Friday, 7 June 2019

Still dealing ........

I am still dealing with some loses from this ridiculous winter/Spring .....
Plants you think should not be affected ? those so called work horses ? back bone ? plants in the garden just shriveled up and died on me .. and ? I have yet to see Lamb's Ears at any of the garden centers yet .. Was there some sort of plague for them .. are they now zombies ?

On the other hand I became obsessed with the Japanese maples yet again ..
I now have a collection of eight .. some doubles because that was just the way it went ..
I am so happy that Inaba Shidare, Red Dragon, and my original Bloodgood and Waterfall, made it through.
So in response I got the another Bloodgood ... two Emperor 1 .. and a Tamukeyama
I really have to stop now !

As a complete change of pace and stemming the complaining of loses ? something completely different.
A Spring tulip that I absolutely love .. Ballerina, stands up to a lot of punishment.

And .... more orange just in case you haven't had enough ?
My first and only azalea Mandarin Lights.
See how it jumps off the page, even in the dark of early morning !
To offset the orange how about some purple ?
Shooting pictures in the shade really brings out the depth of colour for these allium.
Purple Sensation is a beauty ... I can't seem to get enough of those either.

I have loads of work to do but I have to take a week off because of the eye surgery so I feel uneasy about falling behind a great deal, when it is the height of the season to get new plants settled in.
But ? .. life has a way of throwing a wrench in when ever it can just to keep you on your toes ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

From here it looks like you could take two weeks off and your garden will keep on filling in for you. It looks grand. Love that orange azalea. It does light up that area. Best of luck with your eye surgery. I hope it isn't something too complicated.

CiNdEe said...

I'm glad your beautiful tulip bloomed for you and those alliums they are so nice also. Mine looked terrible because of all the rain/hail. Besides that they are not pretty deep purple. So I guess I need to find another one to buy. I love the orange azalea. I love orange in the garden it is so cheerful! I hope your maples will grow strong!


Hi Sweetie. Eye surgery? I hope everything is okay. If your garden is any indication, your eyes seem to be working fine! Beautiful, beautiful! I'm glad it has finally warmed up and you're enjoying the outdoors again. That was a long winter. Hugs!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl and thank you ! Yup .. when the garden wakes up ... it is off to the races and I am always falling behind (even without this bump in the road with the surgery) That azalea is 19 years old .. and I just never seemed to find another one I loved as much, so it is an only child .. for now ? LOL

Cindee girl hello there, thank you : ) .. the allium is actually called Purple Sensation and it is very true to it's name .. I keep buying more every year even though they are supposed to multiple .. I'm not all that patient I guess ? Yup .. I have my fingers crossed about the maples .. you just never know. especially with our wacky winters.

Grace .. I have meant to do an email .. truly ! ... I will work on that ! LOL
Yes it swings from one extreme to the other .. it went up to 32 C here yesterday .. that is 90+ in F .. I am still recuperating so I was hiding in the house , haha
Thanks for stopping by .. I mean to get to your blog too !

Margaret said...

I fell in love with oranges in the garden a few years ago - that azalea is glorious (ditto the tulip)! I actually had no idea that there were varieties hardy to our area. And I'm glad to see that Japanese maples do well in your garden - that's another one that I love, but had heard need a sheltered spot as they can be a bit finicky...true or not??

Jason said...

'Ballerina' is also one of my absolute favorite tulips! And I also had some surprising losses over the winter.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Margaret : )
I have to admit I have an ulterior "love" of orange since I was a kid and it's Halloween roots for me, haha. Do you mean varieties of orange azaleas ? .. I planted this azalea so many years ago I'm actually not sure how old it is .. but the cultivars from the Northern Lights series is what drew me to it and of course that amazing n your face orange ? LOL
Yes ! .. Japanese maples (at least the ones I have had experience with) need extra TLC when it comes to location .. my oldest one (a Bloodgood) is right next to our front foundation so it has protection there .. the back garden ones just have the natural protection from my 8 ft. fence and the wind break that provides .. but one of the other best protections (I have learned through experience on this one) is making sure they are well watered and drain well too ! That makes all the difference along with following the sun requirements .. some times you can have wiggle room though on that account .. they just fascinate me so I keep as many as I can.

Hello Jason : ) ... There is something about Ballerina .. whether it is it's form, as a lily lip tulip, or that fantastic orange, or ? that it lasts so long in the garden .. it just can't be beat .. hence I ordered more to plant in the Fall .. I am a sucker for it.
Yes ! what is up with all the unusual loses this year ? .. climate change or a freak year ?
I hope it won't be as bad next year but you just never know.

Nadezda said...

Joy, your Mandarin light is awesome! The color is so bright! The purple onions are very decorative too.
I do hope you rare better after your eye surgery, dear.
Take care!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Nadezda ... it is awesome right ? ... and I just have such a thing for these allium .. can't stop planting them ! haha ... So far so good with the eye ... I feel like a bionic woman with these artificial lenses ! LOL

RobinL said...

I don’t think I’ve ever seen tulips in your garden, but I highly approve. I love orange but it clashes a bit here, so I try to limit it to a few small touches in the back only. That azalea is just stunning in orange!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Robin ... I have had some great tulips but I don't always get pictures of them .. on Canada's 150th anniversary I have red and white tulips that were pretty darn spectacular.
Orange is tricky .. but I love the form and colour of Ballerina .. and that one and only azalea .. well, the orange lights up that part of the garden like crazy .. sunglasses are needed ? LOL