !
Ah .. Europe .. now that would be a blast from the past ! haha
And you would think with the name O'Connor we would have been to Ireland .. but no, that boat sailed sadly .. BIG sigh !

RobinL said...

This spring has been just plain nasty all around! But this week, we’ll have true spring here. About time!