Thursday, 27 February 2020

Temptation Traumas

Ok ... I have to wrap up this month to unfold all of my guilty pleasures I have indulged.
Code for "what else have I bought to add to the garden" ?
This purchase was also nudged by Garden PA, so some of the blame can land on his shoulders, right ?
And ... why is it Costco that instigates these episodes ?
On with the details .. it is only one package .. but it has a 16 count of some pretty eye catching bulbs.
Yes .. it is on Sophie's "cat tree" so ignore the paw print blanket ... and ... perhaps some fur
Landini is a very dark unscented (thankfully less interest to lily beetles ?) lily that will truly set off a contrast to lighter lilies .. what can I say ? I couldn't help myself and Garden PA made me do it.
Here comes the great part aside from the lily itself ... the price for 16 of these beauties was $14.95
When I looked else where .. say Vesey .. you only got 3 bulbs for the same price ! Crazy right ?
So .. SCORE on that deal !
Once again .. the beauty
As for the last mail order .. from Canning .. I invested in bulking up a few of my standard plants .
Adiantum pedatum aka Maiden Hair fern .. just such a lovely delicate looking fern that offsets all the other plants next to them. Not my picture though .. just to give you an idea.
A new anemone .. "Curtain Call Deep Rose" intrigued me because I was such a fan of Pamina.
Hopefully these will be more hardy and over winter better than Pamina did for me.
Epimedium has been a bit of a weakness for me .. I meant to order more last year and delayed too long .. so I lost out on the specific one I love "Niveum" .. this year I ordered three.
Again .. not my picture .. of course I can't find mine at the moment .. but there you go, an idea of it.
Those tiny white bells win me over every time !
Something new has bitten me .. although I have lusted after one for a long time.
Witch hazel aka Hamamelis virginiana ... it can be a shrub or trained as a small tree.
I am all in for the tree version even though what I am buying is literally going to be a "stick"
I can deal with that .. I want to watch it grow like I did my Chinese Fringe tree which is a beauty.
So ? what does witch hazel look like ? I hope one day just like this !
Plus .. the blooming in the Fall is such a bonus ... for me and the birds ?
I'm not totally encased in plant buying, just so you know I am not a fanatic .. well ... I am, but .. there is more to me.
I have been struggling with whether to disclose personal information but I also wonder if it may help other gardeners who struggle with similar disadvantages.
I have been dealing with severe health issues for many years .. auto-immune conditions that can be deadly for me .. let alone the exhaustion and weakness that can make your life pretty miserable.

I seem to be a rolling ball of moss that keeps collecting them still.
This Autumn, rhuematoid and osteo arthritis, along with Raynaud's were diagnosed.
It hit me pretty hard .. it is difficult not to become depressed when dealing with multiple conditions like these ..

BUT ... my plan (I started last January, 2019,  before I knew about this) was to top up with pro-biotics, vitamin D, and omega oils, plus Yin /Hatha yoga.
I am laying it on the line, for who ever else is suffering out there, that this regime I have been doing for over 14 months (with many ups and downs included) has made an unbelievable change in my life.
You too CAN CHANGE your body with your own plan that you create for yourself ..
The caveat is that you have to have patience, and perseverance to let it actually work.

This is what helped me when I thought I was past being able to change.
Your plan could be completely different .. what ever it takes to help you feel better .. just do it !
And now  .. for a look at my new yoga mat (I don't only buy plants !)
 Of course it has to have a plant theme though .. lotus leaves !


Jenn Jilks said...

Good luck with all this. I'm sure looking ahead to spring is wonderful for your psyche.

Good for you for making changes, too. It's terribly difficult.
The flowers are so heartening to see.

Buttons alias Grace said...

You are awesome you take the time to explain your beautiful plants and flowers to this novice gardener even while you are dealing with your own issues. Your blog posts make me happy. I have Fibromyalgia and I understand the struggles. It was the reason I started blogging in the first place. Those long long nights of pain and no sleep took its toll. I started writing and posting as a way to escape it. It worked for me. I also got involved with other things and friendships so I would not be alone. Another benefit of blogging. It literally saved my sanity to find others who were dealing with their own struggles.
Joy, you can do anything you want and you are doing the right thing for you. Keep going. Take care of you the rest will come. Hugs and Love B

CiNdEe said...

Love the new plants and bulbs! I am glad you are doing better and with yoga! I have not tried that. Not sure I could get up after I got down on the mat. (-: I have been doing better since I went back to work. Getting out everyday and working has helped me a lot. I plan on walking everyday, soon. (-:

Lisa at Greenbow said...

