Sunday, 26 May 2019

OUCH !.. and what happened ?

The ouch could easily apply to my rampage in the garden yesterday just before the RAIN crashed my party.
But this is also a "mental ouch" .. the euphoria I felt with finding a dogwood soon evaporated .
When I saw the edges of the leaves turning YELLOW .. well, how can you not know something negative is happening and in a freight train way.
In all fairness to Home Depot , I took pictures on my phone, and a sample leaf for the garden center manager to see .. I didn't even have to show her .. she knew right away (there must  have been a few other unhappy customers that blazed the trail of complaints before me).
Up and out comes the dogwood and the disappointment as well.

On a happier note .. I am trying again with a Japanese maple .. Bloodgood ... which I already have had for almost 20 years in the front garden .. it was my first (love) Japanese maple.
It is under planted with hosta and ferns .. contrasted with a gold barberry shrub.
 Here is a picture of the new one in the pot still .. although yesterday I planted it before the rain hit, which is always good timing.

Funny story was that an older gentleman wanted the same one, but I got to it first .. he kept asking me if I was sure I wanted it, really ?
I swear gardeners will be cut throat when it comes to plants.
If I had turned my back on my cart for a few minutes, I think he would have ran away with it !
I guess this was always meant to be ? ... no dogwood for me, but a lovely new "hardy" Japanese maple to admire under my giant Pacific Sunset Maple, who is queen of the garden.

Other garden matters .. plants leap forth each day .. pictures of them literally CHANGE each day.
I worked like a madwoman trying to get mail order plants in, while transplanting a few of the older ones to make room and spread out.
Plans get dashed and re-established every time I go out there .. talk about on the fly ideas .. it makes my head spin at times .

You don't think of some trees as "flowering" .. but our huge Pacific Sunset maple is very much a flowering tree.
The bees have loved it so much it has been amazing to watch them collect pollen from it.
The downside is, that tons of these flowers drop in the garden and it can be a mess .. but, knowing it provides so many beneficial insects with food especially in this quirky Spring .. I can deal with that.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a bummer about your dogwood. At least they made good on it. I agree that Bloodgood is a wonderful J. maple. I have one that is 20 years or so old too. Have you tried Coral bark Japanese Maple Acer plamatum ‘Sango Kaku’? It is a good doer for me. Once your garden awakens it sure does go big. I love your header photo. Enjoy the spring weather.

CiNdEe said...

Sorry about the dogwood. Did you know what was wrong with it?
The maple is a nice one though so that should do well.
I have a few different maples they all seem to do fine wherever they grow.
The problem I am having this year is the snails. I smash as many as I can everyday, but more come in. Those things can eat a plant a night. Its terrible.
We have had a lot of rain this spring that is probably why the snails are here. As soon as the heat arrives the snails will be dead.

Jason said...

So did you replace the dogwood? At least you snagged the Japanese maple, and some lovely blooms in your garden right now.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to answer you guys .. I have been in the garden and gone mad ?LOL .... I had to redo the whole front bed so that was a major effort.

Hello Lisa girl and thank you ! .. yup they knew something was wrong with the whole shipment of dogwood so it had to be credited .. and there was my Japanese maple, so far so good ? LOL
I would love a coral bark JM .. I just don't have the room any more .. but I still dream of them ? Our weather is back and forth a lot .. this morning it was foggy and cool but a perfect time to get the plants in the garden.

Hi there Cindee .. it was some kind of dogwood disease .. I was disappointed but I love m JM now and it looks great in the garden.
OMG ... snail and slugs .. something I watch for but I have been lucky not to have too many ... yet ? .. usually the hosta are the victims ... yes moisture will bring them out like crazy .. good luck with them but I guess by now the heat is working ? LOL

Hi Jason and thank you ! .. yup the new Japanese maple is the replacement .. I was lucky to find a nice one for reasonable cost .. I'm still so busy it can be draining .. today was one of the worst ones with so many plants to rearrange and try to have a pattern I can live with .. but it is done and dusted now.. phew !

Margaret said...

That's the thing that drives me crazy about our springs - we go from not being able to do much of anything to HAVING to do everything all at once, seemingly overnight. Such sad news about the kousa dogwood. I definitely want one in my garden, but the price tag on one of those beauties at a local nursery was pretty much an "ouch" at over $400 - yikes! The Japanese maple is gorgeous, though.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Margaret and thanks ! .. I just left a long comment on your blog .. you have a lot going on there and yes it all happens at once when the weather becomes DECENT for once ? LOL
I hear you on the dogwood .. I think I have given up n that .. the worry of their multiple diseases got to me after I did more research and I would rather have more Japanese Maple which I indulged in , plus 5 hydrangea shrubs that were irresistible at a sale price that I couldn't NOT get them ? LOL
More shrubs and mini trees I say .. much easier to look after !