At least you know what you are contending with Joy. I hate that for you. It sounds like you have a handle on it as much as can be done. I love to do yoga. I don't know why I don't do it regularly, especially right before gardening season commences. You have the right attitude. Hang in there. Gotta get those beautiful bulbs planted amongst other things. :) The Witch hazel will grow fast. You will love it. I sort of let mine do whatever it wants to do. I love those little yellow curly blooms. Have a great weekend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jen and thank you .. it gets harder and harder as you age to make changes .. and stick with them. I used to be terrible for starting something and then not following through .. but some how my yoga has stuck and it is amazing how much better I feel .. I am afraid Spring is very much farther down the road for us though !

Thank you so much Grace .. I find you VERY amazing with your adventures and dealing with fibro .. we both know how much it can drag you down .. being able to find things that help is very tricky .. almost a matter of luck to see what sticks and what actually helps. I think I may have found my niche ? LOL .. and I want very much to stick to it.
Thanks for being so sweet ... it helps to know there are others out there struggling but finding successes too ! Big hugs back ;-)

Hello Cindee ! I have been thinking of you but getting to actually do email seems to be harder , my brain is stuck in winter mode and struggling ?
I'm glad for you that working is helping you deal with things .. getting out of the house can do wonders for some people .. and the walking is great too !
I hope it all falls into place for you ;-)

Lisa thank you so much ! .. Yoga is amazing .. and I designed a specific routine that is doing wonders for me, centered on Yin, for floor based asana with Hatha mixed it .. it is the magic ticket for me and I am really happy that I am stronger and will be ready for garden season .. if it ever comes here ? LOL
I am so looking forward to seeing the witch hazel grow nd mature into a lovely little tree!
Enjoy your weekend girl ;-)

Snowbird said...

Delighted to hear yoga is helping, I must take it up as I suffer with my bones. I had a hip replacement a couple of years ago which gave me a new lease of life. I just love all of your purchases, looking forward to seeing them grow....not the mat of course! xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Snowbird .. I was a different person 15 months ago when I started this journey .. I have both rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and this has helped tremendously, so I highly recommend it !
The weather is miserable and dark right now. so holding on to hope for a warm sunny Spring seems about as miraculous too ? LOL On wards and upwards ?

Jason said...

Looks like some great choices all around. I also have been drawn to witch hazels lately. Plus I have totally blown through my garden budget and it's only the beginning of March!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jason and thanks .. winter always does this to me .. I start spending way before I should but I really do think out my choices carefully .. and this witch hazel thing has been a bit of an obsession for a few years .. but I am only starting out with a "stick" of a plant for now ? LOL .. patience is a virtue right ?

Carrie said...

beautiful photos and those bulbs are a much 'needed' addition to the garden I'd say :)
Love that you are opening up about your health difficulties, who knows how it may help xxx Plus wee bit jealous of your cool new yoga mat - hope you are keeping up the practice xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie you are a sweetie, thank you ! YES ! my yoga is my best friend ;-) .. hard to believe an old gal like me can become so flexible again .. love it !

Helen said...

I just received my order from (crazy name, but great prices) and I bit the bullet and bought two packages of lilies, some Orienpets called 'Debbie'. Three to a pack for under five bucks – Vesey's had them for three times as much. And *they* were sold out when I looked. So lily leaf beetles be d*mned, I'm hoping to have lilies this season.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Helen .. I hadn't heard of that company before .. just had a peek to see !
I have so many lilies to plant I said the same thing too .. maybe we can get away with it this year ? .. just because we need to see some gorgeous flowers like these ?
I'm glad not to be alone in this adventure of the "lilies be damned" club ? LOL

Snowbird said...

Soooo...wahtcha upto gal? Keep us posted!xxx

RobinL said...

I’m sure that your heath challenges have made this virus even more scary for you. As a cancer survivor, my immunity is still compromised, so I’m hunkering down at home. Luckily that gives me plenty of time for gardening. I’m a regular yoga participant too, taking classes for cancer survivors. They just switched over to online classes, so we can still stay connected. And I’ve been doing a few phone orders at the local nurseries, with touchless pickup. Can’t keep a gardener from gardening!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Snowbird : ) .. I have been quiet .. guilt guilt ? LOL .. I am going through a bit of a flare so my energy has been stomped on .. but you are inspiring me to TRY harder with visiting blogs and doing a post (maybe get some hellebore pictures if i can manage going outside !) .. hope all is well with you my friend .. I have to visit !

Hello Robin ..Yes , you are so right , our immune systems are challenged as it is and now just trying to avoid this virus .. hearing about it all the time ... it can wear on you a lot.
The yoga is my source of physical and emotional strength .. a session for me can be remarkable and I cherish what it can do for my body and mind, I think that is wonderful that you are also enjoying it as well ! And yes .. mail order plants (although where I am going to put them ??) gives me a lot of happiness thinking of them .. we will ALWAYS garden some how is right !